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Free Christmas Printable From Me To You


Merry Christmas! December is finally here. Candy! Good food! Glög! Presents! Decorations! Almost the best month of the year! To celebrate Christmas I designed three lovely subway art style posters for you to download. For GRATIS! Am I generous or what? As before, these are for personal use only but you can change colours, print them as posters, re-size them into greeting cards etc.etc whatever tickles your fancy!

Christmas Subway Art



Aren’t they fabulous? They are sized 20cm*25cm which is about 8*10 inches. Depending on your printer margins, one should fit on A4. Please note that the background colours may vary depending your personal computer and printer settings. Enjoy!




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Boyish Trinket Box

My godson turned 14 few weeks ago and is unbearably greedy, annoying and pretty much failure-in-life-to-be. He drinks, smokes, skips school and is disrespectful pretty much to everyone. He always asks for most expensive things for birthday gifts or for Christmas but this year, I thought to do something different. As we all know, yelling at teenager never works. It never worked on us, did it? So I made this box which I intend to fill with candy. Underneath that candy will be a letter from a godmother to a godson. And that letter will send him on a guilt trip like never before. I will use his mother’s illness, little sisters’ admiration for him, his father’s tired expressions and everything else I can think of as emotional ammo. Mean? Yes. Necessary? Even more so.He is coming to Helsinki with his family and I will give the present to him then. I don’t know about you but I think this one is one of those gifts that will keep on giving.

Can you tell I’m mad at him for being an asshole?

I’ll write about those thrifty finds tomorrow. This was just too important to post later.

Honestly. Smoking and drinking? I could actually forgive those but NOT skipping school and failing math and English and most of the other subjects as well.