Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

Well, well, well. I skipped last week’s theme “Mine”. I had plenty of ideas but I wasn’t up to posting them. This week is different. My recent thrifting expeditions have left me feeling very happy indeed and there’s one find specially that did this for me:

 Vintage pillowcase. From Lapland! I ❤ Lapland. Or Lappi in Finnish. I think it’s rather fabulous in it’s faded glory:

 I normally wouldn’t pay 7 euros for an old pillowcase but I guess there are exceptions! This was the first time I saw a cool vintage souvenir of my favourite place on earth, so of course I had to have it. But do you know what has made two my favourite people happy?

 I made my god son, Lauri, happy with this bracelet I gave him for his Confirmation this summer. My god-daughter Sonja, is her happiest with…

 Elli the Horse. Sonja is so adorable that even horses hug her. And no bias from my part whatsoever.

The other entries for Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy are HERE and thanks for stopping by!

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