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Oh, Happy Sunday!

You know Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day? What a question, of course you do. Well, as I mentioned in my Christmas Shopping post, I was pretty tired from commenting on dozens of fab blogs but all that work wasn’t for nothing!!! Why? Because I won! Yes, I won me some pretty fabrics!

I’m so happy now.

Which is quite appropriate as the blog, where I won, is called Call Her Happy. Well, I don’t mind if you do! This is the loot I’ll be receiving someday. Hopefully soon.

Call Her Happy, quilting cotton I’m especially excited for the pink birdie fabric and the one with hexagons! The rest will be perfect for making gifts. The tiny ballerina bear is so going to my Parisian friend’s daughter. She has begun dancing and the rumour is that after every lesson she has to show EVERY move she learned. Maybe I could make a tiny bag where she can carry her dance gear.

Eep! I’m feeling so giddy right now!

101 posts and counting…

This is my 101th post. I thought this would be an appropriate time to talk about my plans for myself and this blog. First of all, I’m excited about the fact that I’ve been consistently blogging for six months straight. For me, this means my depression is under control. I can focus! I can concentrate! This is nothing short of a miracle after years of fighting it.

Secondly, I’ve realised blogging and writing makes me happy. This shouldn’t have come to me as a surprise but it kinda did. When I was in art school studying fashion design, I used to write my concepts as stories rather than use pictures. There’s a possibility that subconsciously it was my way of solving the problem being terrified talking in front of other people. The horror, explaining my thought process to other students. No way, Jose.

So here I am. Thrifty Finn. A crafty geek, a high heel lover, Jenny Woo- regular, Mac– obsessive package of awesomeness. Full of ideas and plans (and ability to execute them).

Skills I need/want:

  • Understanding aperture and making it work for me. It has been explained to me about million times and I’ve understood it but forgotten it within seconds. WITHIN SECONDS!
  • Figure out the new presser feet I bought in November.
  • Layer masks. Pioneer Woman has a good tutorial for using them and here I am. Still not knowing how to use them.
  • Writing tutorials. It’s time consuming but there’s got to be a logical way of doing them. The way I’m making them is just not working.
  • Seamless Illustrator patterns. Okay, I can do simple ones like dots and stripes but after doing them couple of times, the easiness just became embarrassing.
  • Seamless Photoshop patterns. See before.
  • Making silkscreens at home. An absolute necessity for my plans. Well, actually I do know how. It’s more about getting the funds for the equipment. Oh, and the space.
  • Writing in general. I want to be better at it.
  • Developing consistency in my content. Have more informative posts.

Hoping to achieve this year:

  • Getting paid at least for one craft or fashion related blog post or article. Ambitious I know but even if I only get paid 5 euros, I consider this goal achieved.
  • Have 100 subscribers and 2000 views per month average. So far I’ve had total of 3000 or so views since I started and now my goal is to reach 5000 by the end of February. It’s not a lot if comparing to my blogging idol Pioneer Woman but hey, she has been doing this a lot longer, she’s a better writer and since she lives on a farm and has four kids, she does have a LOT more to write about.
  • Funds to hire a web developer to pimp my blog. I know what I want but just don’t have the time or energy or will to figure out how to do it myself.

Material goals:

  • Silkscreen equipment
  • SLR- camera
  • A new dress form
  • Silhouette
  • Pinking shears
  • Custom cutting mat
  • Powerbook

In short. I hope the year 2011 rocks.