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Spooky Halloween Village Template

spooky halloween village silhouette

Few years ago, I made this simple, paper cut Halloween village to decorate my bookshelf. I made it using a craft knife and simple hobby cardstock. The beauty of this is, that you don’t have to be precise with the cutting, the more mistakes there are, the spookier it gets.

hallowee, silhouette, paper craft, DIY, Thrifty Finn

spooky halloween village silhouette

This is a very inexpensive craft but at the same time, it is incredibly effective in creating an amazing Halloween atmosphere. To help you to make one just like this, I made a template to guide you. You need an Adobe Acrobat or any PDF reading software, that allows you to print with a poster setting as the village is sized 20*70 centimeters and it spans on three A4s.


This one is for personal use only. My other Halloween printables are HERE and HERE. Hope you like them!

-Thrifty Finn-



Freebie Skull Printable

free scrapbooking printable skull

A little bit over a week ago, I posted my Harlekiini-paper for you peeps to download for free. I also posted it on my local craft FB-group and said I’d be happy to take on requests. One of the first ones was a request for a skull paper and here it is! I actually made two versions. Black on white with really small skulls and the white on black with slightly larger skulls. I used a free clip art skull from Graphic’s Fairy to create this pattern. If you don’t know, who Graphic’s Fairy, she’s someone, who has been offering copyright free clip art images on her site for years already. In fact, Ikea has used some of them in their paper collections. I know, because I have the same ones in my clip art stash 😀

PiratesAhoy1 free skull printable craft paper PiratesAhoy2

The files are A4 sized but I recommend printing with scale to fit paper. Also, use grayscale printing and you can intensify the black by running it through your printer twice. ToU…Free to use in crafts made to sell but not to add to digital kits. The download links:



I have other designs lined up for Christmas, so don’t forget to come back to check out, what I have to offer.

-Thrifty Finn-

Halloween Box Decor

halloween decor

You know those gift boxes they sell at Ikea? In sets of three? Anyhoo…I had one of those sets in my stash, sans one box I had used for a Christmas present last year, and I decided to pimp the remaining two for Halloween. I think they were a success as I actually sold them. For monies. I used my Spooky- paper set for this project and I think it looks kind of snazzy.

Boksi9 Boksi8 halloween decor

halloween decor

Boksi5 halloween decor

halloween decor

The lady, who bought the set, organizes a Halloween party for her grandchildren every year. Apparently last year she ‘locked’ the kids and their friends (who were visiting them for the first time) in a dark barn and told them ghost stories. No news, if the same friends are returning for the party this year. Grandparenting in Finnish Style 101.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. I gave the Halloween art thing I posted the other day to my friend. He kept asking, if I really made it. I don’t know, if I should be flattered or offended.

A Quick Halloween DIY Project

A quick Halloween alteration project

HappyHalloween8 A quick Halloween alteration project

Back in September, (as if it was billion years ago) I found at a local outlet store this inexpensive wooden shelf art piece, that I thought would be perfect for altering. I paid 2 euros for it and it’s some kind of wood composite, not full wood. I’ve seen tons of these kinds of Halloween art pieces on ‘ween decor haul videos, and I’m pretty pleased I was able to make one for myself very cheaply.

A quick Halloween alteration project

I covered it with some distress inked papers. I cut out the middle part, because there is going to be another paper covering it and I could save some of that harlequin for another project. It’s actually a common technique in scrapbooking. Why waste that pretty paper for where it won’t be seen?

A quick Halloween alteration project

I made sure that the harlequin paper flowed (?!?) to correct directions. I thought it would be make the decoration look more fancy. If you know what I mean.

A quick Halloween alteration project

The front sentiment is mounted on black card stock and they both are distressed with black ink. I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue for all the gluing.

All in all…Very simple but very effective, don’t you think?

A quick Halloween alteration project

How’s your Halloween crafting going?

-Thrifty Finn-


You Are So Scary

Yesterday I posted a Finnish language craft haul video on my YouTube channel, where I showed some Halloween and Christmas things I ordered from UK last month. For once I was prepared for the month of October and I’ve actually made Halloween things all month last month. (Though I’ve been getting tons of new ideas from watching other’s ‘ween crafty haul videos, so there will be last minute craft panic again). 

Anyhoo, here are first two of the cards I made from my Carta Bella and Fancy Pants papers. They were very simple to do. Some distressing, inking, doodle stitching and element stickers and you’re done!

halloween greeting cards, diy, carta bella, spooky YouAreSoScary5

This is the first one I made and thus my favourite. I bought those chipboards earlier this year, but I haven’t really used them yet. They are grey kraft paper and thus perfect for recolouring with ink. Over here I used Distress Ink colour Black Soot.

YouAreSoScary2 YouAreSoScary3 halloween greeting cards, diy, carta bella, spooky

I hate spiders but I love spider patterned Halloween papers. Probably because they don’t move printed on a paper 😀 On this card I used more of those element stickers and I aimed for a controlled scatter look. Do I make any sense? The text sticker is mounted/framed by a very dark grey scrapbook paper.

Which one is your favourite and have you done any Halloween cards yet? These and my other Halloween crafts can be found for sale at the Kaboom thrift store in Helsinki. I priced them at cost, so if you are lacking on the Halloween decoration front, there are some bargains to be had.

Jos haluat ostaa minun Halloween-tuotoksia, niitä löytyy Helsingistä, Kaboom kirpputorilta. Kortit ovat 3,20€ kappale ja pakkauksessa on mukana myös kirjekuori.

-Thrifty Finn-