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Fashion News: Hel Looks

My Twitter-feed is buzzing…Do you know everyone’s favourite Finnish street style blog Hel Looks?  Where looks are abundant and style questionably so?  Here are some of the fine examples:

I leave you to make up your own mind but Hel Looks has gotten some good press, some bad press, and some downright hilarious press. There’s even a Hel Looks- drinking game!

Right now Hel Looks is on a break for the unforeseeable future. But don’t you worry. You will still get your fix of unexplainable street style because the creators have moved to San Francisco and started a sister site SF Looks! Yay! Let’s see if it’s any better:

hel looks, sf looks, street style, blog


I’m going to presume that the drinking game rules stay the same.

-Thrifty Finn-


Pinteresting vol. XLI

pinteresting, pinterest, Thrifty Finn

I’m in pain. The new leg program I got on Monday was brutal. I walk like I pooped my pants. Very sexy, let me tell you. Anyhoo, I’ve been distracting myself from the muscle pain by pinning like there’s no tomorrow and here are some of my top picks this week…

Good type, teal, typography

Via type-lover.tumblr.com

Teal, gold and beautiful typography. And the little crown in the corner. Very princess-y. Me likes. I honestly could cover all my walls with these kinds of prints. Which I won’t because I’m not crazy  within normal limits. From the board Font Book.

Viva la tarta, girl cookies, bows

Via vivalatarta.blogspot.com.es/

Girly and princess theme it is then…I pinned these first thinking they are make-up compacts and Viva la Tarta some kind of new cosmetics brand. Hey! Anyone could have made that mistake. But wouldn’t these be perfect things to give out at a cosmetics brand launch? In a nice little box? So cute and chic. Viva la Tarta has tons of cute baked cookies on her site. The pin is on my board Cute & Kitschy.

paris please, chic

Via pinterest.com

Paris feels like a far away thing although I was there just couple of months ago. The most perfect city in the world. When you get tired of Paris, you get tired of life. If you wish to see more Paris goodness, you can find them on my board Parisian Dreams.

handpainted envelopes, craft, DIY,

via thimblecat.blogspot.com.au

We should send more snail mail, don’t you think? These hand-painted envelopes are so sweet they hurt. I used to have tons of pen pals when I was a kid. What happened? Where would one even get pen pals these days? I got mine from the back of Barbie-magazine but what about grown-ups? Classifieds? Pleading for them in the interwebs? From my board Crafty Things.

cute workout pattern

Via pinterest.com

Work it, girl. This pattern is cute and hilarious at the same time. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original link, nor the designer’s name but let’s take a moment to respect his/hers cleverness. I actually wouldn’t mind working out at a gym decorated with this pattern. I draw the line on the pink gym balls though…From the board Patterns.

And one more for the road…Wise words to live by:

Fashion quote

via letsmakeitpreppy.tumblr.com/

-Thrifty Finn-

Little Presents

Remember the card, Fly The World, I made few weeks ago? Of course you do. Being my huge fan and everything. Well, card wasn’t all I gave, I made a present too! With my freakishly tiny, chubby hands.

vintage gift, present, graduation

I love that paper. It’s vintage shelf paper (is that a thing in English?), I found couple of years ago full roll of. FULL ROLL! A fantastic find, people. Fantastic.

vintage pillowcases, retro

I had better picture of the actual gift but seems that I deleted it by accident. My cousin moved back in with her parents to save money for her studies and now she’s looking for an apartment. I made two pillowcases for her from one of my most prized vintage sheeting. Only reason I was able to sacrifice it, is the fact I have three of them. Anyhoo, Maija really digged the colour so I’m happy too.

THEN another gift I made…Last January, a finnish foodie blogger Hellapoliisi asked on Twitter if someone would like to get some free food from her latest book photoshoot. You know me. I like free stuff and scored two cheesecakes and few other things for my sister’s birthday. Now, couple of weeks ago I finally managed to return the dishes to her and also thank her personally, so I decided to make something for her too…

vintage paper, pink, pattern

First the wrapper…Again vintage shelf paper.  I chose the pink one because Hellapoliisi is all about the pink. You should see her kitchen/studio. It’s ah-MAZING!

hear pocket, apron, pink, black, alice in wonderland

First the detail…I made this double, semi-appliqued heart pocket using cotton poplin. The main fabric is japanese and I bought both from Eurokangas.

hellapoliisi, apron

It’s an apron and that’s Hellapoliisi! I know a bonafide famous person! And more importantly an incredible cook and a successful business owner. Who is super nice too! Maybe I should take few lessons from her :D

Funny story…I managed to drag my butt there because she advertised on Twitter that there will be some crafty supplies for sale. Did someone say crafty supplies and sale in the same sentence? Me be there. Anyhoo, when I got there, turns out the person selling those craft supplies was Maiju, THE Finnish authority on cardmaking. She is pushing blogging and crafting on the back burner and is going to focus more on teaching, so she was getting rid of bunch of her supplies, keeping only her favourites. I bought 3 of her stamps and then she kindly gave me one extra as a gift!

So basically I met two celebs at once. I’m amazed I didn’t geek it out that much. EVERYONE who does paper crafts in Finland knows Maiju.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. Hellapoliisi was so nice that she made a fresh smoothie! It was delicious.

Fly The World

Last Saturday we celebrated my cousin’s graduation. Can you believe…She became a bonafide pilot! That’s all levels of cool (she also skateboards and snowboards) and I couldn’t be more proud of her. Naturally I had to make a card (and a present but that will be another post) for her:

I used some papers by Crate Paper, mint green glitter Thickers, a wooden bird and Distress Ink. The recipient called the card ‘very cool’ so I think we can safely call this card a success. Also, doing paper crafts after such a long period, felt really good. To celebrate my return to paper-y goodness, I’m participating in these challenges:

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 Hope you like the card and thanks for stopping by!

-Thrifty Finn-


Adventure in the Olden Days

chateau fontainbleau, library

Do you know what this place is? I’m going to give you a hint. It’s in France.

chateau fontainbleau, library

It’s the library in the Chateau Fontainebleau.

chateau fontainbleau, library

Can you imagine the kings and aristocrats planning their worldly explorations in here? Having audiences for the brave people who wanted to find new worlds? True, now we know that those discoveries turned into genocides but the stories of adventure still tempt us.

Adventure is this week’s theme in Weekly Photo Challenge. The rest of the interpretations can be found HERE. If you are interested in my other challenge photos, they are HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-