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I Heart Ikea

I’m moving in couple of months, so two days ago, I went to Ikea to get some moving boxes so I could already start packing. But you know how it goes, you NEVER leave Ikea without buying tons more than you originally planned to. Guess how much more I spent? 280%. TWOHUNDREDANDEIGHTY PERCENT!!!

Granted, in euros that was 30€ but still. TWOHUNDREDANDEIGHTY!

The reason this happened was that THIS was the first section on the market floor:


Yup. That’s the Ikea paper store. I should have walked past that as previous experience has taught me that if you put one tiny thing in that yellow back, soon you will have 15 tiny things there. That one tiny purchase sets off the avalanche so to speak.

I love all the sets they have available but this time I only got things I thought would be handy for Halloween crafting. Here’s some of the loot:

ikea paper store, tags, crafting

Those tags!!! Only 99 cents a pack! I got 4 sets in total. Underneath them is a pack of kraft paper bags. Naturally I got more things but I want to keep them as a surprise. I have few tutorials planned ;)

At this point I hadn’t busted my budget THAT badly but then I got to the fabric section. (Why is it always the fabric sections ruining my finances?) There was a sign saying that this and this fabric for only 2.99€ per meter. There was only one sad roll of black material left and I was a bit disappointed. Then I decided to browse and when I got close to the cutting table, there was this lady cutting cute material. When I peeked at the tag I saw that it was the OTHER sale fabric.  I asked if she was going to take it all and lucky for me, she wasn’t. I got so excited by this I bought 5 meters!

ikea fabric, sale, triangle pattern, dots

It’s enough to make two curtains or bunch of cushions and whatnot. I think there’s a modern Halloween-vibe in it. Maybe because of the colours. Hmmm. I need to ponder what to make.

Anyhoo, as you can guess. I nearly forgot the moving boxes. Damn you and your clever floor planning and merchandise, Ikea.

Thrifty Finn- In a shopping high


Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern, The Rainbow Edition


My second entry in Weekly Photo Challenge: Pattern. Other interpretations can be found HERE.WPCRed3







ROYGBIV. Mix of new and vintage prints from my fabric stash. Which one is your favourite?


Oh, Happy Sunday!

You know Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day? What a question, of course you do. Well, as I mentioned in my Christmas Shopping post, I was pretty tired from commenting on dozens of fab blogs but all that work wasn’t for nothing!!! Why? Because I won! Yes, I won me some pretty fabrics!

I’m so happy now.

Which is quite appropriate as the blog, where I won, is called Call Her Happy. Well, I don’t mind if you do! This is the loot I’ll be receiving someday. Hopefully soon.

Call Her Happy, quilting cotton I’m especially excited for the pink birdie fabric and the one with hexagons! The rest will be perfect for making gifts. The tiny ballerina bear is so going to my Parisian friend’s daughter. She has begun dancing and the rumour is that after every lesson she has to show EVERY move she learned. Maybe I could make a tiny bag where she can carry her dance gear.

Eep! I’m feeling so giddy right now!

Sexy blouse for a sexy lay-dee…

I have a perfectly good excuse for not posting for a few days. I’ve been shopping for fabrics, hunting for Burda- magazines, cutting, sewing…You know. Making things! Last week I got on my head that I need something new to wear on Saturday when going out with my friends. When is the best time to start a project like this? Normal people would give themselves a week or two but apparently I’m far from normal. I decided what to wear on Thursday and went and  bought the fabrics on Friday. So far so good, I thought. It’s an early afternoon so I have plenty of time to do the blouse today and that’d leave me whole of Saturday to sew the trousers. Fast forwardsix or so hours, it’s 22.30 and  there are fabric pieces all over my place. No need to panic, I thought again, I just finish the darts and hem some other pieces and if I set my alarm to wake me around 9 o’clock, I can still finish the blouse AND the trousers.

Saturday. 12 o’clock. F******k! I woke up at 12 o’clock. Forever the trooper, I sew like a wind and finished the blouse! The trousers…At this point it was about 5 pm and I had to drop everything because Alko (in Finland as in other Scandinavian countries, booze has to be bought from a government-owned liquor shops) closed at 6 and I still had to (?) get some wine for later. After my booze run, the clock showed 18.30 and I was still convinced that I could finish those trousers because “I’ve done it once before”. Yeah, on industrial sewing machine and in a broad daylight. Needless to say but I’m saying it anyway; I did not finish on time. Of course the disasters didn’t end there. First my outfit that night…A panicky assamble of clothes I found  to be clean. Mix that with anxiety and frustration of the sewing debacle and combine with a bottle of wine. Let’s just say I’ve spent entire Sunday night composing apology texts. Super. JUST SUPER.

But if there is any consolation in any of this, it’s the fact that my blouse rocks. Maybe someday, after I’ve forgotten that last Saturday ever existed, I can go out and wear it too. So far I’ve just rocked it in front of a mirror, bursting to tears whenever I remember the Night That Does Not Exist.

The pattern for this can be found in a Burda issue 4/2010. The original is a sleeveless but drafting a sleeve pattern is not hard. This top cost me about 5,50 euros in total. Not too shabby. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and have another cry.