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P*skis #124

Use some paint! That was the order in this weeks P*skis.

 I wanted to make the card in a flat collage style which I saw a lot in Paris. In stationery, advertisements, illustrations etc. This one is very basic but this technique is definitely something I’m going to explore more.

 I used my acrylic stamping block as a palette and squeezed some acrylic paint on it. As you can see, the main colours are closer together and the accent colour, yellow, is further apart.

 I spread the paint with my fingers on a vintage folder divider. Hey, I fingerpainted! I wanted the colours to have movement and not just lay there as a background. (I’ve been pinning some artists whose paintings are “moving” lately. Probs there I got my inspiration). Because the challenge sign-up was closing at 18.00 and at this point my clock was showing 17.15, after I was satisfied with the paint work, I dried it with a blow dryer. Then it was just cutting the heart out and glueing it on the background.  At this point, I wasn’t quite satisfied with it, so I added a smaller heart below the big one and created a giant heart exclamation mark.

 Till next time.



Pink & Yellow

In the midst of all this Halloween madness I managed to squeeze in some card crafting time for a challenge. In this weeks P*skarteluhaaste‘s theme was Pink & Yellow. This is a very hard colour combination for Finnish people in general but I think I managed to create something reasonably attractive.

I used some glossy on the scissors but it kind of spread all over the place as I’ve been cutting the end of the tip to get rid of the dried bits and in the process made the opening quite a bit larger than it was originally. The background paper got chosen because it has a slight linen texture and combined with the boldness of the print, brought in my mind a high-quality fashion fabric. The ribbons are from my stash and the small tag is from a skirt I cut up to make a Halloween- wreath (about which I’m posting tomorrow).

I’m saving this card to send to my god-daughter for whenever she might need a crafty pick-up. I have bunch of tiny envelopes so I might glue one of them inside and put some cash in it for her to make some crafty purchases. ‘Cause I’m cool like that.

P*skarteluhaaste #105

Phew, I’m glad to be back home where I have all my crafty things at hand. Since it’s been nearly a month I’ve taken part in any kind of challenge, I decided to do a Finnish one to get started. The recipe to use was light blue+white+accent colour. My choice for accents was pink! I made a card but I think, I’m going to change this into a notebook for books I’ve read. Anyhoo, I used papers from Crate Paper Emma’s Shoppe and Melissa Francis.

Till next time.

P*skarteluhaaste 100#

Things I should do: 1. Write posts and save them as drafts, just in case the heat gets too much for me and all I can do is lay in my bed with my limbs spread like the letter x. This way I wouldn’t have to worry about having too much time passing between my posts.

Honestly. I’m not equipped to handle these temperatures.

I wish it was autumn already.

Okay. Previous statement might have been influenced by the new H&M- catalogue. Which was filled with colours suitable for redheads. And silhouettes suitable for chubbies. Hey! I’m a redhead aaaand a chubbie. What are the odds?!?


P*skartelhaaste has reached its 100th challenge and the theme this week is “Looks like you”. I used a combination of scrapbook papers, free printable from Free Pretty Things For You and added text in Photoshop.

This card illustrates my love of vintage floral patterns, vintage illustrations, fonts and embroidery. Hope you like it!