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Oh, Happy Sunday!

You know Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day? What a question, of course you do. Well, as I mentioned in my Christmas Shopping post, I was pretty tired from commenting on dozens of fab blogs but all that work wasn’t for nothing!!! Why? Because I won! Yes, I won me some pretty fabrics!

I’m so happy now.

Which is quite appropriate as the blog, where I won, is called Call Her Happy. Well, I don’t mind if you do! This is the loot I’ll be receiving someday. Hopefully soon.

Call Her Happy, quilting cotton I’m especially excited for the pink birdie fabric and the one with hexagons! The rest will be perfect for making gifts. The tiny ballerina bear is so going to my Parisian friend’s daughter. She has begun dancing and the rumour is that after every lesson she has to show EVERY move she learned. Maybe I could make a tiny bag where she can carry her dance gear.

Eep! I’m feeling so giddy right now!

Sew, Mama, Sew! I got the loot.

Few months back I signed up on every single possible giveaway listed on Sew, Mama, Sew. And as I wrote in my post, I won in two. Yay!  The first prize I received in June but the second one was waiting for me in the mailbox last week when I returned home from Lapland. Let me tell you, when you expect to come home to a mailbox full of bills, a surprise package eases the pain considerably. Especially a soft package from foreign lands! Naturally I rushed indoors and dropped everything else to rip the package open to see what I got…Do you want to see my goodies? Hell to the yes! See, I conveniently answered in your behalf. Because I’m thoughtful like that.

Crystal K. from Canada sent me these babies:

First up is this adorable pillowcase. Though it makes me wonder what kind of gargantuan pillows they use in North America. Seriously I could fit three standard Finnish ones in there…

Then there was fabric:

Loooves them! I will never, EVER have enough fabric. Here’s my favourite:

Vintage Christmas baubles. I’m in fabric induced nirvana….

*taking a moment to reflect on this fabrics awesomeness*

Well then. The second prize I won was a leather notebook by Tortagialla:

I haven’t written or drawn anything on this yet. This book deserves quality notes and sketches I think. So much for creating fearlessly from my part. *rolls eyes at herself* If you’d like to own one yourself, she has an Etsy- shop:

And to the friends and family, who read my blog, I would’t mind having another one. For my birthday. Which is on November 7th. Just to remind you…