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My New Crib

wall collage, home decor, posters, in frames

As you hopefully remember, I moved into a new apartment in December. Well, actually it’s a semi-houseshare but I don’t care as I get to live in a cute red house with tons of space! With a price I can afford! This place also has tons of light (which makes me so happy after living many years in a place that got direct sunlight only 4 weeks a year) and it has plenty of potential for home decor and DIY-projects.

See where I’m going with this?

The first project wasn’t actually my own doing. I asked my friend to come and help with unpacking and he cherry-picked the funnest thing to do, which was the art wall. I admit he did a good job but as he then left and I was stuck with moving boxes with recently operated knee, I wasn’t too happy about it then. (I may have used the word asshat).

posters, framed, art wall, home decor

This is my staircase. The frames are from various places and in true Thrifty Finn-fashion, I didn’t pay full price for any of them. In the frames sit two vintage ads, an old alphabet education poster, a piece of scrapbook paper, vintage shelf paper, my own freebie printable and what is left over of Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Almond Tree’-poster. There is still room to grow the collection but I like the way it looks now. Here you can see it better in context:


Nice, eh? Cheers me up every morning. As soon as I find nice ones, I’m going to add some hooks on the wall on the left to hold my cutest purses and such. I’m slightly tempted to go with coastal/sea/captains cabin theme because the panelling but I think it’s better to stick with what I know; Spinster in the attic/grandma/crazy cat lady-vibe. Hah. To achieve that, my next project is:


Painting the frame white. Again in Thrifty Finn-fashion, I made a major saving…The paint was free from my landlord. And yes, in Finland paint is expensive so this IS a big deal.

Thrifty Finn- Your crafty semi-goddess truly





Mad Steaming

Today began in such a promising way. I slept late. Woke up to find I sold few things and had plans to clean and organize because today I was going to get rid of a bookshelf I wasn’t so fond of anymore. This one:

 You might remember it from my Halloween Bookshelf Project from two years back:

Anyhoo. Since I live in a studio apartment, in order to get this empty, I had to pile things on my bed, in front of my balcony door, on the floor and on my sewing table. You know, in order to create order, there must be chaos first.

You see where this is going? First I get a message saying they are on their way. Great! Finally! Then 15 minutes later I get another message “oops, it won’t fit into our trailer”. DOOOOOM! I was furious. They asked if they could come next week, and it was quite reasonable request except for this:

And this:

 I have a headache.

Edited to add: I posted ads on two groups on Facebook AND an online buy/sell-site. The bookshelf was gone in 15 minutes and they are coming to pick it up tomorrow at NOON! My next mission is to sell those birch Agerum- units. But that’s a story for another posting. Nighty night.

TAST 26: Plain Palestrina

 Another stitch I had to check out from couple of different source before I got it. Ish. Quite ease once you understand it but it needs some sort of sketch, freehanding it just didn’t work. Maybe if I had more experience stitching palestrina, I could get somewhat more exciting results.

Here I tried to create a fern of some sort. I began without a sketch but after a while I decided to draw the curls as I already had trouble stitching the straight stem.

 My less than stellar stitching! I tried so hard to get the spikes even but it just didn’t happen. This is one of those stitches where you can see your own development. If you put the practice hours in.

 Another thing about this stitch is that it’s very rigid which, I think, makes it very masculine stitch.

 Here it is in its full glory! Once again I’ve fallen little bit behind. Life seems to interrupt me constantly when it comes to TAST! Oh well, my next sampler to do is Bonnet Stitch, which by the way is almost finished! While you are waiting for my next posting, you can check out my other samplers here.

Till next time!


TAST 20: Bullion Black-eyed Susans

 I love, love, love this stitch. My mind is racing with ideas, which I probably should be sketching down so I don’t forget them. This stitch is not easy to do but totally worth the effort. Even few bullion flowers in your embroidery project make quite the statement.

 When I was stitching the previous three samplers, I had a skein of this yellow floss in my line of vision all the time. I really racked my brain trying to remember any yellow flowers I could use as inspiration for my bullion knot sampler.

 They are not the most perfect stitches but I’m sure with practice, I can master it.

 Just looking at it makes me so happy. If you are interested in learning bullion knot, you can find instructions here. Next stitch to do is Butterfly Chain, which I have already finished but haven’t found time to photograph yet. My other finished samplers are listed here.




Summer Barbecue

Remember my friend Niko? We’ve been talking about barbecuing since beginning of June but didn’t get around actually doing it until last weekend. I like going to his place. It’s tidy, there’s interesting things to look at and his TV is gigantic.

True friendship this is.

He’s a stylist so you would expect his apartment to be visually interesting but sometimes I feel just tiny bit of jealous of his housekeeping skills. Granted, he doesn’t have tons of fabrics or other crafty supplies to keep in control but still…

My balcony most definitely doesn’t look like this and having a friend who has a grill AND a nice outdoor area is kind of nice. Our reason to BBQ was to celebrate Niko’s recently finished balcony project.

Yes, that black tinyt thing is the grill. If there’s any Texans reading this, stop laughing. Now. In some things size doesn’t matter as long as the end result is this:

Sausage! I heart sausage!

We (and when I say we I mean Niko) set the table all nice. I’ve stopped trying to do anything like that at his place as apparently I do everything “all wrong”. Oh, the stories I could tell about Niko’s reactions when I forget to use a coaster. Don’t want to use the word crazee but I kind of have to.

The magic of pre-baked bread. We got into a smallish fight over the last piece. Really.

The table just before we dug in. At this point I was hungry as hell and had whined at least for half an hour “are they done yet?”.

Yup. The food was good, the balcony is nice and then we spent the rest of the night watching high quality movies and eating ice cream. I stayed over and next morning my hair looked like this:

I don’t know what I do in my sleep but whatever it is, I don’t want to know.

Till next time.

Thrifty “Hair-From-Hell-But-Kind-Of-Nice-Friend” Finn