Lately at Thrifty Finn’s

You know what I’ve been upto? I’ve been working on my fitness (really, I have), trying to organize my apartment (always and forever) and generally contemplating life (crying to my ice cream about lack of men in this country). Today was one of days that wasn’t anything special but was still kind of nice. First I received a letter:

 From Siiri. My 9-year old cousin thanking me for the stationery I sent her. Pictured here. She also sent me hers and her sister’s school photo. Adorable much?

 Then I spent quite some time packing some Rörstrand plates I sold recently. Tomorrow is the last day I can send them on the cheap. What do you mean I always leave things to last minute?

 And lastly, this is my new studio area. Or shelf or whatnot. Logically placed next to my desk so I can reach items easily. I feel like I have discovered something great!

So this is what I’ve been upto. I actually have something happening next month, in my personal life, but I won’t announce it until I’m 100% sure but let me tell you, it’s going to be great!

Till next time!

2 thoughts on “Lately at Thrifty Finn’s

  1. Ira

    Looks like a real cozy place you have there Niina and how sweet of your cousin to write you a personal note. I happen to have a very fine male friend who’s single and looking for a nice girl, he’s complaining about there not being enough nice girls around, either. Want me to introduce you to him? Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Ira xox


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