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Punavuoren Patina


Hello, hello, hello. Guess who found yet another flea market/second hand store here in Helsinki? And this one is a very nice one too!

Puavuoren Patina has been open for about a year and it’s located on Sepänkatu 11, in the Punavuori neighbourhood. The closest tram stops are Eiran Sairaala and Viiskulma. Actually this isn’t too far from Hietsumarket, so you can visit both of them on a same trip. Very handy, if you are looting 😉

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

This is how the place looks like outside. They also have a small café inside. With cheap coffee. Me likes. When you first go inside, you see the cash register and the café area. Then there’s a room to the right, where the “booths” are located.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

They’ve put a lot of effort in the decor and I like it. Though I couldn’t find a fitting room there, which can be bit of a problem for some shoppers/sellers.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

There is at least one seller, who sells new items and the prices match but you can find items starting from 1 euro. In general I didn’t notice that the prices would be more expensive than anywhere else. Personally I’ve found a few flipping worthy items there.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

That basket weave purse is awesome but it’s over my pain point for a flea market find. But then again, similar bag at H&M would cost 29,90€. At least this one is unique.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

There are also quite a bit vintage items too. This box is just beautiful. Actually, some of the “booths” are vintage shelving units. Puurrrty.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market

Some regular clothing items you can find there.

Punavuoren patina, Helsinki, Finland, second hand store, thrift store, flea market, vintage Emmanuelle poster

There is also a basemen, where there are more booths. You can find the stairs behind this awesome poster, that I kind of want to have.

Over all, this is one of my favourite thrifting spots now. Their website is HERE and Facebook HERE. If you are interested in booking a table, they have a deal going on, where you get two weeks for 50/75 euros, depending on if you want a table in the basement or on the street level.

Again. Not a paid ad. Just letting you know about this place 🙂

-Thrifty Finn-

Teos 2016

kaapelitehdas, teosvälitys, teos 2016 logo

Today is the last day of the annual art sales exhibition, Teos 2016, at Kaapelitehdas, organized by Finnish Sculptors Union and Finnish Graphic Artists (translations my own, probably not correct). I visited it on the opening weekend with my friend for the second time and I must say, this year wasn’t as good as last year. Meaning, I didn’t get those small little insights and/or ideas you get, when you see inspiring art.

kaapelitehdas, helsinki, teos 2016

I love the Kaapelitehdas. It used the be a cable factory and there are a lot of creative companies based there.

teos 2016, grafiikka, graphic art

teos 2016, Helsinki, art

teos 2016

Here are few shots from the displays set in there. The neon art was shown last year too, and he/she was my favourite then too. A random thought…If I like the artwork so much, I might want to try to remember the artist’s name too.

button graphic, pixelated art, teos 2016

This was also one of my favourite pieces, basically because of the crafting potential. I love the systematic nature of this. However, usually I’m more drawn to pieces with colour. Lots of it.

teos 2016, vanerivedos, Finnish art,

This artist was also presenting last year but if I remember correctly, last year’s pieces were smaller. She (?) does these photographic prints on plywood. It’s all very dreamlike and I like it.

Teos8 teos 2016

This is another one of my favourites. The commercial side of me thinks, that this artist should do a collaboration with Anno (A Finnish home decor company) and produce an inexpensive series of home decor art. It could become a future collectable for the rejoice of flippers in Finland 😉

teos 2016

One of the reasons I was so disappointed at this year’s exhibition, was that it was so devoid of  colour and light. Even though it is supposed to be about art itself the reality is, it’s March, people are decorating their houses for spring and they want light in their homes. And there were a lot of pieces that were shown already last year. If it didn’t sell then, it’s probably not going to sell this year either. Also, another thing that bothered me…It’s understandable that artists use their medium to process their thoughts and feelings and whatever is happening in their lives, but do they have to do it in every single piece they do?

teos 2016

teos 2016

In the end of tour (or in the beginning, depending where you start the tour) were 5 or 6 folding displays for prints. Most of them were very gloomy  but this one was a nice exception. Again, the commercial side of me thinks that this could be worked into William Morris’esque wallpaper. Or a set of dinnerware. Hmm.

So there you go. The event is annual. The next similar sales exhibition will be the Finnish Jewellery Art Association’s one on 12.3- 20.3.2016, where you can buy unique jewellery by 22 artists. Details HERE. At the same time, there will be also a sales exhibitions by the Finnish Painter’s Union and Ornamo, the Finnish Association for Designers.

If you want to see all the events coming up at Kaapelitehdas, they are HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-


Hammy Hammersson. The HAM. Helsinki Art Museum.

Helsinki Art Museum logo

About a month ago, my friend called and asked, if I’d be interested in an artsy evening at the Helsinki Art Museum. Who am I to say no to an invitation like that? Especially when it was going to be free, gratis, nada cost for me!

tove jansson helsinki art museumThe first thing we saw, was the now in permanent collection of some Tove Jansson’s artwork. I’d never seen her non-Moomin work, so it was kind of interesting.

tove jansson helsinki art museum mural

The mural “Juhlat maalla” was my favourite. There’s a tiny Moomin in there somewhere but I think I accidentally cropped it out. Her painting style reminds me of someone but I can’t recall who. Any guesses who?

Since Moomin’s are her most famous work, there of course are some exhibited over there. Her sketches for murals for a children’s hospital are just charming.

helsinki art museum tove jansson moomin murals

From there we continued to the section of famous Finnish art. I wasn’t too keen on it, but my friend was very excited about it. He’s a budding art collector so I that’s probably the reason for the excitement. Though I did find few pieces I’d love to have. Just don’t ask, who painted them. Can’t/won’t remember.

helsinki art museum Finnish art

helsinki art museum, Finnish art

montmartre, Helsinki art museum

I like the last one solely because it has the Eiffel in it. I’m such an sophisticated art connoisseur, don’t you think?

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

Anyways…HAM has some works of Ai Wei Wei exhibited right now. Till end of this month to be exact. I’ve read about him of course, but I’ve never paid attention to his works. I like his ethics and what kind of message he is trying to get through. But his works are very enjoyable from the crafter’s point of view as well.

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsink Art Museum

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

The painted antique house frame. The business side of me instantly saw this as a an event “hall” suitable for weddings and other summer parties. Also, it reminded me of the stables of Rohan, in LOTR. See, this is why art is important. It takes you to places.

AI Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

All of my pictures are potato quality but this one was the worst offender. I don’t remember, what this piece was about, but the scale was just amazing. Also. Wouldn’t you love to have a big house, with a huge attic and thick ceiling beams as your work space?

Like I said. Sophisticated art connoisseur.

Now, to the thing I got most excited about…There was an exhibition of a young Finnish artist, Karoliina Hellberg.  I don’t know, what else I can say but I loved, loved, loved her work. It was everything I want and need from art. Colour! Energy! It’s like she saw things SHE liked and painted it all. There’s movement. There’s a wish for grandeur. Her work is just perfect. I mean look at it!

Karoliina Hellberg, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum


Karoliina Hellberg, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

This was my favourite piece and it’s huge. All her work was for sale and almost all of it was sold. The prices are still “cheap”. Only few thousand euros for a painting like this. Though I’d have to flip quite a few dresses to buy one. But it’s cheap for people with regular, above the national median, income. A girl can dream, right?

HAM is free on every last Friday of the month, between 16-19 o’clock. It’s located in the same building with the Tennispalatsi movie theater. And this wasn’t a paid advertisement. I just really like art. And Karoliina Hellberg.

-Thrifty Finn-

Second Hand Store PS22

second hand helsinki PS22

Last week I went to Helsinki to see my friend and he told me about one second hand store I’ve never been in to. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to look through everything in there but I spotted tons of good stuff. And got chatty with the owner. Of course 😀

She sells pretty much everything you can think of. There’s clothing, jewellery, books, fabrics, knick-knacks, and whatnot. I ended up buying a Quality Street tin for my collection. I still haven’t found any of the rectangular ones but I think I have nearly all pre-1980 round ones. Or at least I’d like to think so.

helsinki second hand ps22

flamenco dress, second hand PS22

The place was packed, literally up to the rafters. There was also one rather fetching latex “garment” I suggested my friend should buy. He wasn’t amused. But I was plenty 😀

photographic almanac 1955, second hand helsinki

She has books on sale right now. I eyed this one but decided to leave it as I don’t really have a use for it. Would look pretty in a bookshelf though. If you’d like to visit this second hand store, you can find it in the corner of Ruusulankatu and Sibeliuksenkatu in Helsinki. HERE‘s the Google streetview for the more directionally challenged 😀 The store accepts cash only.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. I visited Jäähallin Kirpputori last weekend again after couple of years break. The prices seemed to have come down slightly, so it’s good for bargain hunting!




A Year Ago in Oulu…

Oulu, Finland

Pretty much a year ago, I decided to travel up north for Christmas by bus. Easy peasy. Just 8 hours of sitting. Hey. No judging. It was cheap and there was a free wi-fi in the bus.

Anyhoo. Since the bus didn’t go all the way to Lapland back then (now it does, check it out at onnibus.com), I called my cousin, who lives in Oulu, that would she be willing to host me for a night and then possibly share a ride to our Christmas destination. Of course she said yes, and I ended up having lots of fun with her.

Beware, all my images are blurry.

Oulu, Finland

The old wooden harbour magazines look lovely in the winter. I kept ooh’ing and aah’ing and acting like a total tourist. It looked so Christmassy! I mean look:

Oulu9 Oulu8 Oulu, Finland

In this building was this incredibly cute home decor shop (which name I forgot) and they had the cutest and chicest stuff:

Oulu, Finland

Oulu, Finland

I’m pretty sure I touched every single item in there. Me and my cousin both wanted the stylish, gold-dipped tailor scissors, and I now bitterly regret not buying them as they weren’t that expensive.

a tea shop, Oulu, Finland

We also visited this tea shop. The combination of these metal canisters against the dark stained wood shelves were very satisfying to look at.

fox pelts, fur trade, Oulu, Finland

I’m not going to comment on this. I’ll just leave the image here. Fur trade is big in Finland.

kauppahalli, Oulu, Finland, Oulun kauppahalli

There’s actually an indoor market hall in Oulu. We didn’t buy anything but did some culinary window shopping.

Oulun kauppahalli, Oulu, Finland

Oulu has tons of old buildings. Although for a quite a few years there were a series of mysterious fires after an old building got a protected status. Corruption a la mob Finland. But like I said, I kept ooh’ing and aah’ing and taking tons of pictures. Sometimes I wonder if Rovaniemi, would have looked as pretty, if the Germans hadn’t burned it in 1945.

Oulu16 Oulu15 Oulu14 Oulu, Finland, architecture

Yup. Oulu is a nice city to visit. Here’s another picture from this year by my cousin. It gets very blue after the sun sets up there…

Oulu, Finland, sininen hetki, blue moment, Arctic

-Thrifty Finn-