Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Even in the amidst of big political decisions (meaning who to vote) I found time to browse through my photo stash to see if there was anything suitable for this week’s challenge. There was. From Paris. Quelle surprise! A silhouette of a statue in Louvre.

This shot has more meaning to me, other than just being perfect shot for the theme. Just today I was discussing about my fitness goals (yes, I do have those) with my friend Niko (who, BTW, met Benny Ninja this week and he totally told my friend that he is “a f**king fierce bitch!”) and I commented that I was pretty pleased with myself and my progress until I saw my naked reflection in the gym’s mirror and how I have to add more midsection exercises to my routine. However, the reality is, I look like that statue naked, and that statue looks pretty good so I should quit moaning about my body. Yeah. Niina. Just shut up. Here’s the original shot:

 Not only do I have the silhouette, I’m about just as tan as that. If you are interested in other interpretations of this week’s theme here’s the link to the other silhouette photos on WordPress-blog.

Till next time!

One thought on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

  1. Ira

    As long as you’re pleased with what you see, that’s all that matters Niina! And being healthy, of course! What’s the use of having long limbs if you can’t walk I always say. We women should stop being so critical of ourselves, for aren’t we all unique? Hugs, Ira x


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