Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

You know what I love. Lapland! My every visit to Lapland begins with…


Rovaniemi train station. I believe it was around 9 o’clock in the morning. Straight out of the sleeper train. Why do I visit Rovaniemi the every chance I get? Because there is:


Lovely nature. This little heart shaped tree stump is sitting in my uncle’s yard. Those red berries are lingonberries and when made into jam, is delicious with reindeer meat. Guess who is writing this text hungry?

WPCLove5 My grandpa. Here with my youngest cousin Antti. During my other cousin’s Confirmation. Yes, there have been a lot of Confirmation parties in past few years in my family.

WPCLove3 Grandma and cousin Jonna. Two of my favourite people. When I returned to Finland, Jonna said (after seeing my butt cleavage. I had gained weight) that “Oh my god what your a** looks like!” She was 5. And yes, those were her EXACT words. Gotta love the Lappish honesty.

And last but not least…Midnight in August in Simojärvi, Lapland:


Lapland is awesome.

You can find other interpretations HERE and if you are interested my other Photo Challenge Entries, you can click the WPC category in the drop down menu. Should be there on the right sidebar.

Now I’m off to bed. Dreaming of Lapland.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

  1. irodger

    Love all the pics especially the midnight lake image. The threshold pictures are an unusual effect but suits the images. Now following and will return. Ian

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