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Pinteresting: Finland Edition!


Today, Finland celebrates its 96th year of being independent. Of course many think (me included) that with EU and the threat of Nato and TTIP looming over us, there’s not much independence left. However, today I’m focusing on the good stuff with some help from Pinterest!

Finlande, french, old travel ad, pays de la romance, ranskankielinen vanha matkamainos

Old travel ad via Flickr

I’m a sucker for vintage travel ads. This one captures very well how Finns like to see their country. However, this is the first time I’ve head the word ‘romantic’ in connection to Finland. Oh, well, there’s a first for everything :D

Suomenlinna, sunset, sunrise, Helsinki, fortress, scenery

Suomenlinna- fortress island in Helsinki. Photo via seesbyanni.blogspot.fi

You cannot talk about Finland without mentioning its capital Helsinki. My favourite place in Helsinki is the Suomenlinna-island which is just perfect place for picnics.

aurora borealis, hello lapland, Lapland, Finland, Northern lights

Aurora Borealis on November 30th 2013. Image by Hello Lapland

From summer to winter…This year the northern lights appeared much earlier than they normally do. Already at the end of August the lights were strong and I’ve seen some pretty amazing photos of them from that time. If you, BTW, are interested in said amazing pictures, you should follow Hello Lapland on Twitter and Facebook.

Saana, fell, Kilpisjärvi, Lapland, Finland

Saana-fell in Lapland. Image by Hello Lapland

My love for Lapland is no secret but did you know I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones? Then I probably don’t have to explain this image any further.

rintamamiestalo, punainen, red wooden house, Finland, suomi

Red house. Image by Cubilla Milan.

I chose this picture because it’s quite similar to my grandparent’s house in Lapland and my NEW place here in Espoo. Yes, I finally moved, and now I rent an upstairs of a house. I have almost 15 square meters more space and TWO separate rooms. Which means that I actually have a living space AND a craft space. I also can finally build a big craft table from that 2×4 Expedit WITH wheels so I don’t know what is getting me more excited, the apartment or the idea of the table.

There’s another reason why I chose this picture. After the war against Russians ended and Finland’s independence was saved, returning vets, their families and refugees from Karelia needed places to live. A new type of single family house was developed which was quick to build and also, for the first time, was designed around a single family unit. My grandparent’s house has exceptionally large rooms (as they had 8 kids) but the layout is of that ‘rintamamiestalo’, a vet house.

rintamiestalo, vet house, Finland, war, veterans, Karelia

Rintamamiestalo. Image via Wikipedia

If you are interested in more Finland pictures, HERE‘s the direct link to Pinterest search. And without any further babbling…









Weekly Photo Challenge: Companionable

How many cute doggy pictures have you seen on this week’s photo challenge? My doggy fever has gone through the roof and I’ve been looking at rescue dogs (as I do quite frequently) in hopes of finding the “one”.


Anyhoo, just because I don’t have a pet, it doesn’t mean I don’t have connections with any animals. On Friday, I went to Nuuksio again and I met this little fellow there:

Lokki7 Lokki6 Lokki5 Lokki4 Lokki3 Lokki2 Lokki1 Lokki8

While my date was getting our picnic food from the car, I stayed behind to guard our fire pit spot. (Because that’s my spot :D) It didn’t take long before this seagull took interest in me and kept getting closer and closer. Companionable? At first yes but it escalated quickly into something from the casting of The Birds.

Birds are creepy.

I’d rather have had pictures of a doggies.


Thrifty Finn- On a full-on sulking mood.

P.S. If you are interested, other interpretations of Companionable can be found HERE.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Nuuksio Through My Eyes

I like this week’s challenge so much that I decided to do a part two. Couple of days ago I visited Nuuksio National Park for the FIRST TIME EVER. I knew about it’s existance, it’s not that far from my place and I often wondered what kind of place it would be. And now I know. It’s beautiful. Judge for yourself:

Nuuksio National Park, guide, map

Nuuksio National Park, Finland, Espoo, visitors, trail

Nuuksio National Park, path, trail, bridge, Finland, Espoo

Nuuksio National Park, lily pond, fallen tree, birch, Finland, Espoo, summer

Nuuksio National Park, rocky hill, nature, Finland, Espoo, camping, hiking

Nuuksio National Park, mushroom, Finland, Espoo, nature, hiking, camping

Nuuksio National Park, woodshed, Mustalampi, Espoo, Finland

Nuuksio National Park, Mustalampi, pond, nature, camping, hiking

Nuuksio National Park, outhouse sign, nature, Finland, Espoo, hiking, camping

Nuuksio National Park, Mustalampi, rocks, kallio, hiking, camping

Nuuksio National Park, visitor park, punainen tupa, hiking, camping, Finland, Espoo

This is one of the many areas with trails in Nuuksio. To find out how to get there, go HERE. If you are interested in other interpretations of the theme “Through My Eyes“, click HERE.

Thrifty Finn- All about things outdoorsy.

Edited to add: Earlier a today, a woman was kidnapped in Nuuksio. She was taken away in a car but managed to escape about 50 kilometers away, on the road to Porvoo. Now I’m slightly creeped out.

hikers in Nuuksio National Park, Espoo, Finland, hiking, camping

Weekly Photo Challenge: Love

You know what I love. Lapland! My every visit to Lapland begins with…


Rovaniemi train station. I believe it was around 9 o’clock in the morning. Straight out of the sleeper train. Why do I visit Rovaniemi the every chance I get? Because there is:


Lovely nature. This little heart shaped tree stump is sitting in my uncle’s yard. Those red berries are lingonberries and when made into jam, is delicious with reindeer meat. Guess who is writing this text hungry?

WPCLove5 My grandpa. Here with my youngest cousin Antti. During my other cousin’s Confirmation. Yes, there have been a lot of Confirmation parties in past few years in my family.

WPCLove3 Grandma and cousin Jonna. Two of my favourite people. When I returned to Finland, Jonna said (after seeing my butt cleavage. I had gained weight) that “Oh my god what your a** looks like!” She was 5. And yes, those were her EXACT words. Gotta love the Lappish honesty.

And last but not least…Midnight in August in Simojärvi, Lapland:


Lapland is awesome.

You can find other interpretations HERE and if you are interested my other Photo Challenge Entries, you can click the WPC category in the drop down menu. Should be there on the right sidebar.

Now I’m off to bed. Dreaming of Lapland.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beyond

When I had a look at this week’s photo challenge, at first I thought of going from beyond to behind. As in things I’d hide behind if I was playing hide and seek. I have bunch of pictures from my cousin’s 19th birthday, from few years back, which was held at her paternal grandparent’s place at the country and decided to use them.

WPCBeyond, old barn doors, thrifty finn, weathered

I began processing the first picture and thinking about all those people who have lived there. The grandfather, who died not long after the birthday party, said just some time before his passing that he doesn’t want to go. Life is too good.  Continue reading