Valentine’s Day Subway Art

I was too late for Halloween and I was too late for Christmas. Since my blog readership has been growing constantly for the past 6 months I wanted to do something nice for you AND make it on time for some holiday for it to be useful.

Of course it took me some time to figure out what to do. Since I’m a huge fan of freebie printable, I decided to design one myself. Combining my love of fonts and Valentine’s Day, I present you my Valentine’s Day Subway Art!

The text is slightly on the mature side but it’s nothing too risqué. You can still hang it where everyone can see it whilst subtly reminding your SO that this day should be remembered.

Hope you like it as much as I do!

EDITED on 8.1.2012. Here are the new links for this download. There’s pink text on white and white text on pink on offer. Hope you like them! The size of this poster is A4.



EDITED on 6.1.2012 The SCRIBD- links don’t work anymore so I’m removing them from here. I’m posting the new links as soon as I find the original files from my hard drive. Sorry for the trouble!

11 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Subway Art

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