Freebie Pattern Paper Printable: Harlekiini

free printable craft paper Harlekiini, halloween themed craft

Yesterday, after I posted my Halloween shelf art project, I thought about designing something seasonal and share it for free with you peeps. I went through my digital image stash to look for an inspiration but I actually got one from a Finnish paper crafting group on FB. There’s this one girl, who has been ooh’ing and aah’ing over the harlequin patterned paper I’ve been using in my Halloween projects, so I thought I shall make her one!

free printable craft paper Harlekiini, halloween themed craft

See how fancy and graphic looking it is! I even added my logo at the bottom. And the title! Harlekiini means harlequin in Finnish. Rule number in art and design is that you can’t fall in love with your own work, but I already did.  Looks totally like it was bought from a shop.

free printable craft paper Harlekiini, halloween themed craft

Some tips for printing and ToU…Print in grayscale and print as ‘scale to fit’. If you want really deep black, try running the paper through your printer twice. You can use this paper for physical products you make and sell them, but not in digital collages or kits. It is also okay to take the file to a print shop and have them print it for you. Here is the download link:


If you like the pattern, please leave me a comment telling me so! I’m also happy to receive suggestions for what to design next to share with you.

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-Thrifty Finn-

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