A 30 Minute DIY Table Fix

DIY Table Fix

Sometime last year, I bought a cheap Ikea table top and legs from my neighbourhood FB-flea market. The table top had been painted with wrong paint type and the colour kept rubbing off. I decided, that as soon as it became too ugly to look at, I’d do something about it. And that day was today.

DIY Table Fix

Not only did the colour keep rubbing off, it also gathered dirt and grease. Pretty nasty to think that blackish gunk on the top edge is actually from my arms, as I rest my arms there, when I type with my computer. Ew. Anyhoo, at first I thought about using DC-fix to cover the table top, but then I remembered I had some laminated cotton in my stash.

laminated cotton for DIY upholstering

I paid only 2 euros per meter for it and it’s from Jysk. Don’t bother to go look for it, I bought it either this or last summer, so they probably don’t have it anymore. But if you feel like splurging, you could always get Amy Butler-fabric as they are similar style.

DIY upholstered table

At first I spread the main fabric on the floor and then added some double layered white fabric to act as batting. I wanted to make sure the original table colour wouldn’t show through.

DIY table upholstering

Good thing about these Ikea work tables is that they are very light. I flipped it on the materials to see where to trim.

DIY table upholstering

I cut the white fabric slightly smaller (the same way you do with batting in quilting). Then it was just a matter of folding and stapling.

DIY table upholstering

As you can see, I had a little mishap on the left side😀 but it was nothing some creative cutting wouldn’t fix. The corners are done like you would do corners in Christmas gifts. I recommend stapling them twice. Here’s the finished table:

DIY table upholster

I’m sorry I can’t show the full table. I’m in middle of a cleaning project, so there’s a spectacular mess just outside this image😀 Also, the breadcrumbs in my keyboard look very professional😀 Oh well…The total cost for this fix was under 2 euros. The batting was a freebie and I used less than a meter of the cover material. Very cheap indeed! Now I don’t feel too bad for spending nearly 60 euros on Halloween and Christmas craft goodies😀

-Thrifty Finn-

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