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About My Thrifty Sales

I  managed to sell the items I told you about. All but the fabric, sold within minutes of me posting them. The fabric sold today and even with postage (which in Finland is insane) I made a little profit!

That would have been great if I hadn’t visited my local thrifty store today and come back home with twice the amount of stuff I sold. Yeaaahhhh, not so good but it’s not that bad. One of the items was something I’ve been looking for years, one was for specific project and one is going to be a gift. Basically I bought just 5 “un-necessary” items then.

To make myself feel better I decided to put one more item for sale:

 And it sold within a minute! I posted this about a year ago when I was planning to use it for make-up and sell the wooden blocks that came with it but in the end I didn’t bear to do it. So glad that I kept the set because the person who bought this, had a hilarious background story…Can’t share it here but I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes.

Tomorrow you will get to see today’s loot. It’s pretty good.

Recently Thrifted…

It pays off to gossip with the sales ladies at your local thrift store. Few weeks ago, as soon as I walked in, one of them asked me if I’d be interested in some silkscreen frames. Would I ever!!!!???!!! Turned out that she was moving and had to clear out some stuff her fashion designer son had left behind. 4 frames for 50 euros? Thank you so very much yes please. My only hope is that I can get the old emulsion off but even if I have to re-stretch a new silk, this was a bargain find.

A new craft shop in my hood: Amalia

Unbelievable I haven’t noticed this for nearly a year. Amalia- shop opened last May, right next to my favourite haunt: Fida. I’ve visited Amalia few times now and I’ve even participated in a card making workshop. OF which I took pictures and will be writing a post about it to Amalia- website. Note: I’m not getting paid for this post or for the other. I just got chatty with the owner, Mira, and I realized that this would be a great way to develop my writing AND to gain more material for my portfolio. If you remember, one of my goals for this year is to get paid at least once for a writing job.

Back to the shop…As said, I was shocked to find a new store and an independent one at that. Another thing I also discovered: Mira is the person who has been snapping up all the good goodies at Fida. I’ve been wondering about the dwindling amount of things that I like for past few months and now the mystery is resolved. Mira buys them. Nice.

One of the first things that caught my eye, were these necklace kits. Can’t help it. I just love bright colours against white background.

Some kind of overview of things she has for sale. I’ve spotted some Cosmo Cricket stuff I just have to have. Might have to go shopping this weekend…By the way, the shopping experience is greatly enhanced by following things:

A pretty wallpaper on one wall that makes the entire shop feel pink.

Projects to look at to inspire you.

Whee! This calls for a Craftster- swap. A Tiny Birdhouse Swap perhaps.

Or the classic: Once You Pop- swap…

Oh how I love these. Indian block printing blocks. I just saw a Martha Stewart- episode where she printed with these. Just fab.

One thing that makes this shop extra special is that you can go and try various tools Mira has in store for the craft courses she holds. In some cases one can even rent them. Which is great because personally I cannot justify buying more eccentric cutters which I might want to use for only one project. Here’s some of the loot she has…

Plus she has about gazillion different kind of stamps and ALL colours of Distress Inks…Anyhoo, this was the introduction to my new favourite shop. Which basically means that you will be reading about Amalia lot more in the future.

I think it’s wallpaper that did the trick for me.

Yup. Totally my favourite place right now.

Till next time.