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Pinteresting vol. XIX

NewPinterestbanner10 Pin. Pin. Pin. And one more pin for the road. I’ve been pinning a lot of Halloween-themed stuff lately. I mean a LOT. Anyhoo, I’ll be sharing some of those closer to the Halloween and for now, stay in the Classic Pinteresting-mode:

helen quinn, purple colour, dyeing, hues, tonesIsn’t this picture is just beautiful. The dark background, jewel tones and all those textures…The artist really knows her colours. Via helenquinnnyc.com.

moody trees, spookyI sense a theme developing here. I pinned this image around the same time I pinned the colour picture above. There’s something about autumn that gets me craving for “gloom, doom, loom and other words ending with oom.” Quiz question: Do you know who wrote/said that? I couldn’t find the original posting of this picture but it’s from a Tumblr. Via deathrituals.tumblr.com

I'll stop wearing black, quote There’s two reasons why pinned this quote. First of all it reminds me of my friend who wears mainly black. Although last summer he ventured to neon colours, and that sent ripples of shock through his network of friends. My mind still boggles when trying understand this new development in this style. Second reason for pinning this that I often used to wonder why design professionals wear a lot of black and/or have very white homes. Then it hit me. The answer to that question. Or at least my personal theory…

Imagine working with colours day in and day out. There are constant visual explosions going on in your head. Now, black and white aren’t colours. I realized that they work the same way as pickled ginger works when eating sushi or any other palate cleansing courses when eating dinner. Black and white are visual palate cleansers. They sort of remove the data of previously digested visual information and clean your eyes and brain for new data.

Sometimes I’m just that clever.

Oh and the image is via I am the new black.

valerie davide, charcoal, art, dachshund

Who’s a good doggy? I added this on my Art&Artists-board. At the first glance, the drawing is very cute and sweet but there are some undertones that just break my heart. The artist has managed to capture the briefness of time that a beloved pet spends with us and how after the pet is gone, you can never ever have it back. The artist is called Valerie Davide and you can find this and more of her work here. Via Davidson Fine Art.

Last but not least…

foggy paris, eiffel, blue paris

Guess who is going here? For three weeks? C’est moi.

Via Pinterest since I didn’t find the original Tumblr.

Thrifty Finn- Feeling good and other words ending with ood.

I Heart Ikea

I’m moving in couple of months, so two days ago, I went to Ikea to get some moving boxes so I could already start packing. But you know how it goes, you NEVER leave Ikea without buying tons more than you originally planned to. Guess how much more I spent? 280%. TWOHUNDREDANDEIGHTY PERCENT!!!

Granted, in euros that was 30€ but still. TWOHUNDREDANDEIGHTY!

The reason this happened was that THIS was the first section on the market floor:


Yup. That’s the Ikea paper store. I should have walked past that as previous experience has taught me that if you put one tiny thing in that yellow back, soon you will have 15 tiny things there. That one tiny purchase sets off the avalanche so to speak.

I love all the sets they have available but this time I only got things I thought would be handy for Halloween crafting. Here’s some of the loot:

ikea paper store, tags, crafting

Those tags!!! Only 99 cents a pack! I got 4 sets in total. Underneath them is a pack of kraft paper bags. Naturally I got more things but I want to keep them as a surprise. I have few tutorials planned ;)

At this point I hadn’t busted my budget THAT badly but then I got to the fabric section. (Why is it always the fabric sections ruining my finances?) There was a sign saying that this and this fabric for only 2.99€ per meter. There was only one sad roll of black material left and I was a bit disappointed. Then I decided to browse and when I got close to the cutting table, there was this lady cutting cute material. When I peeked at the tag I saw that it was the OTHER sale fabric.  I asked if she was going to take it all and lucky for me, she wasn’t. I got so excited by this I bought 5 meters!

ikea fabric, sale, triangle pattern, dots

It’s enough to make two curtains or bunch of cushions and whatnot. I think there’s a modern Halloween-vibe in it. Maybe because of the colours. Hmmm. I need to ponder what to make.

Anyhoo, as you can guess. I nearly forgot the moving boxes. Damn you and your clever floor planning and merchandise, Ikea.

Thrifty Finn- In a shopping high


Sisters Planning Halloween

On Friday my sister called and asked if I wanted come over on Saturday and start planning our Halloween-party. Care to guess how long it took me to say yes?

via Pinterest

We started the evening by cooking dinner. That produced a oneliner, which I will eternally tease my sister about; “Are we eating fancy or in front of the TV like normal people”. A gem, my friends, a gem.

After the dinner, we hit the Pinterest big time. We pinned EVERYTHING we liked for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT, until we felt we had an adequate amount of pics to choose from. And would you believe it? We managed to set the date, the time, the theme, the foods AND all the decorations, IN THAT FOUR HOURS!!!! Even more miraculous, we didn’t fight about anything! Granted, there are still 51 days to the party, so there are plenty of opportunities to butt heads but for now, we are a lean, mean, co-operating, design machine.

Aren’t you proud of me?

I know you are dying to know what the theme is but you have to wait. Tomorrow we are sending Save The Date-invites on Facebook but the real invitation will be sent on later date because I need time to design them. Also, my costume is semi-planned out (for once on time) but I want to keep it a secret till the actual party.

Oh well, that’s what I’ve been up to. Tell me, have you started your Halloween planning yet?

Thrifty Finn- Totally getting the Halloween-thing.



Pinteresting vol. XVII


My, oh my how time flies when you are having fun. I had a plan to blog while I was up here in Lapland. I HAVE lots to blog about and I even had access to computer the entire time I’ve been here but A. I didn’t want to and B. I’ve noticed I can’t focus as well on someone else’s computer and C. No one I know up here has a Photoshop and D. Only one has a mouse. How can you edit pics without a mouse? You can’t, I tell you.

woman's guide to Europe, vintage, book, cover, illustration

I thought I’d start today with this vintage travel guide. At first I thought this was some kind of Halloween-graphic because it was amongst other Halloween-pins and well, the colours and the pointy end of the scarf made think that the woman in the picture is a witch. Could have confused anyone. via Pinterest. (If you can read the name of the illustrator, please let me know).

yellow polkadot blouse

Apparently I’m in the mood for yellow…I immediately fell in love with this shirt. When I had red hair, I had to steer away from polkadots because, hello, clown-association but now I’m ready to take back the missed fashion opportunities. Anyhoo, couldn’t get the original link to work, so…via Pinterest.

cherry on top satchel by Charlotte Olympia

My 11-year old cousin told me to post this one. And I agree, this is awesome. Back in the day I used to wear cherry lip gloss and there was this boy and he said…Well, never mind what he said but let’s just say, I remember those days fondly.  (Back then I had abs too). Anyway, I remember seeing a documentary about plastic few years ago and the founder of Alessi said in it that in future, plastic will be “the” antique. Highly valuable, highly collectable. This purse is valuable already today. Costs $1,595 with ($798 deposit). Via modaoperandi.com

ikea, bekväm, stool, DIY, pimping, hackAnother pick by my cousin. From 1500 dollar purse to a 15 dollar Ikea-hack. She has range! I asked what she likes about this and she said that somehow everything about this is wonderful. I agree. Again. Anyway, I assume you all recognize this as Ikea Bekväm-stool if you want to hack one yourself. You can also buy this at fliffa.com if you are not in the mood for DIY-ing.

french bulldog, puppy, tumblrMy dog fever is not getting any better. Just yesterday, Finnish pet rescue associations launched a shared website, kodittomat.info,  where you can find ALL pets in Finland needing a home. The site actually went down almost immediately because of too many visitors but that’s only a good thing right? My favourite is Nemo. (There’s a Finding Nemo-joke here somewhere). Anyhoo, until I can commit to a dog, I have to console myself with cute doggie pics on Pinterest. Frenchie image via Pinterest.

Thrifty Finn- Getting pestered by an 11-year old to go out and get some fresh air.

Zombie Kitty

halloween, card, zombie kitty, wonderstrange I was very productive last night, instead of cleaning, I made a card! My card making for the past few months has mainly included DT-work so I thought it was about time to work within my comfort zone. Yeah! Since Halloween is so close, I decided to make a card to match. I used a freebie digi by Wonderstrange (one of these days I’m going to buy something from them and not just hoard their freebies) and regular stamping and staining. The glitter banner is double sided tape cut into banner shapes and then flooded with glitter. Me likes. The kitty is coloured with ProMarkers and the pumpkin with Ikea gel pens. What else should I tell…I distressed the black and purple papers with the edge of my scissors and stained them with matching Distress Inks. The purple curls are stamped.

I feel like a queen of crafting techniques right now. No autographs and flash photography, please. With my masterpiece, I’m participating in these challenges:

Passion For ProMarkers: Week 172- Pets
Creative Inspirations: Challenge 186- Happy Halloween
Cute Card Thursday: Challenge 240- Something Scary!
Southern Girls Challenge: #56- Animal Crackers
Dilly Beans Challenge: Halloween Challenge
One Stop Craft Challenge: #202- Halloween!
Allsorts Challenge: Week 178- In Stitches
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