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This week on Craft Your Passion we were asked to use scraps. I didn’t really go all the way with this challenge. I mean, with scraps, the possibilities are really endless but in my card I only used two different papers and a piece of washi.

Then the doodling didn’t come out as I wanted. The extra bump after the letter “i” is there because I forgot what I was writing and just kept going. I also briefly thought about adding paint splatters which is totally something I should have done.

Only things I’m happy about this card are the papers and colours that I used. I definitely could have done a better job if I had put more thought on it during the making process. Oh well, it’s a lesson learned. Join this week’s challenge “Use Your Scraps” and you can win one of the fabulous prizes from Stitchy Bear and Robin’s Nest.

Till next time!

Back to Craftyland via some Personal Misery

I’m absolutely gutted. This morning I had a second pre-operation consultation with the surgeon and he decided not to operate because when he was examining my patella, he could feel something that didn’t show up in the x-rays and he can’t be sure what it is. So now I’m to wait 6 months for next available time for MRI. It’s nice that the surgeon is carefull but for me, knowing that I have another Horror Winter ahead of me…it seems a bit too much to handle.

Oh well. It will be fine. Through craft I shall rise 😀

Speaking of crafting…I did a little facelift on my bookcase. The wallpaper I used to cover the back, seemed a tad gloomy now that summer is here, and I set to do something about it. I ripped an old book apart and washi-taped the pages on top of the wallpaper. When I get bored with this look, I can easily remove them and re-use them for other crafts. Here’s some pics.

This plaid washi is possibly my favourite pattern ever.

This shade of purple is just amazing.

Guess what I have to do now? Get more washi tape 😀 Last time I bought mine from here.