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Recently Thrifted

Last Saturday was event called Siivouspäivä. That’s when you can set up your own little flea market stall anywhere you want (rather like Queens’ Day King’s Day in Holland). It’s purpose is to encourage people to re- and upcycle things. Me and my sister decided to sell our goodies in Kallio, Helsinki as we figured that it would be packed with people and thus we would have bigger chance on good sales.

We were right. I managed to get rid of bunch of fabrics I wasn’t so keen on anymore and managed to make profit. Well done me! I kept getting complimented on my selling skills all day long.

*waves like a Miss Universum-contestant, weeps and whispers I love you to the audience*

BUT it wouldn’t be a good market if I didn’t make some scores myself. Well, actually I went to Hietalahden Kirpputori too on Sunday and continued my shopping there, so not all these finds are from Saturday.

Left out a skirt (of which I will blog about another time), a vintage Christmas tray and some random bits and bobs. I splurged 5 euros on the Sanna Annukka-piece. It’s actually XS sized tube top and the pattern is one she designed for the candy company Fazer to promote their Marianne-candy. I’m a fan of Sanna Annukka and few years ago I wrote about her HERE. Iäm such a fan of this pattern. When they launched it, they had a Metro-magazine covered in the pattern. I hoarded three copies. Should have taken more so I would have plenty for Christmas-related crafts. Now they just sit in my bookshelf to be carefully admired once in a while.

Did you go thrifting? What did you find?

-Thrifty Finn-

Recently Thrifted…



Some frames I may or may not use for framing my favourite vintage fabrics, some more :D vintage fabric, and yet another silkscreen. The dark fabric is yardage, there’s about 6-7 meters of it. The mustard coloured fabric is a pair of curtains. I paid about 25€ for all of these.

-Thrifty Finn-

Currently On The Selling List…

I got home yesterday from a flea market where I took my items to, all mad because I hadn’t been selling as much as I thought I would. Not to dwell on the loss, today I photographed some things to sell online. (Sidenote: I might want to stop fingerprinting my camera lense. Might take better photos then.)

This one is my favourite:

Jojo, vintage, green

Thrifty Finn- feeling a sense of calm after getting things done.

Made in USSR

I bought this, rather shabby thing (can’t remember the word in english) few weeks ago. I sold couple of trays in this style but now I’m not sure if I can let this one go. There’s something very charming about it. I think it’s the daisies that do it for me…

 Should I keep it or sell it? Punch a couple of holes on the top and hang it up on my wall with yellow ribbon? Decisions, decisions.

Thrifty Sadness

Last week on my Birthday Thrifting & Consignment Extravaganza Trip, I found this dress for 6 euros:

 It’s a Tiroli-dress with the most gorgeous print and quality linen/cotton-blend material. Sadly…

It fits me only up to waist. My largeish back measurement left me showing whole lotta boobage and my arms up in the air, stuck in the sleeves. I looked like Lugo Belasi Bela Lugosi in the original vampire movie.

But it’s the print I’m finding hard to let go of. But I must. I must sell this to have room for clothes that actually fit me. But not just yet. I’m going to keep it few more weeks so I can admire the print whenever I feel sad.