Hammy Hammersson. The HAM. Helsinki Art Museum.

Helsinki Art Museum logo

About a month ago, my friend called and asked, if I’d be interested in an artsy evening at the Helsinki Art Museum. Who am I to say no to an invitation like that? Especially when it was going to be free, gratis, nada cost for me!

tove jansson helsinki art museumThe first thing we saw, was the now in permanent collection of some Tove Jansson’s artwork. I’d never seen her non-Moomin work, so it was kind of interesting.

tove jansson helsinki art museum mural

The mural “Juhlat maalla” was my favourite. There’s a tiny Moomin in there somewhere but I think I accidentally cropped it out. Her painting style reminds me of someone but I can’t recall who. Any guesses who?

Since Moomin’s are her most famous work, there of course are some exhibited over there. Her sketches for murals for a children’s hospital are just charming.

helsinki art museum tove jansson moomin murals

From there we continued to the section of famous Finnish art. I wasn’t too keen on it, but my friend was very excited about it. He’s a budding art collector so I that’s probably the reason for the excitement. Though I did find few pieces I’d love to have. Just don’t ask, who painted them. Can’t/won’t remember.

helsinki art museum Finnish art

helsinki art museum, Finnish art

montmartre, Helsinki art museum

I like the last one solely because it has the Eiffel in it. I’m such an sophisticated art connoisseur, don’t you think?

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

Anyways…HAM has some works of Ai Wei Wei exhibited right now. Till end of this month to be exact. I’ve read about him of course, but I’ve never paid attention to his works. I like his ethics and what kind of message he is trying to get through. But his works are very enjoyable from the crafter’s point of view as well.

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsink Art Museum

Ai Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

The painted antique house frame. The business side of me instantly saw this as a an event “hall” suitable for weddings and other summer parties. Also, it reminded me of the stables of Rohan, in LOTR. See, this is why art is important. It takes you to places.

AI Wei Wei, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

All of my pictures are potato quality but this one was the worst offender. I don’t remember, what this piece was about, but the scale was just amazing. Also. Wouldn’t you love to have a big house, with a huge attic and thick ceiling beams as your work space?

Like I said. Sophisticated art connoisseur.

Now, to the thing I got most excited about…There was an exhibition of a young Finnish artist, Karoliina Hellberg.  I don’t know, what else I can say but I loved, loved, loved her work. It was everything I want and need from art. Colour! Energy! It’s like she saw things SHE liked and painted it all. There’s movement. There’s a wish for grandeur. Her work is just perfect. I mean look at it!

Karoliina Hellberg, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum


Karoliina Hellberg, HAM, Helsinki Art Museum

This was my favourite piece and it’s huge. All her work was for sale and almost all of it was sold. The prices are still “cheap”. Only few thousand euros for a painting like this. Though I’d have to flip quite a few dresses to buy one. But it’s cheap for people with regular, above the national median, income. A girl can dream, right?

HAM is free on every last Friday of the month, between 16-19 o’clock. It’s located in the same building with the Tennispalatsi movie theater. And this wasn’t a paid advertisement. I just really like art. And Karoliina Hellberg.

-Thrifty Finn-

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