Hietsumarket, a flea market in Helsinki


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Oh. Wow. I had completely forgotten this place exists. Everyone in Helsinki knows about Hietalahden kirpputori, which is an open air flea market, happening on every weekend during summer months. It’s cool. It’s trendy. It’s crowded. It’s the kind of place travel writers love.

But what not many people know, is that there is an indoor flea market close by and it really is something else.


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The place is called Hietsumarket and I found an old Yelp-review that hits the nail in the head, when describing this place:

Hietsumarket is located at the beginning of Hietalahden ranta, between Hemingway’s and Salve. Hietsumarket is a basement flea market, that not many people know of. Don’t even start comparing this place to Hietalahti flea market, because this place most definitely doesn’t have that faux trendy feel. Hietsumarket works in its own way and I personally think there are tons of unnecessary crap for sale, but there is possible to find the most unbelievable, life changing things. Once, I found a broken pencil for 10 cents. At home though I faced a disappointment as I tried to sharpen the pencil and  the lead kept dropping off. I nearly cried. This was a joke and probably a poor one but in reality, at Hietsumarket you can sometimes score.

You, the people who still go to the police auction to buy a bike, just forget it. Who wants to buy granny bikes in poor condition from an over-advertised auction and pay over 100 euros, when you can go to Hietsumarket and get one for under 50? Two of my mates have recently bought bikes there. Hietsumarket 4 life. Next time you are in the area, drop in.

And another one:

Hietsumarket is a wonderfully confusing place, just on the corner of Hietalahti market, next to Salve. It’s totally lacking the trendy and retro feel of its neighbours’. They sell such a weird stuff, that I can’t even describe them and all I can do, is to suggest for you to go and see them yourself.

I don’t know anyone, who reads porno mags anymore, but here you can buy them a whole suitcase full. You can also get a half-used 80s perfume, if you happen to need such a thing. They also sell new products, such as cleaning and hygiene products from somewhere in the Baltics. I haven’t got the nerve to buy any of those things. Though I did buy two toilet brushes once. They worked pretty well, if I remember correctly.

The charm of Hietsumarket comes from the unexpectedness. My favourite winter hat is from here. A red, reggae style, droopy hat with a bobble sized of my fist. Me and my hat are now inseparable. The only good thing about the winter is this hat I bought for 2 euros here in Hietsumarket.

If you want to check this place out, its address is Hietalahdenranta 11 and you can get there by tram 6. The stop is Hietalahdentori. Opening hours: Mon-Fri 10.00-17.30, Sat 10.00-15.00 and Sun 11.00-15.00. If you are looking to rent a booth over there, they have a deal going on right now. 7 days stating from 14,90€.

-Thrifty Finn-

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