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Pinteresting vol. XXVIII

Pinteresting by Thrifty Finn

I’ve been using Pantone Spring 2014 colour map to colorize my Pinteresting-banners. I downloaded the autumn one today and the colours are so dull! What is that yellow trying to do?

Gah. I might as well re-design the banner and think of another way of updating it. Feel free to give design suggestions. Anyhoo, here are some of my new pins:

diy glitter banner by creature comforts blog

Image credit creaturecomfortsblog.com

This DIY-banner that sparkles is a nice new twist of something I’ve seen tons of times already. I have some Halloween-ideas and wouldn’t this be just perfect in those ‘ween colour combinations? From my board DIYs & Projects.

black gown, barcelona

Credit naimabarcelona.tumblr.com

From sparkles to glamorous. I got several re-pins right after I pinned this image and I don’t wonder why. The silhouette, the effortless glamour makes you A. want to be that person and B. to have that kind of life where you can wear a gown walking down the street and no one would question why. From my imaginatively named board, Gowns.

juju papers, golden polkadot, navy, wallpaper

Credit jujupapers.com

Going back to sparkle and dots…This wallpaper is cute and fabulous at the same time. Have you noticed that when autumn comes, you start to yearn for darker colours and textures for your home and wardrobe? I’m pretty sure that my landlord would let me wallpaper my bedroom but with the price tag of 180 dollars per roll, I myself am not too keen on the cost. But wouldn’t it be gorgeous? From the board Pompoms & Polkadots.

pottery barn, halloween, paper mache, craft, DIY

Credit potterybarnkids.com

Since Halloween was already mentioned, might as well jump back on the theme. Halloween is coming up and it’s time to start thinking about decorations. These are paper mache candy containers from Pottery Barn. Do you remember the PB-episode from Friends? With ‘yester years’ and ‘olden days’? Poor Ross with his sheets? Anyhoo, if I were in the US I would buy this set of (goes check the name) TREAT VESSELS? Really? TREAT VESSELS? Apart from the ridiculous product description, this set goes with any kind of Halloween decoration style, whether it’s rustic, spooky or modern. Me likes. However, since I live in Finland, all I can do is to try to recreate these myself. Don’t hold your breath though. I still haven’t posted about my last year’s Halloween costume either. Super. From my board Halloween.

doggie in sunglasses

Credit collagevintage.tumblr.com

To finish this round off, here’s the compulsory picture of a cute doggie. I’m pretty sure this dog looks better wearing sunglasses than I ever would. From my board I Want a Doggie & Other Cute Animals. Yes, I know. It’s a mouthful.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. As per usual, you can get to the original source by clicking the image. And if you want to see more of my pins, my Pinterest-profile is HERE.

My New Crib

wall collage, home decor, posters, in frames

As you hopefully remember, I moved into a new apartment in December. Well, actually it’s a semi-houseshare but I don’t care as I get to live in a cute red house with tons of space! With a price I can afford! This place also has tons of light (which makes me so happy after living many years in a place that got direct sunlight only 4 weeks a year) and it has plenty of potential for home decor and DIY-projects.

See where I’m going with this?

The first project wasn’t actually my own doing. I asked my friend to come and help with unpacking and he cherry-picked the funnest thing to do, which was the art wall. I admit he did a good job but as he then left and I was stuck with moving boxes with recently operated knee, I wasn’t too happy about it then. (I may have used the word asshat).

posters, framed, art wall, home decor

This is my staircase. The frames are from various places and in true Thrifty Finn-fashion, I didn’t pay full price for any of them. In the frames sit two vintage ads, an old alphabet education poster, a piece of scrapbook paper, vintage shelf paper, my own freebie printable and what is left over of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Almond Tree’-poster. There is still room to grow the collection but I like the way it looks now. Here you can see it better in context:


Nice, eh? Cheers me up every morning. As soon as I find nice ones, I’m going to add some hooks on the wall on the left to hold my cutest purses and such. I’m slightly tempted to go with coastal/sea/captains cabin theme because the panelling but I think it’s better to stick with what I know; Spinster in the attic/grandma/crazy cat lady-vibe. Hah. To achieve that, my next project is:


Painting the frame white. Again in Thrifty Finn-fashion, I made a major saving…The paint was free from my landlord. And yes, in Finland paint is expensive so this IS a big deal.

Thrifty Finn- Your crafty semi-goddess truly





Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

On my trip to Lapland I visited my childhood home. My grandparents were moved out of there couple of years back, my uncle bought the place and now it sort of sits there empty. Which is a shame. You can imagine how well I dealt with the visit emotionally.

(The emotional infant that I am).

weathered wood, texture

Cross-section of weathered wood. Right the next to the house. There’s a group of birch trees and they used to surround this kind of swing. It was torn down when I was kid but I still have good memories of it. (Mainly of reading and avoiding the calls to do chores).


This is the barn. If you turned your head to 2 o’clock, you would see the main house. This building used to be red but has faded over the years. When I was kid, my sandbox, well a sandpile, was by this wall. The ground’s border runs just behind this barn and if you did full 180 degree turn, you’d see a building from 1880’s where my grandfather was born. That and rest of the buildings on that side used to belong to my great-uncle and when his widow passed away, their children sold the whole lot. To a doctor. Who then built a fence through the peninsula where our and their sides sit.

I’ve said it before and I say it now: I’m not so good with change. No, a correction, I’m not so good with some changes.

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Thrifty Finn- Sentimental sissy.

This Is Thrifty Finn

Today I had to go the police station to get my ID renewed which naturally meant having a new passport photo taken. Oh the horror! To minimize the possibe visual assault on the would-be-ID-checkers, I spent quite some time in front of my mirror and did proper makeup. With base and all!

Everything went well and the super nice guy at the police station even complimented me on the photo. Yay for me! To my eyes it was just ok, but it was still vast improvement to the normal standard of mine (Monica’s and Chandler’s engagement photo shoot, anyone?) and I felt pretty good leaving there.

Then I went to the local mall. I was just browsing but something weird was going on. All the sales clerks were super nice to me.  At first I thought they were actually doing their job which doesn’t happen too often but then I started thinking; am I being treated differently just because I look (possibly) prettier with makeup on? If that is so, I’m so going to be wearing makeup everyday till the day I die and even then I want the funeral home people slap on all the stuff they have on my face and then insist having a open casket (which isn’t done in Finland but for me, rules must change).

Since I got the thought in my head, I couldn’t let it go. Rather like Sheldon with his pathological need for closure (yes, I watched last night’s episode this morning). So I came home, sat in front of my computer and removed the tape off the camera (healthy paranoia never hurt anyone). It was time to gather evidence.





It was time to see what kind of photos I had taken:



Time to try again:



Thrifty Finn, still looking like she always did. Next passport photo will be taken in a professional studio with world class photo touching.

Recently Thrifted

Well this isn’t really recently thrifted but spoils from my trip to the huge flea market in Vantaa back in November. I bought this tray together with a vintage hat box and some Christmas decorations for a reasonable price.

california souvenir tray, vintageI think it’s rather sweet.

california souvenir tray, vintage But I’m selling it anyway. My friend pointed out that I can have either craft supplies or vintage goodies all over my apartment and alas, choices had to made.

Wish me luck that it will sell quickly.