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April Giveaway

This monthly giveaway thing is hard work! I have to keep my eye on so many things, it’s unbelievable. My original plan was to post March and April close together. Since that didn’t happen, I thought April/May-combo is fine too. But then today I remembered I wanted to take part in Sew Mama Sew’s Big Giveaway Day and that’s in May, so the combination can’t happen then because I wanted to do something big for that.

I’m driving myself nuts over here.

So the solution is to do April now. IN APRIL!!!

Who would have thought this kind of craziness could work???

So welcome to Thrifty Finn’s April Thrifty Giveaway…


The Postcrossing Edition. What is postcrossing you may wonder? Well, I’m glad you asked. It’s this fantastic community where people send cards to random strangers and get cards back from other random strangers! It’s like stalking but sweet!!! I personally have received around 200 cards from 45 different countries and right now I have 10 cards waiting to be sent.

What do the greetings cards have to do with postcrossing where you are supposed to send postcards? My answer is that I’m trying to encourage people to send more snail mail to their friends and family. Plus, sometimes it’s okay to send greeting cards in Postcrossing, especially if the cards matches recipient’s wishlist. Also, some postcrossers collect Nouvelles Images cards, just to let you know 😀

What am I giving away? I’m giving a 4 B&W cards by VOGUE and 4 colourful cards by Nouvelles Images:

That amounts to 8 happy friends! If you ever get around sending them of course. Now the important part…How to enter:

Leave a comment on this giveaway post AND your e-mail address so I can contact you if you win. The e-mail won’t be visible to anyone else but me, UNLESS you type it in the comment section that is. The giveaway closes on 5th of May at 23.59 Helsinki time and is open globally. I will contact the winner personally and announce it here too. The winner has 7 days to respond to my e-mail before I draw a new name.


Disclaimer: This prize was bought by me, by my own money. The companies mentioned here have no idea who I am. They might come to check out my site when they see in their stats that someone has linked to their sites but that’s about it.

Free Christmas Printable From Me To You


Merry Christmas! December is finally here. Candy! Good food! Glög! Presents! Decorations! Almost the best month of the year! To celebrate Christmas I designed three lovely subway art style posters for you to download. For GRATIS! Am I generous or what? As before, these are for personal use only but you can change colours, print them as posters, re-size them into greeting cards etc.etc whatever tickles your fancy!

Christmas Subway Art



Aren’t they fabulous? They are sized 20cm*25cm which is about 8*10 inches. Depending on your printer margins, one should fit on A4. Please note that the background colours may vary depending your personal computer and printer settings. Enjoy!




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Power Of Three

This week, Craft Your Passion, asked us to create something with triples of things. In my card I had multiple of things in threes. 3 black diamonds, 3 clear ones, 3 layers of paper, 3 shades of grey (heehee) and 3 ways to finish edges; faux stitching, real stitching and doodle framing.

I’m such a multi-faceted crafter with many, many layers of deepiness, deep inside me.

I know, I know. It’s very unattractive to laugh at one’s own joke. But I’m still doing it.

Anyhoo, I used this image by our sponsor, Crafty Sentiments Designs because it reminds me of one of my cousins, Siiri. She’s 8 and she is so sweet and adorable like you wouldn’t believe. Since I’m going to send this one to her, I tried to capture her personality in the card as many ways as possible.


First of all, I coloured the girl blond and gave her blue eyes just as Siiri. Last summer she was a flower girl at her aunt’s wedding and wore a dress just like that, so that colour came from there. The flowers are coloured to give an impression of Finnish summer, which means no exotic colours.


As for the background…I wanted to emphasize how Siiri and personality always brighten up everyone’s mood, she really is a ray of sunshine, so I decided to go with monochromatic papers. To give the stamped image even more of a pop, I lifted it with foam from the background. The stitching, faux and real, also gives another dimension to this card. Almost as if the image in the center is fabric badge of honour on someone’s grey, floral sleeve.

Oh, I’m such an artist. A poet.

The diamonds in the corners are there because A. they are girl’s best friend and B. Siiri wants to be a pop star when she grows up and naturally pop stars wear diamonds.

 Hope you enjoyed my rambling. Now go and craft and take part in Craft Your Passion Challenge. There are prizes for three this week!

Till next time!



P*skarteluhaaste 100#

Things I should do: 1. Write posts and save them as drafts, just in case the heat gets too much for me and all I can do is lay in my bed with my limbs spread like the letter x. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about having too much time passing between my posts.

Honestly. I’m not equipped to handle these temperatures.

I wish it was autumn already.

Okay. Previous statement might have been influenced by the new H&M- catalogue. Which was filled with colours suitable for redheads. And silhouettes suitable for chubbies. Hey! I’m a redhead aaaand a chubbie. What are the odds?!?


P*skartelhaaste has reached its 100th challenge and the theme this week is “Looks like you”. I used a combination of scrapbook papers, free printable from Free Pretty Things For You and added text in Photoshop.

This card illustrates my love of vintage floral patterns, vintage illustrations, fonts and embroidery. Hope you like it!