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TAST 33: Scribbled Pekinese Stitch

Pekinese stitch was very interesting to work with. I had to check out couple of tutorials but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I had more trouble to come up with the sketch to stitch as I was overwhelmed by all the fantastic antique Chinese samplers I saw. In the end I settled on a loopy scribble, a similar one to my couching sampler.

 Can you see the mistake I made?

 The mistakes show up particularly well in this picture. As I was doing the second round of stitching, the looping, and I was turning around, I kept picking up the floss strands up, leaving them standing up quite ugly.

 Another thing I’m not too happy about, is the way I added the one lonely half-loop. I thought it would be a fun detail but it actually looks very sad and gives the sampler very half-finished look.

Pekinese Stitch But all in all, I’m excited about Pekinese stitch. It will take some finessing but I think it will lend itself to fashion embroidery quite well. Imagine military detailing…Anyhoo, next in-line is Linked Double Chain.

My other samplers are listed here. Go and have look. Clicking the pictures will take you to the individual posting where you can read more about my process with the particular stitch.

Till next time!

TAST 31: Algerian Eye Stars

 Algerian Eye Stitch seemed very intimidating at first. How can I ever create such a neat lines?! Answer naturally is to use a ruler, which I did, and create a square pattern on your cloth.

Algerian Eye Stitch My squares weren’t entirely even but there’s still uniformity in the stitches. I used steel shade variegated thread in this.

 Wow! Even if I say so myself. There’s something very sexy in this geometric, rigid pattern. I think this would easily translate into fashion.

 Yes, I like this very much. After so many stitches that felt like a chore or too abstract or whatever, this pattern was very refreshing to stitch. I definitely recommend this one too, just make a use of your ruler and tracing pen. I don’t see this one working in a free form stitching too well.

Next in line is Cast On Stitch and it’s still in the works. So far I haven’t been able to make sense of the instructions but I’ll get there. Eventually. Hopefully.

Here is the list of my other samplers. Till next time!



TAST 30: Oyster Stitch Raindrops

Oyster Stitch I have to be honest that when I saw Oyster stitch for the first time, I wasn’t too keen on it. In fact, I cursed for having had to do another chain stitch. (I kind of pointless cursing as this IS voluntary and there ISN’T anyone breathing down my neck and forcing to do this). But we crafters are a weird bunch and I stuck with this.

 I don’t know when did I change my mind. Was it after the first stitch? Or the eleventh? It doesn’t matter now because the end result is simply amazing.

 The texture!!! I could keep running my hand over this for hours. If I was to make one of those sensory books, this stitch would be a front-runner to be featured there. The slightly loose structure gives a sense of coolness which is hard to describe but if you do stitch a sampler like this, you’ll know what I mean.

 I recommend this stitch, I really do. If I knew how to gush, I’d totally do it right now. Just go and learn this stitch yourself, you won’t regret it.

My other samplers are here and the next stitch to show is Algerian Eye.

Till next time!

TAST 29: Blossoming Basque

Basque Stitch I have nothing but good things to say about this stitch. It looks complicated but it’s not and the end result is so, so pretty! A stitchy winner!

 See how sweet it is! I used variagated thread and again it kept throwing me off a little bit, you can see it from the petals which aren’t quite in a straight angle.

 Like I said, nothing but good things to say. You can cover large areas quickly with these flowers!

 I took what seems like gazillion pictures but I’m trying to control myself and only show few. There’s only so many macro shots one can take in.

 Yes, I’m most definitely in love. If you’re interested, my other samples are here. As soon as I can stop oggling these pics, I’m going to post the next stitch, Oyster.

Till next time!





TAST 28: Up And Down Buttonhole Grass

Up And Down Buttonhole StitchUp And Down Buttonhole is a very quick stitch. I renamed it Comic Book Grass Stitch as, well, that’s what I stitched and I think it works fantastically as grass. Very boyish stitch if there ever was one.

Great. Another smudge on my lense. But who cares when there’s embroidery floss to be stitched in that glorious shade of green!

I’m not too keen on the blue ink I used for stamping but it kind of works in this. I also see potential to layer this stitch to create more dimensional field. Lengthening the stems, using less strands etc…

 In summa summarum, not my favourite stitch but still useful. Next on my list is Basque Stitch, which I love, love, love. My other samplers are listed here.

Till next time!