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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monuments

Monuments! What a fantastic excuse to show off my pictures from Paris. The city that is a monument in itself. There will be many posts this week but I’m starting with ‘Monuments in front of monuments’:

I couldn’t help myself and I ended up using Pioneer Woman’s ‘Define and sharpen’ and Instagram’s ‘Amaro’ filters on these. The rhino and the muse images would have worked better if I had made use of DOF but as it is something I only do by ‘accident’ so we are a stuck with the snapshot style. Maybe someday I can figure out my camera enough to have depth of field as part of my intentional repertoire (meaning skill) but till then…Random snapping it is.

Thrifty Finn-Photographer extra-ordinaire

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

grand palais, amaro filter, instagram, paris, museum

My love for Paris knows no limits…For this week’s photo challenge I decided to share a photo I snapped of Grand Palais on my way to Petit Palais. The sun flare on my lense qualifies as a Reflection, no? I think this is the first time I share only one image but I couldn’t come up with a story line to link this one with the other images I had in mind for this challenge. But I think this is rather nice. I used the filter ‘Amaro’ from the free Instagram-filter set for Photoshop. I don’t have the link but I think you can find it by googleing it.

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P.S. I regret not going to see the Vallotton-exhibition.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

You know how I can find any excuse to post pictures from Paris and France? Well, this week’s photo challenge is no exception:

petit palais, paris, museum

Inside Petit Palais…

notre dame, paris,

Inside Notre Dame…

chateau fontainebleau, france

Inside Chateau Fontainebleau (superior to Versailles in my opinion). And last but not least…

Beaugrenelle, mall, Paris, shopping centre

Beaugrenelle Shopping Centre- A modern palace of materialistic worship. It opened just last October when I was in Paris. It was so shiny and new which at first was very seducing but when we entered the Zara Home, and could smell the chemicals that are used to prevent molding during shipping, I realized this shininess has a price. Oh well, that kind of pondering is for another post.

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-Thrifty Finn-



Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

definition of word object, dictionary

Acceptable female objects or are statues the only acceptable form of females? Silent and never changing? Thoughts?

Hôtel de Ville de Paris, statue, female, silhouette

Statue in front of Hôtel de Ville de Paris.

Statue in Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris, female, silhouette

Statue in Jardin du Luxembourg

Petit Palais, statue, female, silhouette

Statue in the facade of Petit Palais.

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-Thrifty Finn-



Happy New Year! Beginnings!

My dear readers, I have very exciting announcement for you…

blue suede shoes, ballerinas on a bridge, Paris, feet, autumn

My knees are finally fixed! I just got home two days ago from my sister’s, where I spent few days after my left knee operation. I don’t know enough words in English language to describe the relief I feel right now. Is it possible that my life around knees and emergency room visits and ambulances is over? 

It’s very possible, ladies and gentlemen. Very possible indeed. 

I decided to combine these fabulous news with this week’s Photo Challenge: Beginning, because this really is a new beginning for me. Granted, it’s going to take many weeks before I can walk normally, but the doctor said that it would be possible to go skiing this spring already. How exciting compared to my old life where even walking constituted a huge, personal risk for me.

The picture above was taken on a bridge over Canal St.Martin in Paris. You know, where Amelié used to hang out in the movie? I think it makes these photos very proper for the challenge and to illustrate my new life.




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Thrifty Finn- In a very good mood