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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgic

apila purkki, clover tin, vintage Apilapurkki170


My latest thrifty purchase fits perfectly in this week’s photo challenge: Nostalgic. The tin is from 70s and my guess is, it was made in Sweden or in Finland. If anyone knows, please tell me. Anyhoo, I put it on sale but I priced it kind of high as I wouldn’t mind keeping it ;D

Thrifty Finn- most definitely feeling nostalgic

Pinteresting vol. X


Hah! Finally a new banner. I had to re-download some digital scrapbook papers from Pixels & Co to get going (and bunch of new fonts from interwebs) and here’s my new masterpiece! Genius!

My obsession with Pinterest is still going strong and I have quite a few interesting things to share. Starting with:

someecards, of course it burns, exercising, fitness Yeah. I have a gym card but I haven’t gotten any exercise done in two weeks. Fine, OVER two weeks. I’m going today. Seriously, I’m going today. And I will be getting my fitness on. From my board “Funny”.

mid-length red lace dress by Dolce & Gabbana

This dress is gorgeous. It’s by Dolce & Gabbana‘s A/W14-collection. I pinned this on my Sewing-board because I have a horrible, 90′s lace dress that I was going to donate but I realize that I can do something similar to this with it. Hah. I’m so clever!

But we all know I’m never going to get around doing it. Or maybe, just maybe, this time I will.

Hah again.

you have the potential to make beautiful things, quote Hah again. Potential, yes. Ability get started, not so much. From “Quotes”.

makers gonna make, quote, temporary tattoo But then again I could re-adjust my attitude. Haters gonna hate, makers gonna make. I added this onto my board “Font Book” but I think the Quote-board would be a better fit.

vintage sheet dresses

Speaking of making and a better fit…Me loooves! Now I’m hoping that no one will make an offer on my fabric stash so I can make couple of these babies. I have few Burda-magazines from the library and I know couple of nice patterns that would look GOOD on me. And then the leftover scraps of fabric I could use for:

tie pattern, Colette patterns, DIY

Making ties.

Thrifty Finn-In a fabric and sewing and general making fever.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Change (into Calvin Klein’s)


Just few months ago I cried because I had to buy myself Crocs. Your words were very consoling and true, they weren’t too bad. I even got some compliments for the winter boots.

Spring is here, the streets are cleared from snow and ice (SUPER!!!!!) and I have new kind of footwear in my mind. The other day I dropped in a new thrift store I’ve never visited before. I’d gathered from various forums that there are always name brands for sale because it’s close by to an area where the so called well-to-do live.

It wasn’t entirely false information. I found these fabulous high heels:


Basic black pumps! In a very good condition. 10 euros!!! And they were by…


Calvin Klein! From Crocs to Calvin Klein in couple of months! Don’t mind if I do thankyousoverymuch. If you are interested other interpretations of CHANGE in the weekly photo challenge, click HERE.

Thrifty Finn- happy with her new shoes.


DIY Memo Board

MemotauluB, DIY, memo board

See that memo board? I made it. Yes. Me! And you can do it too! I was feeling particularly generous and gave this to my sister for Christmas but have since come to realize I need one too. This is a perfect gift as it doesn’t cost a lot of money and even can be free(ish) if you have the materials already in stash but it still has enough WOW to impress the recipient. Materials needed: 

  • Picture frame (9 euros from pre-Christmas sale)
  • Some batting (I used pillow filling because I forgot where I put my batting. Thus loose filling works fine too)
  • Fabric (I had this fabulous vintage moire. I paid 7 euros for about a meter)
  • Ribbon (Halloween-project leftover)
  • Masking tape and a stapler. DIY-kind not a desktop one.


 Step 1. Take the back of your frame and lay the batting/filling on top of it. If you are using loose filling as I did, don’t lay it too thickly.

Step 2. Lay the fabric on top and flip the thing over like an omelet

Step 3. Start taping the fabric down, pulling the fabric taut. Make a cut where the hanging tab is and fold the fabric down in a V-shape. After taping, pull out your stapler and staple like you never stapled before

Step 4. Flip the thing over again and start positioning your ribbon. I used organza which I doubled because it’s thin. When you like the layout, carefully tape your ribbons down and then flip the thing over AGAIN. Staple your ribbons down from two spots per ending! One is not enough to hold the ribbon down.

Step 5. Put your frame back together and you are done! Now, feel free to admire your handiwork and pat yourself in the back. That’s what I did.

Here’s another picture of the memo board in situ:


FYI. Not my apartment.

Thrifty Finn. Tired yet pleased with herself. Comments and questions are welcome and don’t forget to take part in March Thrifty Giveaway! I’m posting this in following link parties:

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