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Recently Thrifted…



Some frames I may or may not use for framing my favourite vintage fabrics, some more ūüėÄ vintage fabric, and yet another silkscreen. The dark fabric is yardage, there’s about 6-7 meters of it. The mustard coloured fabric is a pair of curtains. I paid about 25‚ā¨ for all of these.

-Thrifty Finn-

Little Velvet Dresses

Remember the dresses I talked about HERE? Anyhoo, on my last visit to Lapland, I managed to take better pics of the dresses and here they are:

Making the bias tape was probably the hardest and most time-consuming part but I’m very satisfied with the way it looks. Tip to you: make the bias a day before making the actual whatever garment.¬†The process becomes much more enjoyable that way. Here’s how I used it for finishing hems and edges:

Here, just for the heck of it, couple of more close-ups. Just to prove that I really should have considered ironing the dresses before taking pictures.

Feel free to leave feedback and thoughts!

Thrifty Finn- Seamstress Extra-Ordinaire, at least to Two Little Girls


Pinteresting vol. X


Hah! Finally a new banner. I had to re-download some digital scrapbook papers from Pixels & Co to get going (and bunch of new fonts from interwebs) and here’s my new masterpiece! Genius!

My obsession with Pinterest is still going strong and I have quite a few interesting things to share. Starting with:

someecards, of course it burns, exercising, fitness¬†Yeah. I have a gym card but I haven’t gotten any exercise done in two weeks. Fine, OVER two weeks. I’m going today. Seriously, I’m going today. And I will be getting my fitness on. From my board “Funny”.

mid-length red lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana

This dress is gorgeous. It’s by Dolce & Gabbana‘s A/W14-collection. I pinned this on my Sewing-board because I have a horrible, 90’s lace dress that I was going to donate but I realize that I can do something similar to this with it. Hah. I’m so clever!

But we all know I’m never going to get around doing it. Or maybe, just maybe, this time I will.

Hah again.

you have the potential to make beautiful things, quote¬†Hah again. Potential, yes. Ability get started, not so much. From “Quotes”.

makers gonna make, quote, temporary tattoo¬†But then again I could re-adjust my attitude. Haters gonna hate, makers gonna make. I added this onto my board “Font Book” but I think the Quote-board would be a better fit.

vintage sheet dresses

Speaking of making and a better fit…Me loooves! Now I’m hoping that no one will make an offer on my fabric stash so I can make couple of these babies. I have few Burda-magazines from the library and I know couple of nice patterns that would look GOOD on me. And then the leftover scraps of fabric I could use for:

tie pattern, Colette patterns, DIY

Making ties.

Thrifty Finn-In a fabric and sewing and general making fever.


My Fabric Stash- On Sale

All my fabrics. Vintage and new.

I Made Things! A Dress Project.


See that dress? Yes, I made it. I even had pictures for a tutorial but someone hadn’t backed up her files so they are now all gone. Let’s just appreciate that for a moment.

Okay. I used some velvet that had once been chair coverings but then at one party someone (not me) spilled red wine on them and after a spin in a washing machine, the fabric was just taking lot of space in my stash. Luckily, there was enough “clean” material to make two dresses out of it so I decided to make them for my friend’s daughters aged 1 and 3.

Of course, I started the project too late and I spent one sleepless night to get the dresses done. To make the project even bigger still, I wanted to make my own bias tape from an old pillowcase (and of course I had to finish all 11 meters of it, making enough for just one project…pfft, craziness) and it took forever. Then I didn’t want the sleeve openings and hems be too matchy, so for some inexplicable reason I decided to finish the hem by hand. Actually, there’s matching bias underneath, hiding the raw edge and because I didn’t want the stitching to show on top (except they did anyway), I hand stitched the bias tape down.

Can you see why something that should have been quick and enjoyable project ended done through haze of tears?

No, not me. I have no idea why.

Anyway, the dresses were a HUGE hit. Apparently, when the older one opened the gift, she immediately pressed the dress against herself and wanted to see how it’d look on her. Then the younger one, after her sister, did the same. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

I must say, I like girls who like dresses. Next Christmas’ lesson: shoes with glitter.

Thrifty Finn- Thinking about making a third dress just to show how I did it. But only if someone asks me to.

P.S. It really wasn’t me who spilled the wine. Honest. I swear.