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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters (To The Government) pt.2

Last Friday was the first of many demonstration against Finnish government and it’s many policies that have brought nothing but social and economical devastation. Demonstration brought together over 700 people. Don’t laugh. Finland is a small country population wise and because of its geographical size and long distances, basically only people in Helsinki and its surrounding areas have an ‘access’ to the right to demonstrate. Wouldn’t be a problem but Finland is very centralized country a la DDR and communist Russia and all the decision making and economic power is in Helsinki. I did some calculations and if China had had the same demonstration, there would have been over 178 000 demonstrating.

Puts the whole event in perspective, doesn’t it? Next demonstration will be on 23rd of May. I’m hopeful that there will be at least twice as many people. Here’s another article in English about the demonstration.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. More interpretations of the theme ‘Letter‘ can be found HERE.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

Did I get excited about this week’s theme or did I get excited? I’m a font hoarder extra-ordinaire. I even have a Font Book-titled Pinterest board. Do I use all the fonts? No, I just like to have them.

So what is my approach to the theme? How about some words I spotted at last year’s Rovaniemi Old Market Square Fair?

burlesque muotokuvaus, Rovaniemen Wanhat Markkinat

Rovaniemen Wanhat Markkinat, Rovaniemi, Finland

Jätkänpuisto, RWM, Rovaniemen Wanhat Markkinat, craft fair, Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

Now I wish I could hear you peeps trying to say that :D If you are interested, you can find more photos and interpretations HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

To The Foreigners Living in Finland

mielenosoitus, demonstration, Helsinki, Finland, government,

Image via city.fi

“Today, on April 25th, there is a demonstration against the government in Helsinki, Finland. We want a transparent government and end to the corrution. We demand that the budget cuts that only affect those who already have nothing, will be cancelled. We want binding general referendums on citizen petitions that get more than 50 000 signatures. WE WANT FINLAND TO ADOPT ICELAND-MODEL!”

You may think this demonstration has nothing to do with you. But depending on your socio-economic status, your arrival here HAS HAD an effect on many things. Prices, employment, environment and justice system. You may think Finland is rich and that is true. Finland is, its people aren’t. I’m not saying that foreigners can’t move to Finland, I say more the merrier. BUT when you come here, you can’t just pick the icing from the cake, you have to take the bad too. Even if none of the bad things directly affect you, you have to show solidarity and understanding to the Finnish people who are not doing so well. There must be a reason why you left your own country and you were lucky, you were able to leave and find better life for yourself here. This is not a joke anymore, too many people in Finland CAN’T leave because they don’t have any money anymore. Just enough to survive from day to day and paycheck to paycheck.

Things are tough for many people in their own countries. I know from a personal experience that as a foreigner, you get excused many things because “poor thing didn’t know” and if I left Finland again to another country, let’s say France, I would beat many applicants even with my shitty French, just because I’m Finnish and WHITE. I also know that I’d be used as a weapon against native un-employed people. “See, she left her own country and could get a job, you are just lazy!!” How in this scenario I have deserved the job and the French person hasn’t? This happens in every country but now you live in Finland and you have to acknowledge your privilege in it here.

If you don’t believe that Finland is corrupt, please at least check the list of Finland’s human rights violations. Finland gets more conviction at the European Court of Human Rights than the other Nordic countries combined.

The demonstration leaves from the Säätytalo at 17.00 and it progresses to the Eduskuntatalo. Please, be there. Show your support and respect for Finnish people. More information HERE and HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

Cinq Natures Mortes

Few days ago, my cousin did that annoying Facebook thing and challenged me to do five pictures in five days. I obliged (after some whining) and here they are:

espoo, yellow flower, dandelion, nature, Finland

Dandelion. Well, I presume it’s dandelion. Help me out here. Is it? It’s a coltsfoot.

indiska, cushions, pillows, home decor, coral

Two new, lovely cushions. I bought them last weekend to reward myself for sticking with Treatless April. I have a plan for my bedroom and these go with it perfectly. And you know what the best part is? These were on sale and then there was another 50% off! Ooh, how I love a good bargain.

paint job, DIY

Remember when I said I was planning to paint my red mirror frame white? Well, as you can see from my stellar handiwork, I should have spraypainted the frame. I have to sand it and re-paint it. Although, my friend said that he was going to say that it looks really good because he thought I had tried out some new plastering style. Apparently no one would have known it was an accidental paint job.

selfie, Thrifty Finn

Well, not a nature morte but I do have a quite horrified facial expression. I was actually dead tired when I tried to take a selfie and the result was ten images with my eyes closed in them. Then I decided it’s better to try to force them open, hence the frozen facial expression. Well, I guess it is a nature morte after all.


Finally the last image. I got home and remembered that I still had one more picture to take and I was too tired (again) to think of anything clever so I snapped a photo of my window. This picture doesn’t do justice to my bedroom/study. Even as I type, it’s flooded with sunlight and I love it. And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to take a nap on that sunny spot on my bed.

-Thrifty Finn-