Halloween Box Decor

halloween decor

You know those gift boxes they sell at Ikea? In sets of three? Anyhoo…I had one of those sets in my stash, sans one box I had used for a Christmas present last year, and I decided to pimp the remaining two for Halloween. I think they were a success as I actually sold them. For monies. I used my Spooky- paper set for this project and I think it looks kind of snazzy.

Boksi9 Boksi8 halloween decor

halloween decor

Boksi5 halloween decor

halloween decor

The lady, who bought the set, organizes a Halloween party for her grandchildren every year. Apparently last year she ‘locked’ the kids and their friends (who were visiting them for the first time) in a dark barn and told them ghost stories. No news, if the same friends are returning for the party this year. Grandparenting in Finnish Style 101.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. I gave the Halloween art thing I posted the other day to my friend. He kept asking, if I really made it. I don’t know, if I should be flattered or offended.

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