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557 780 Good Reasons

Yesterday I wrote about Marimekko & Kristina Isola- plagiarism scandal twice, HERE and HERE. I then found about something else and promised to write about that but before I had time, Iltasanomat had something even better to tell this morning.

Some of you may be thinking that it’s only one print. That can’t be worth much. Well, guess how much Kristina Isola made money last year? 556 780 euros. Pretty good for a print designer I’d say.

Half a million euros?!?  Seriously? She must be very productive ;D

In another interview made couple of years back, she said that she has groomed her daughter to take her place as a designer and she has been assisting her with CAD-design, since she doesn’t understand computers too well herself. Guess when this collaboration between mother and daughter began? The same year she copied Prymachenko. So is that how it happened? Mom found the picture from out of print art book from 1960’s and gave it to her daughter to “make it into a print”?

I know, I know. Evidence is circumstantial. But it doesn’t look good. Marimekko is still maintaining that Kristina Isola’s Gingko is different print, saying “the layout is completely different”. Yes, it’s different but not completely AND like I said, the magic is in the leaf veins and shapes which are the same. I’d believe that the similarity between the prints was a coincidence if Helsinki wasn’t such a small town where everyone in the design industry knows everyone else. Further evidence is that no one’s graphic style changes that much like it changes with Kristina Isola:

Kristina Isola, Metsänväki, plagiarism, copyright, Marimekko, Maria Prymachenko Maria Jauhiainen, Gingko, Kristina Isola, plagiarism, copyright

From humoristic naivism to simple and graphic naturalism. Now of course we know that the first one is a theft for sure. Marimekko, however, is still considering what to do with Kristina Isola which I find unbelievable! If you work at a grocery store and steal one chocolate bar or are even suspected of stealing one, you’d get fired in that instant. For stealing something worth 60 cents. If they are worried what happens to Kristina in the future, I think she will do just fine with the royalties she gets from her mother’s design work for Marimekko. Half a million a year, remember? And Kristina, leave the designing for people who are actually talented and knows how to do it themselves.

Thrifty Finn- worrying that Kristina will get a book deal out of this.

P.S. This isn’t just about the one print. Finnish justice system doesn’t enjoy much trust from the “common” people, corruption is rampant (things that are illegal in most countries, are legal here and that’s why it seems Finland is one of the least corrupted countries in the world. But that’s for another discussion) and since this involves one of the Finnish 1%, the case gets an another dimension. It’s a test case not only for the design industry but justice system.

P.P.S. Iltasanomat comment section is filled with rather angry people. Finland’s economy never really recovered from the recession in 90s and Marimekko was seen as some kind of hope that yes, we can have successful industry and yes, we matter. That trust is now gone. In today’s Metro-newspaper was written that Marimekko hopes that the scandal stays within Finland’s borders and won’t be reported globally. As of today, Marimekko’s stock decreased 2,2% in value.



I’m upset! Since my mac did the dance of death, I couldn’t re-colour my Pinteresting-banner! WAAAAH! I have to use an old one! WAAAAAAH! Not to mention, I haven’t been pinning that much since my last post…But there are some goodies there. Let’s start with…

This is the best I can say about the day when my computer went down.

But that’s only because I’ve been taking etiquette lessons. (Saw a cover of one that I liked).

Georgiana Paraschiv cherry print

 A good print can save anyone’s day. This cherry pattern is a fantastic new take on a classic. Designer: Georgiana Paraschiv. From black cherries to black dots:


I can’t decide if this is a summer or an autumn look but I love it anyway. It’s fun and young but not so young that I couldn’t wear it. Another matter is could I pull it off with the amount of junk that I have in my trunk. And thighs. Let’s not forget the thighs.

champange ice lollies

Of course I can always cheer myself up with champagne lollies! Who am I kidding. If I had champagne, I’d drink it. Alone and not sharing.

He would share. He would share anything you have. And the neighbours have. And the neighbours kids have. He’d share anything he sees and thinks is delicious.

I like him already.

Thrifty Finn- Pinning in the library till she gets to do it at home again.

Thrifty Finn Sews: Biba Dress

You know those moments when you finally get to use a lovely print fabric you’ve had in your stash for a quite a few years? Last week I bought a simple tricot dress from H&M and I liked how the silhouette of it made MY silhouette less lumpy and decided to replicate it.

The dress on the left is the H&M one and on the right is my version. I opted to replace bias binding with facing and the straps are simple tubes. The material I used is slightly see through so I made the skirt part with two layers. Since the dress is empire line, you could see my jiggly belly shining through between the bust line and pantyhose waistline. Not so sexy. Which my friend kindly pointed out when I sent him a picture of me wearing the dress before the second layer.

The same friend who just called me to tell how delicious the pizza he ordered smells.

I cut the patterned material three ways. Horizontally on the skirt, diagonally on the bodice and vertically on the straps to add visual interest. I had 2,5 meters of 150cm wide material and I used all of it. The big material spender being the bias-cut bodice. Which, I now realize, didn’t necessarily need the facing cut in bias too.

Another mistake I did was when I made the pattern for the bodice was that I forgot to add ease. Since fitting things on yourself is rather difficult, to fix it I first added way too wide panels on the sides, then I put the bodice back on, marked the excess with pins and then sewed darts on both sides to make it fit. Because the print is busy, the panels are hardly visible plus I intend to wear this with a jacket or a cardigan anyway. Flabby arms to hide you see :D

Here’s the finished dress in full. I’m on the hunt for a vintage denim jacket to combine it with. The skirt is finished with rolled hem which I find to be the easiest way of finishing flimsy material. I strongly recommend learning to do it! It’s totally worth the tears!

The back. I have more gathering here as that is where I need the extra space. Yes, I could be in THAT Sir Mix-A-Lot video. I even have the moves.

This pattern works very well with small floral prints. My local fabric store has begun stocking Liberty- fabrics so I think I’m going to splurge and get some of that. Then one more in black and I’m all stocked up for summer. Do you have special plans for your summer wardrobe?

Till next time.