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Pinteresting: Fashion Revolution Edition



In honour of Who Made Your Clothes? event today, here is a list of amazing patterning, fashion and sewing inspiration:

Dries van Noten-skirt via thevamoose.tumblr.com

Dries van Noten-skirt via thevamoose.tumblr.com

Beauty in simplicity. No darts, no seams. The weight of the fabric and woman’s movement are doing all the work. This is from 1998. Proof that good fashion design stands the test of time.

interfacing tutorial inspired by YSL, threadsmagazine

from threadsmagazine.com

The quality of good clothes is most often in the things you can’t see. This tutorial for interfacing by Threads Magazine was inspired by Yves Saint Laurent. Even if you don’t have any plans to make jackets, it’s still a fascinating look inside a couture jacket.

pattern, structure, sewing, couture, fashion, patternmaking

via moldesedicasmoda.blogspot.pt

This Portuguese blog is filled with pattern making inspiration. It’s in Portuguese but the line drawings are a good starting point for transforming your own basic patterns. In this blog you will learn to appreciate the magic of patterning.


bodice tucks,

Bodice tucks via Pinterest.com

Here’s a fantastic example how a bodice alone can be transformed so many ways. Moving away from the standard princess seam in tops and dresses also helps to create a better fitting and flattering garment. Although I do admit that princess seam is easy to fit and easy to sew.

1948 fashion, free pattern, instructions

Image via sheepandchick.blogspot.co.nz

To round this post up, here are some patterns you can use to bring some vintage style to your wardrobe. Click the image and you get to the patterns and instructions. You need some graph paper to get things started and you can print some HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

soft fabric, warm fabric, someecards, funny

via someecards.com






Happy Easter!

To celebrate Ishtar, I decided to pimp some Easter decorations I had in my stash. I used some of my favourite scrapbook papers:



I’m participating in these challenges and link parties:

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I Made Things: A Skirt Project

In May my cousin Jonna cornered me on Facebook and got me to promise that I’d make a skirt for her. And ta-dah, only two months later, I’m done!

JONNAskirt2 My cousin’s clothing size is 158cm but I used Burda’s petite pattern for the skirt as the measurement matched. The fabric is heavy wright cotton I had in my stash.


I love the fabric myself but I’m not sure how much an 11-year old will appreciate it. Oh well, if she doesn’t like it, she can send it back and I can sell it and make her another one. Either case, I’m proud that I got something finished!

Speaking of finished…Craft market in couple of weeks time and I haven’t started making things yet. I see a late night sewing sessions ahead of me.

Thrifty Finn- Doing the advertised crafty thing for a change

Pinteresting vol.XI

NewPinterestbanner2Hello, hello. It’s pinning time again! Midsummer and super moon came and went. I’ve had two dates this week and one more is coming this Friday. It’s like my life is from Sex & City without the sex. Or the city.

I don’t know what I am trying to say.

Anyhoo, this week I’ve found following things pin worthy:

vintage singer sewing gudie, serendipity vintage

I pinned this on my board Happy. Because it is! I love the colours, the shapes, the fonts…Everything! I think this would be fantastic as an embroidery piece. Via serendipityvintage.com

muveil, spring summer 2011, fashion, lookbookThis one I like because of the layered style of this photo. It’s from a spring/summer 2011 lookbook of a Japanese label Muveil. The brand is very chic. Via Ay-Mee. Speaking of chic:

french chic, stripy shirt with black pencil skirt

You know how I feel about Paris and the french. Well, this is one stereotype in style I can get behind of. Although, if it was I wearing this outfit, I wouldn’t make quite as sophisticated impression (hears My Lumps playing in her head). Via tumblr.

Anyhoo. Seems like I’m in mood for more fashion. Check out this cutie:

vintage 60s blouse, floral pattern, pink, orange

I don’t know if it’s the shape, the pattern or the colour that does it for me. I just bought few yards (3 curtains) of floral pattern that I’m going to make into a skirt for my god-daughters Confirmation. The fabric has pink flowers. And I bought it after I saw this pic. Yeah, it’s probably the colour AND the pattern that did it for me. Via adoredvintage.com.

what do fonts sayI couldn’t find the original source so I linked for now back to my pin. Anyoo, I pinned this on my board “Useful ‘n Geeky”. I haven’t paid much attention to my blog look lately (apart from removing the background pattern) and I’ve been pinning some inspirations.

And then last but not least:

golden doole buddy, instagram, madesays Labradoodle. EEEEEEEEEEEP! The cuteness is killing me. I repeat. Cuteness is killing me. Via madesays.instagram

Thrifty Finn- Thinking about dogs and fabrics and other happy things.

Design Idol: TOP 10 Maria Prymachenko Prints

Sometimes you get such a fabulous blog post idea that you just have to do it right away. No matter how hungry you are or how much you have to pee…Writing comes first!

Since Marco Mäkinen voiced that Marimekko should do a Prymachenko-collection, I thought, why not give my suggestions on what prints to use? The prints are in no particular order and I didn’t separate fashion prints and home decor prints but I think you’ll enjoy this regardless. (Click the images to go to the original sources):

Maria Prymachenk, suggestions for Marimekko, folk art, naive, blossom bird on blueberry field

I call this Blossom Bird on a Blueberry Field. This would work as a large repeated pattern where there’d be four repeats or so per curtain panel. A B&W version where everything would be an outline would be fabulous as well. Also, the blueberry bushes could be made into an allover pattern.

Maria Prymachenko, blue and pink fish, ideas for Marimekko

Fishies! I love the pink, yellow and blue in this. How about a pattern were schools of fish would be separated by small gatherings of berries? Not fashion but home furnishings. Tea towels, aprons, oven mitts…Maybe a set of serving dishes?

Maria Prymachenko, folk art, naive, ideas for MarimekkoRiding a Wolf Amongst Acorns. Again, my own name. What I like about this art work are the hot pink acorns and those dotted leaves. If it were printed on a heavy weight canvas to be used on home decor, I’d use all the elements to create an allover pattern. For fashion fabric the best usable elements are the acorns, oak leaves and those dotted thingies in a scattered pattern. It’d be amazing.

dear-taras-hryhorovych-whatever-you-see-here-is-yours, Maria Prymachenko, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naive
Dear Taras Hryhorovych, Whatever You See Here Is Yours. Yes, that’s the actual name of this piece. There are so many workable elements in here. By removing the grave, I can see this as a print for children too. Both in clothing and in decor. For women’s fashion the florals could be used to create a scattered pattern. Summer evening gown in chiffon? I’d wear it. But then again, you know my penchant for floral prints even if they make me look like a sofa. Not that everyone else would look like one, I just want to it to be known that I acknowledge the fact that I would.

Maria Prymachenko, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naiveForest Harvest (my invention). I’m not too keen on the background colour but this would be lovely home decor fabric. Remove the characters, enlarge the trees, add those smaller plants and saturate the colours. And voila, you have a very Marimekko-esque print.

Young Lion, Maria Prymachenko, pink, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naive

Speaking of Marimekko-esque…Young Lion (real name). This is ready to be printed. There are few other animal pieces by Maria so it would be possible to make a serie out of them but I found the other ones bit too scary. Large lions for home decor and small ones for an allover pattern for clothing. This. Is. Wow.

let us go to the betrothal party, Maria Prymachenko, 1968, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naive Let Us Go to the Betrothal Party, 1968. I love three elements about this piece. The arch, the rug and the oranges. I’d work it in to a stripe pattern for ceramics. Maybe it was my years in Holland that did it for me but blue, white and orange is one of my favourite colour combinations. Ooh, I’d use the couple in a set of dishtowels! Can you imagine receiving a coffee set and couple of those towels as a wedding gift? The collectability factor just went through the roof.

My dear has fallen in love with brigadier, Maria Prymachenko, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naive My Dear Has Fallen in Love with Brigadier, 1972. Sensing from the tone, both the title and the colours, Maria wasn’t too happy about that. The image would need a lot of work, but there are lot of elements that can be used in a print. The girl. The shutters. The details in the dress. Definitely more home decor material. Maybe even some small ornaments?

Side note…Arabia and Marimekko should make a series of ornaments based on Maria Prymachenko’s characters! Limited Edition, 12 ornaments, available for a short period of time! There could be also a special packaging made of wood for collectors!

Me, the merchandising genius me!

Maria Prymachenko, sunflowers, ideas for Marimekko, folk art, naiveSunflowers! This is simple, either use this as is (only do bit technical cleaning) or separate the blossoms and create an allover pattern. Would work for clothing, home decor, footwear (have you seen the Marc Jacobs Daisy-shoes?), ceramics and other merchandise. 90’s nostalgia is here and the sunflower was the symbol of the era. Hipsters, ravers, 90’s rockers and people who just like sunflowers. Target audiences!!! I just thought. The background should be inky blue. Almost black but not quite. I bet that’s expensive to produce. (But so luxurious and fabulous!)

Four Drunkards Riding a Bird, Maria Prymachenko, 1976, ideas for Marimekko, naive, folk art Four Drunkards Riding a Bird, 1976. Am I the only one or does Maria really tell how it is? This one is a tricky one. I don’t think this is directly repeatable but if those men were made into separate characters, as well as the bird and then combined with the various decorative elements, it’d work as print. The print then could be used in a set of Jonathan Adler-esque ceramics. Remember those cute salt&pepper-sets? Or does he still do them?

So here is my list of Maria Prymachenko prints I think Marimekko could use. What do you think of my ideas? Let me know your own ideas and thoughts in the comments and if you know any other good Maria prints, link up!

Thrifty Finn- Master of Merchandising and Inventor of Ideas