Made in USSR

I bought this, rather shabby thing (can’t remember the word in english) few weeks ago. I sold couple of trays in this style but now I’m not sure if I can let this one go. There’s something very charming about it. I think it’s the daisies that do it for me…

 Should I keep it or sell it? Punch a couple of holes on the top and hang it up on my wall with yellow ribbon? Decisions, decisions.

8 thoughts on “Made in USSR

    1. NiinaMaria Post author

      About 30cm wide. It could be a tractor seat for a very tiny person but it’s (I suddenly remembered the correct word. No, I forgot as I wrote that)…Dammit! It’s dust-something.

      1. NiinaMaria Post author

        Thank you!!! Dust pan! That’s the word! I’ve been going crazy all evening! It’s like my first Christmas break from Uni in UK when I returned home and kept asking for “the thing with spikes” because I couldn’t remember what fork was in Finnish.

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