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Kädentaitomessut- Arts & Crafts Fair


Last  November I went to Kädentaitomessut (Arts & Crafts Fair) in Helsinki. I took pictures but never got around posting about it. Yeaaaaah. That’s how I apparently roll. Well, lucky for me, the fair is twice a year and it’s coming up again in couple of weeks time. So isn’t it really better to post about the fair now? BEFORE the fair is on? As to give information what’s it about?

At least that’s how I reason it to myself.

Anyhoo. The fair is held in huge (in Finnish huge, not American huge) convention center. There are several wings of which one is for crafts and (this time) the other fairs held at the same time are: Child, Model Expo, Outlet Expo and Local&Organic Food Fair. I’m particularly excited about the last one because, hey, tastings. Mmmm. Food samples…


I like that there are both small independent crafters and manufacturers AND shops that sell supplies. Pictured above are bamboo dish rags by Susannan Työhuone (Susanna’s Workroom). I didn’t buy one but I kind of wish that I did. I tried to keep a budget so I bought only necessary supplies like washi tape, ProMarkers, stamps…You know. The basic stuff. Continue reading

Drooling CHA 2013

I’m dying like Jack from Will&Grace died. I’m in a creative slump and when all the sneak peeks from various scrapbooking companies started appearing all over blogosphere, my brain went into overdrive. I want them ALL! This is madness. (If I ever won lottery, I wouldn’t roll naked in money, I’d be rolling in scrapbook paper sheets, throwing embellishment in the air.)

I’m sorry if I just made your eyes bleed.

Anyhoo, CHA is my dream holiday destination but until that day comes, I’m to be satisfied with reading other people’s blogposts about how fabulous time they are having. Ah, to be amongst those who get to touch all the new papers and stamps and whatnots…But here I am. In Finland. As far as you can get from CHA on this planet.

It’s not all despair over here. Thanks to interwebs I can shop from anywhere in the world that I want to and I’ve decided to list the collections I’m most likely to buy should my funds allow.

I Lowe Scrap

I Lowe Scrap: Why Not? I have two sheets from ILW and I’m holding on to them like they are my dear children. Modern with a hint of Soviet nostalgia. What’s not to love? Their other collection Divine This Line isn’t bad either.

Unchartered Waters By Glitz. I don’t think I have anything by Glitz in my stash but this one will be. My god-daughter is having her Confirmation this summer and with the theme of faith, hope and love, I could make one “bitching” mini-album of the celebrations. I don’t know why I love this set so much. Oh, I do. It’s the teal and yellow with a hint of pink that did it for me.

Collectable by My Mind’s Eye. At first I thought Collectable was just a single set but it actually contains 4 different mini-collections. Notable, Memorable, Remarkable and Unforgettable are all very, very fine but my favourite is the Unforgettable. Mainly because of that adorable hexagon pattern. Since MME’s 6×6 pads are reasonably priced AND are available at my local craft store, I might get them all.

Studio Calico Here +  There Here+There by Studio Calico. This one is on my maybe list. My godson’s Confirmation pictures from last summer are still on my hard drive, waiting to be made into an album but I just haven’t found a paper set that would appeal to a teenage boy. I know, I know. He is a teenage boy, thus doesn’t give a tiny rat’s ass what kind of paper I use or even if there ever will be an album or not but I CARE! And that’s what counts. My other choice is:

All About a Boy by Echo Paper. I like the colour scheme very much and the patterns are exciting too. They don’t exactly scream Confirmation but would match my godson’s personality. Or the personality I’m hoping him to have when he grows past the surly teenage years. When ever that is…Next up is something solely for me:

Travel Girl By October Afternoon. I love OA. Their papers are always so fantastic and have just the right amount of vintage vibe. I haven’t forayed into a world of scrapbooking apart from making mini albums but I’d like to make something to remember MY travels. Having reach the ripe age of krhm, khrm, khrm, a tangible keepsake of my trips would be kind of fun. I bet even my godson would find that album interesting enough :D

Oo! I got an idea! How about making an inspiration album for my god-daughter about places I’d like her to see and then some money to start a travel savings account as a Confirmation gift? I’m a genious genius. I truly am.

Summer Love by Cosmo CricketHonky Tonk by Cosmo CricketTV Dinner by Cosmo Cricket

Summer Love, Sweet Disposition, Honky Tonk and TV Dinner by Cosmo Cricket. Together with MME and OA, Cosmo Cricket is my favourite paper manufacturer. I think I’ve bought most papers that I have from them. These four new sets are so pretty and most importantly I have an end-use for all of them. As you know, I make a mini-album for my god-daughter every year for her birthday and this year won’t be an exception. The first three are all optional for that, especially Honky Tonk as she has a horse and I have a sneaky feeling that she’ll be requesting another horse themed album. The TV Dinner-set I’d use to record my fave recipes and if I’d feel generous enough, I might even make nice recipe cards to share with my friends. (To be honest, I don’t have that many good recipes and the one’s I do have, I don’t want to share. Because they are that good.) Then last but not least:

CratepaperDIYshop DIY Shop by Crate Paper. Crate Paper, how I love thee? Last summer I spent hours on the computer in order to find their Random- collection kit. Which, BTW, totally changed my view on how to craft. Meaning: Get a kit and crafting gets easy. (I’m soon going to share a mini album I made using the kit). What would use this set for? I have plenty of crafts (from pre-blogging era) I’m very, very proud of and I’d like to document them more permanently. Browsing one’s hard drive isn’t that fun and you cannot take it with you to show people. Anyhoo, there are so many elements I love about this set. The mix of patterns: Map? Vintage typewriters? Chevron? Polka dots? They all make me swoon.

If you want a quick access to CHA Winter 2013 sneak peeks, Scrappy Jedi has a complete (and constantly updating) list HERE. Go and drool at your hearts content and try to pick your favourites. I’m here calculating the cost of getting all these sets and thinking if food really is necessary. Have you already done your fantasy OR real shopping for this spring?

Over and out and dizzy with all the crafting possibilities.

How To Screenprint in 10 Steps


How many of you are still panicking about Christmas presents? I managed to send last of my presents (most of them handmade!) just today and I feel so relieved! I can finally start enjoying this season, maybe even make a gingerbread house! From ready-made dough. I want get to the decorating bit faster ;D

Even if you have only days left, it doesn’t mean you can’t make anything nice anymore. Just last week I made some Christmas themed shopping bags to sell at a boutique in Helsinki and believe it or not, it took only few hours. With some unprecedented forethought I took pictures of the printing process so I could share it here with you.

Materials needed:
Printing frame
Photoemulsion and flooding scoop (or whatever that thing is called)
Cardboard box + matt black fabric to cover it
Sheet of glass (mine is from an old picture frame)
Strong light source (I use construction light, 400w)
Transparent sheets (mine are by Crafter’s Companion)
Printing ink

Stage 1: Getting started!  I used my printing frame to test if it is the right size for the bag I wanted to print. I also measured the printable are, which in case was 26,5cm*37cm. It’s important that you do this, otherwise you might risk creating an image that you cannot actually print with your screen.

Stage 2: Flooding the frame! I took my frame and photoemulsion to the bathroom. Flooding the frame is easy peasy, tilt your scoop carefully, keep it in a small angle and let the emulsion flow on your screen. Basically what you want to do, since the scoop is usually smaller than your frame, is flood one section, then scrape excess off and then move on to the next section. Your goal is two thin layers of emulsion on each side. After you’re done, leave the frame to dry in a dark room. Extra tip: Don’t kick your open photoemulsion jar. That stuff can be price-y.

Stage 3: Transparent! Meanwhile your screen is drying, you can go back to your computer and finish off your design. Print your design TWICE on a transparent. You need the image you want to print to be blacker than black. The black will block the light from burning the light sensitive emulsion and that un-burned area is your printing area. Since my image was bigger than A4 I needed to use 4 sheets of transparent.

Stage 5: Burn the screen! Now your screen is dry and you should be ready to burn your it. First you need a matt black platform, which should have about the same surface area as your screen. You can make this, as I did, by covering a cardboard box with jersey. Then the order of items going on top of that is: screen, transparent (flipped over, if you have text it needs to read “wrong” and sheet of glass to weigh them all down. Then with some masterful balancing and aiming, try to have your light as close to 90 degree angle towards the screen. In this case I didn’t (usually I do) and it did work fine anyway. Now depending on your light source and how far it is from the screen you need to adjust the developing time. My distance was about 50cm and I left it on for an hour.

Stage 6. Clean the screen! Higher the water pressure, the better. I bought this handy dandy tiny shower head that adds water pressure AND makes the actual water flow sharp and pointy which makes the cleaning easy and quick but you don’t need it, regular shower will do. When all the excess emulsion is off your screen, leave it to dry.

Optional Stage 7: Making ink! Since you again have some free time in your hands because the screen is doing its drying thing, you can mix some printing ink. You can buy printing ink ready made too but I have printing emulsion and various pigments so I can mix my own colours. Usually the company who sells pigments also have recipes for different colours on their website to use for reference. For black, Emo-Tuotanto, gave a following recipe: 15 drops of pigment per 100ml of emulsion. I made a double batch. Not that I used all that but printing is easier if you have enough ink to spread on your screen.

Stage 8: Prepping Printing Surface! You have your ink and screen and you need a printing surface! I laid a vintage sheet (folded) on table, taped it on place and then laid a vinyl table-cloth on top of that and taped that in place too. You need something soft yet firm underneath your fabric when printing. At first I had a towel under the towel and as you can see from the test print, it affected the print quality. Lesson learned: the surface must be smooth.

Stage 9. Printing! Now your printing surface should be ok, but do one more test print just to be sure. You can see smudges on the test print here and that’s because I laid my screen down when I re-set the printing surface and the ink smeared. That is why you must keep you screen leaning upright between prints if you can’t do your printing serially but have to stop to make room for the next printable thing.

When doing the printing you can use your transparent or in this case the original photocopy to guide your screen. Put the copy on the fabric, hold your screen on top of it (matching the image), remove the copy and then lay the screen down. Voila, no guess work! When you’re done with printing, store your printing ink in an airtight container for future use. When your prints are dry, use the ink manufacturer’s directions on how to set the ink.

Stage 10: Enjoy your handiwork! Nothing more satisfying than seeing your own work finished! I made a small batch to sell at the boutique but if they won’t sell, I just give them next year as Christmas gifts :D It’s a win-win! If you are wondering the bag size, the bags in grocery stores are really that big in Finland ;D

Hope you find this helpful and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can use the image above to make some holiday gifts of your own, just click it to make it full size. Both the text and image are copyright free. I used the text from Just Something I Make’s Christmas Text Collage and the Santa, I think, is from Graphic’s Fairy.

Happy Holidays and Good Night from Thrifty Finn.

Oh, Happy Sunday!

You know Sew Mama Sew’s Giveaway Day? What a question, of course you do. Well, as I mentioned in my Christmas Shopping post, I was pretty tired from commenting on dozens of fab blogs but all that work wasn’t for nothing!!! Why? Because I won! Yes, I won me some pretty fabrics!

I’m so happy now.

Which is quite appropriate as the blog, where I won, is called Call Her Happy. Well, I don’t mind if you do! This is the loot I’ll be receiving someday. Hopefully soon.

Call Her Happy, quilting cotton I’m especially excited for the pink birdie fabric and the one with hexagons! The rest will be perfect for making gifts. The tiny ballerina bear is so going to my Parisian friend’s daughter. She has begun dancing and the rumour is that after every lesson she has to show EVERY move she learned. Maybe I could make a tiny bag where she can carry her dance gear.

Eep! I’m feeling so giddy right now!

Zombie Kitty

halloween, card, zombie kitty, wonderstrange I was very productive last night, instead of cleaning, I made a card! My card making for the past few months has mainly included DT-work so I thought it was about time to work within my comfort zone. Yeah! Since Halloween is so close, I decided to make a card to match. I used a freebie digi by Wonderstrange (one of these days I’m going to buy something from them and not just hoard their freebies) and regular stamping and staining. The glitter banner is double sided tape cut into banner shapes and then flooded with glitter. Me likes. The kitty is coloured with ProMarkers and the pumpkin with Ikea gel pens. What else should I tell…I distressed the black and purple papers with the edge of my scissors and stained them with matching Distress Inks. The purple curls are stamped.

I feel like a queen of crafting techniques right now. No autographs and flash photography, please. With my masterpiece, I’m participating in these challenges:

Passion For ProMarkers: Week 172- Pets
Creative Inspirations: Challenge 186- Happy Halloween
Cute Card Thursday: Challenge 240- Something Scary!
Southern Girls Challenge: #56- Animal Crackers
Dilly Beans Challenge: Halloween Challenge
One Stop Craft Challenge: #202- Halloween!
Allsorts Challenge: Week 178- In Stitches
Moving Along With The Times- Too Cute To Spook
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