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Pinteresting vol. XV


My love for Pinterest doesn’t seem to wane. Although I have to admit, I’ve been cheating Pinterest with Twitter lately a lot. If you are interested, you can find me here but warning, I share a lot, especially about world politics and my opinions are OPINIONS.

(FYI, although it might look like I enjoy getting angry about things, it’s not so. There are just many things people HAVE to get angry about. Otherwise there’s no hope of change).

Anyhoo, back to Pinterest. Here are some of my latest pins:

vintage Harrison Ford

One of my earliest celebrity crushes was Harrison Ford. Because of Indiana Jones, obviously. The adventure! The danger! The rugged handsomeness and the air of testosterone. My second celeb crush was Joey McIntyre. An embodiment of prettiness. Go figure. Am I male-polar? via Listal. Then there’s…

I feel pretty cushion

I feel pretty, oh so pretty! I feel pretty and witty and gay!!! This is a compulsory home decor item for anyone with good gay friends.  via Joss&Main

Sensing a pretty theme coming along because…

pink bow shoesThese shoes!!! Remember the pink ones I sold because I thought I’d never walk in heels again? Wouldn’t these be perfect replacements? I don’t care what people say, girl is never too old to wear PINK SHOES WITH BOWS! Cover these with glitter and I’d die. DIE I SAY! via Burnettsboard.

embroidered chucks, free people blog See, even chucks can be prettified. Even though I haven’t done any embroidery lately, I slowly but steadily collect embroidery techniques and ideas. I think this one is very do-able for any skill-level. via Free People Blog.

(I totally should have run with the do-able joke and insert the Harrison Ford picture here.)

great dane, Heather GreenWhat? You think great danes aren’t pretty?!? I beg to disagree. Look at that face. I’d pinch it, I’d squeeze it, I’d hug it so tight that his eyes would almost pop out. THAT’S how much I love great danes. There’s one living across a street from me. I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve gotten a heart attack when I thought there’s a man staring at me from the upstairs window before realizing it was the damn dog. Although, they apparently moved the dog bed from the landing and replaced it with an office . Now there actually IS a man staring at me. Really. There’s been a naked incident or two. Can’t tell if the office move happened before or after of the first accidental flashing. via Erin Vey Flickr.

Wow. I may have a stalker.

Thrifty Finn- Suffering from thunderstorm headache and should be packing for flash market happening tonight.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Big effort in embroidery:

  Looking at this pile makes me very happy.

 Happiness is the reward of conscious effort of committing myself to something. In this case, becoming better at embroidery.

I don’t know if I’m better but I sure am happy about the results. My embroidery samplers can be found HERE and the other participants of Weekly Photo Challenge HERE.


TAST 33: Scribbled Pekinese Stitch

Pekinese stitch was very interesting to work with. I had to check out couple of tutorials but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I had more trouble to come up with the sketch to stitch as I was overwhelmed by all the fantastic antique Chinese samplers I saw. In the end I settled on a loopy scribble, a similar one to my couching sampler.

 Can you see the mistake I made?

 The mistakes show up particularly well in this picture. As I was doing the second round of stitching, the looping, and I was turning around, I kept picking up the floss strands up, leaving them standing up quite ugly.

 Another thing I’m not too happy about, is the way I added the one lonely half-loop. I thought it would be a fun detail but it actually looks very sad and gives the sampler very half-finished look.

Pekinese Stitch But all in all, I’m excited about Pekinese stitch. It will take some finessing but I think it will lend itself to fashion embroidery quite well. Imagine military detailing…Anyhoo, next in-line is Linked Double Chain.

My other samplers are listed here. Go and have look. Clicking the pictures will take you to the individual posting where you can read more about my process with the particular stitch.

Till next time!

TAST 32: Cast-on Clovers

 This one was hard!!! I read all tutorials and watched Mary Corbet’s video about dozen times before I could wrap my head around this stitch. My verdict: Cast-on looks very good but stitching it is way too hard to be worth the effort.

 As soon as I saw Sharon’s samples I thought to make clovers and this stitch is lends itself very well for the shape.

 I didn’t have enough kelly green floss so I decided to use various shade of green. I think it looks pretty good.

One of the most visually pleasing samplers I’ve made but as I didn’t enjoy making it at all, I doubt I will be using it much in the future.

Next sampler on the list is Pekinese Stitch. If you are interested, I’ve listed all my samplers here, where you can find links to the individual posts.

Till next time!

TAST 31: Algerian Eye Stars

 Algerian Eye Stitch seemed very intimidating at first. How can I ever create such a neat lines?! Answer naturally is to use a ruler, which I did, and create a square pattern on your cloth.

Algerian Eye Stitch My squares weren’t entirely even but there’s still uniformity in the stitches. I used steel shade variegated thread in this.

 Wow! Even if I say so myself. There’s something very sexy in this geometric, rigid pattern. I think this would easily translate into fashion.

 Yes, I like this very much. After so many stitches that felt like a chore or too abstract or whatever, this pattern was very refreshing to stitch. I definitely recommend this one too, just make a use of your ruler and tracing pen. I don’t see this one working in a free form stitching too well.

Next in line is Cast On Stitch and it’s still in the works. So far I haven’t been able to make sense of the instructions but I’ll get there. Eventually. Hopefully.

Here is the list of my other samplers. Till next time!