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Spooky Halloween Village Template

spooky halloween village silhouette

Few years ago, I made this simple, paper cut Halloween village to decorate my bookshelf. I made it using a craft knife and simple hobby cardstock. The beauty of this is, that you don’t have to be precise with the cutting, the more mistakes there are, the spookier it gets.

hallowee, silhouette, paper craft, DIY, Thrifty Finn

spooky halloween village silhouette

This is a very inexpensive craft but at the same time, it is incredibly effective in creating an amazing Halloween atmosphere. To help you to make one just like this, I made a template to guide you. You need an Adobe Acrobat or any PDF reading software, that allows you to print with a poster setting as the village is sized 20*70 centimeters and it spans on three A4s.


This one is for personal use only. My other Halloween printables are HERE and HERE. Hope you like them!

-Thrifty Finn-



Alice in Wonderland Art

alice in wonderland collage

I’ve gotten a good mileage out of the out-of-print Halloween in Wonderland papers. I still have plenty of left for an art piece or two. And then naturally the scraps. Always save the scraps 😀 Anyhoo…I’m not an experienced collage maker but I think I made something special over here. I used a cover of a damaged kids’ book as the basis. The edges are covered with black washi (like in the lamp I did) and I mainly used basic crafting techniques such as distressing and fussy cutting for the main part.

alice in wonderland, halloween in wonderland

alice in wonderland, halloween in wonderland

alice in wonderland, halloween in wonderland

All the pics came out really blurry, I don’t know why. Some of my fave details:

Alice6 Alice5 Alice4 alice in wonderland, halloween in wonderland

Finished piece:

alice in wonderland, halloween in wonderland

I’m very pleased with it. It will go nicely with the Mad Hatter Lamp in my entry hallway. If you want to do something similar, remember that the Alice in Wonderland illustrations are in the public domain. Combine them with some public domain Halloween images and you are good to go. If you are looking for a diamond patterned paper, you can download the one I designed HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

It’s That Time of the Year Again…

eurovision 2015, austria, conchita

Last night I watched the final of Melodifestivalen, Swedish Eurovision Song Contest. As per usual their show was muy fantastic. They even had Conchita performing in the opening spectacle.

(I’m writing this muy jealous, because even though Finland is getting better at putting together a show, it’s still way too behind when it comes to style and showmanship. Dammit, I’m a loyal Eurovision-fan, I must be rewarded accordingly with a proper show!)

Anyhoo…I decided to take a peek at the Eurovision-website to see what kind of songs have gotten through so far. In my personal opinion, way too many slow songs but it bodes well for our punk song. (But I do like the fact that there a tons of female performers this year.) I don’t have favourites yet but I’m giving these guys another chance to impress me: Serbia, Slovenia, Malta, Belgium, Georgia (who is totally channeling Ruslana), Belarus, Germany and Sweden.

Have you checked out any of the songs yet? Last night I was tipped on Twitter about this guy, who unfortunately didn’t make it to the final of Melodifestivalen. I think we lost something here:

-Thrifty Finn-



Vintage Style Valentine Heart (With Video!)

valentine heart in vintage style

vintage valentine heart DIY, paper heart


Couple of weeks ago, I got inspired by these vintage Valentine-cards and came up with my own. Very simple to do, no need for fancy cutters or anything. Just some cardstock, glue, glitter, and a gel pen and you are good to go.

Just a note about the video….Editing a video is DIFFICULT. And it’s made even more difficult when you haven’t noticed that your camera has stopped filming at some point. There’s some music in the beginning and the rest of it is silent, so if you’re not from Finland, there’s no language problem. But I digress…Here’s the video, enjoy! And please, give me some feedback! I need it!

-Thrifty Finn-


Selfie DIY And An Important Lesson

You know. Buying presents for your parents is hard. They either have everything or you can’t afford to buy anything really cool, like a trip or a massaging chair. But this year, I came up with a genius idea, whilst shopping at Clas Ohlson. It was so genius that I kept giggling all the way to the cash register and beyond.

You see…Parents always complain that they don’t see you enough. Also, they always have your idiotic childhood photos on display and let’s face it, unless you get married and a wedding picture, there never is any newer ones. Can you guess where I’m heading at?

Well…to kill two birds with one stone, I combined my idea with something practical. At first you see a plain, cheap wall clock:

selfie DIY, thrifty finn, clas ohlson

Then you take that clock carefully apart, so you can change the background to….

selfie DIY, thrifty finn, clas ohlson

Your incredibly smug face! The background was about 22 cm’s wide and since I only have an A4 printer, the photo didn’t entirely cover the background. I printed my image, which is from Instagram, on matt photo paper. I used Photoshop to create a circular template/frame so I’d know where to cut. Still managed to make the edges wobbly and uneven. It’s a talent really. A tip: pay attention on the clock hands when taking the clock apart. I accidentally bent them, so it took some wiggling and re-bending to get them run properly again.

I warned my parents that I’d be getting them a gag gift. They did laugh BUT they were more excited that they got a NEW PICTURE OF ME! My mother was so excited that she put the clock up on her bedroom wall so that she would see me first thing in the morning! And dad put his in the pride spot on the living room wall!

So the lesson? See your parents more often than once in a blue moon and for god’s sakes, send them photographs. Real ones.

-Thrifty Finn-