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Kaboom, A Thrift Store in Helsinki

kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarket

For the first time for a long time, I’m introducing a new second hand store to you. I was told about Kaboom by my friend, who has sold his stuff there and apparently has made good money each time. Hearing this, I had to go and check it out.

kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarket

Kaboom is located on Albertinkatu 46, only couple of hundred meters from the Kamppi shopping centre.

kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarket kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarketMy first impression was, that it’s not too big but there’s a nice mix of things for sale. Quite a bit of retro goodies as well. The prices range from very cheap to the upper edge of what I consider reasonable prices for second-hand goodies, but most of the stuff I saw was between 2-10 euros. Retro things obviously being more expensive.kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarketIf you are selling, there are some vitrines available for your pricier things. I ended up booking a table as they have a deal going on. 2 weeks for 70 euros. I usually get my butt kicked with self service second-hand stores, but I’m hoping this location is better for the stuff I usually sell. I haven’t checked my saldo yet, so fingers crossed :)

Anyhoo, Kaboom has a website HERE and a Facebook-page. The staff is very friendly and speaks English. Definitely worth a visit, if you are into thrifting and second-hand things.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. Naturally I’ve bought a quite a few things from there already. They have a charity booth, where the proceeds go half to children’s charity and half to an animal shelter. I found this gorgeous, gorgeous skirt in it. It’s way too small for me, but I just had to have it for the print. I mean look at it:

kaboom, helsinki, thrift store, fleamarket

It’s just heavenly, don’t you think?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern

I just got home from a lovely date and before going to bed (it’s 2am over here), I decided to do my weekly photo challenge.

As you know, I’m a big fan of vintage prints and fabrics. Even now, there’s a huge pile of fabrics from 1940’s to 1970’s behind my back, just waiting to be sorted, folded and eventually used in one craft project or another. Even my Sew Mama Sew- giveaway prize was a set of vintage fat quarters.

What is it that attracts me to vintage and retro prints? Of course, people tend to get more nostalgic as they age but for me it’s more than that. I love going into the state of mind of the person designing a print. There is always a reason behind of placing the elements. You cannot always verbalize it but you don’t put a petal here and another over there for fun. Even a slight change can make the print to tell a different story. “Reading” vintage prints, takes you into another place and another time and that my friend, is something they call “time travel”.

If you are interested, other interpretations of the theme “Pattern” can be found HERE. Tomorrow I will announce the winners of my various giveaways.


Talking Shop

Miss Piggy, Kermit, Muppets, Jim Henson, Staffordshire Potteries

Past few months there has been a real boom in collecting Staffordshire Potteries mugs here in Finland. I have few of them (bought before the trend!!!), including this Muppet-mug. I wish I had more of these as I could earn a pretty penny with them. This one I just posted on Facebook to sell for 10 euros including postage. Why so cheap, you may wonder…It’s because this stupid *ss chip on the edge:

Image Caused by yours truly, Thrifty Finn.

Edited to add: SOLD!

My TOP 5 Facebook Groups

As you know, I spend quite a lot of time in Facebook. Most of it is semi-work related as I buy and sell vintage/retro-goodies there. Or just ogle said goodies. Or bond over said goodies. And crafting. Here are my TOP 5 of time wasters:

Postmodernit Martat (Postmodern Marthas) is a small group with 121 members, most of them with craft/artisan/design- background. We share links to events and crafty goodness, sometimes even to our own blogs to get some peer support. The name “Postmodern Marthas” is a reference to Marttaliitto, an organization started on 1899. Its mission is “to promote the quality and standard of life in the home. It also carries out cultural and civic education.” You know, like Martha Stewart. Postmodern Marthas, however, focus more on the arts & crafts, less in the domestic goddessing.

Plåt & plast burkar från 60/70-talet (Trays & Jars From 60s&70s) is a Swedish-group for retro lovers. As you can see, the eye candy is u-n-b-e-l-i-e-v-a-b-l-e! For buying, selling or just drooling. I haven’t gotten anything from here (yet) but I’m bound to crack sooner rather than later. See those daisy ones on the left? Me likee.

Vintage- vaatteiden Kirpputori is for buying and selling vintage fashion. I haven’t sold anything here (yet) but I pop in frequently just to see what’s out there. I know quite a few of the people by name from other pages I frequent but the group itself is not very chatty.

 Vi Som Älskar 60/70-tals tyger is another Swedish group but this one is for fabric. And what kind of fabrics! Just. To. Die. For. People can buy and sell and lucky for me, the Swedes are more than happy to do business with us Finns. My Swedish has improved in leaps in the months I’ve been a member. I wish I could download every single picture uploaded here. I want to remember all the prints for all the eternity. A lot of Finnish people in this group are familiar faces from…

Rättei Lumpui Retroi, THE Finnish retro re-sell group!!! It’s the best. Honestly. Great selection, good vibe, honest people and EXCELLENT admins! With 4,581 members and counting, the atmosphere has remained unbelievably cosy and friendly. The group is very chatty. People comment and share stories about items they see and give hints if they have seen something IRL- flea market that someone in the group might like. Also, if you happen to own something that’s valuable and you don’t know it, peeps over here let you know that somewhere else you can get a better price for it. There has been few cases of taking advantage of the noobies but I think nowadays the admins AND members are on top of that kind of behaviour. This is where I sell my retro/vintage- goodies and have found quite a few treasures. Bonus info: Quite often, usually during the weekends, the conversations here can become quite NSFW. Sometimes people even admit they are drinking and typing. These threads are removed the next day by admins but the memories for those who participated remain…

Just outside of the list but just as important…

But who is this? Well, Thrifty Finn of course! The only page YOU really need to know about. Click HERE to find me and LIKE. I post links to interesting articles and offer flashes to my awkward(sad) personal life. You would be foolish to miss that. If you have a Facebook-page, give me a shout out and we can like each other. But not in a weird, uncomfortable way. That’s what the real life is for.

Till next time!

Recently Thrifted

Vintage shelf papers. Made in Finland.

 Soon to make their official appearance as backdrops in my TAST- series.