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Embroidery Inspiration

I was browsing through entries on this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge and found this inspirational story. 40again’s grandma was near blind when she joined an embroidery course yet she managed to do this gorgeous blue bird. Go and read the story.

Weekly photo challenge – Create – A Bird of Paradise.

Recently Thrifted

 Who could resist a tiny sumo wrestler print? A hankie, 1 euro. Probably not vintage but I really don’t mind.

Help Needed. Identify My Rooster.

Few weeks ago when I was at Valtteri- flea market. I found this vessel/jug for 5 euros:

Nice one, isn’t it? At first I just took a photo of it but then my sister urged me to go back and buy it. Well, I took it home with me and decided to do some research on it. It’s made by Spanish pottery company Sargadelos but I haven’t been able to identify the model. I found one at Worthpoint.com but the posting didn’t have the name. Only a mention that it was bought in Spain some time during 1960s.

Even having the original packaging doesn’t help as the label with the model codes is unreadable.

So what is girl to do? I cannot sell it until I know how much to ask. I did a brief search on Ebay and similar sized Sargadelos pieces go for 150-200 dollars and that’s a good money on something I paid a fiver for. However I’d like to identify this and know what’s the correct price. I don’t want to be a schmuck who asks too little or a greedy bastard who overvalues her stuff.

Does anyone know the name of this piece? Or age? Any suggestions where to ask?

Apparently I’m On a Fabric Frenzy

 I found this in my stash last night. My plan was to make another dress, maybe with a Liberty- print but this find saves me from the hassle and the money spending. There’s two meters of this so it’s plenty enough .

My only question is, is this dark grey/red colour combination too wintery? Material itself feels very appropriate for a summer dress. What do you guys think? Winter or summer?

Speaking of summer…I just got these vintage flower (thing for flowers maybe?) curtains and already hung them up. As my window is very wide, almost 4 meters, they cover only half of it. My idea was to combine the floral with simple gingham (pattern very popular here during summer and Christmas) but that too is vintage and I only have enough to make two panel curtains. Which means I’d still had to add third curtain in the mix. White voile would work but should I use it on the middle to add light through or on the sides to help the corners between window wall and side walls disappear? Here’s the wall:

And this the colour combination I’d like to use:

Or maybe just the flower curtains on the side and yards of white voile in the center? Please help. Otherwise I’ll be thinking about this till Halloween.

Thrifty Finn with her White Girl Problems is over and out.





TAST 7: Lazy Daisy Blues

I can’t believe it’s over two weeks since I last did a sampler for Take a Stitch. Well, I’ve been busy with selling, thrifting and I even managed a trip to abroad! But more about those in another post. I was very excited about lazy daisy but I fell short with the execution. I just jumped into it without any plan and I used the wrong needle and instead of the usual linen, my fabric was a random blend which made the stitching not so pleasurable. However,  this stitch is one of my favourites and I made few observations while doing this sampler:

A. My stitches came out better when I stitched anti-clockwise.

B. Variegated thread somehow kept throwing me off.

C. Drawing the flowers before stitching is better than improvising on the spot.

I used the stamping technique again. Me likes.

The photos too are nothing to proud of. I took them just after 17.00 and even though it was still light outside, there just weren’t enough light. I might take more picture tomorrow. Next I’m going to find the linen I used in other samplers and start my sampler number 8, which is chain stitch.