Teos 2016

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Today is the last day of the annual art sales exhibition, Teos 2016, at Kaapelitehdas, organized by Finnish Sculptors Union and Finnish Graphic Artists (translations my own, probably not correct). I visited it on the opening weekend with my friend for the second time and I must say, this year wasn’t as good as last year. Meaning, I didn’t get those small little insights and/or ideas you get, when you see inspiring art.

kaapelitehdas, helsinki, teos 2016

I love the Kaapelitehdas. It used the be a cable factory and there are a lot of creative companies based there.

teos 2016, grafiikka, graphic art

teos 2016, Helsinki, art

teos 2016

Here are few shots from the displays set in there. The neon art was shown last year too, and he/she was my favourite then too. A random thought…If I like the artwork so much, I might want to try to remember the artist’s name too.

button graphic, pixelated art, teos 2016

This was also one of my favourite pieces, basically because of the crafting potential. I love the systematic nature of this. However, usually I’m more drawn to pieces with colour. Lots of it.

teos 2016, vanerivedos, Finnish art,

This artist was also presenting last year but if I remember correctly, last year’s pieces were smaller. She (?) does these photographic prints on plywood. It’s all very dreamlike and I like it.

Teos8 teos 2016

This is another one of my favourites. The commercial side of me thinks, that this artist should do a collaboration with Anno (A Finnish home decor company) and produce an inexpensive series of home decor art. It could become a future collectable for the rejoice of flippers in Finland😉

teos 2016

One of the reasons I was so disappointed at this year’s exhibition, was that it was so devoid of  colour and light. Even though it is supposed to be about art itself the reality is, it’s March, people are decorating their houses for spring and they want light in their homes. And there were a lot of pieces that were shown already last year. If it didn’t sell then, it’s probably not going to sell this year either. Also, another thing that bothered me…It’s understandable that artists use their medium to process their thoughts and feelings and whatever is happening in their lives, but do they have to do it in every single piece they do?

teos 2016

teos 2016

In the end of tour (or in the beginning, depending where you start the tour) were 5 or 6 folding displays for prints. Most of them were very gloomy  but this one was a nice exception. Again, the commercial side of me thinks that this could be worked into William Morris’esque wallpaper. Or a set of dinnerware. Hmm.

So there you go. The event is annual. The next similar sales exhibition will be the Finnish Jewellery Art Association’s one on 12.3- 20.3.2016, where you can buy unique jewellery by 22 artists. Details HERE. At the same time, there will be also a sales exhibitions by the Finnish Painter’s Union and Ornamo, the Finnish Association for Designers.

If you want to see all the events coming up at Kaapelitehdas, they are HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-


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