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Monday is the challenge day! This week’s theme at Craft Your Passion is Flowers and as an extra challenge, you must have flowers in your image, not just in paper or embellishment. This worked out for me pretty well, as my embellishment collection is quite limited.

See, I took some in progress pics! These are the papers I was considering for this card. The digi stamp is by Delicious Doodles.

 In the end I went with the lettering paper by Crate Paper. It gave me this NY loft garden vibe so I kept the entire card simple and the colour palette limited. I so love this paper and I’m totally regretting that I bought only two sheets of it.

 The compulsory close-up! This week’s challenge prizes are from Delicious Doodles and Di’s Digi Downloads. You have till Sunday to participate so go and get crafty!

New Blog Header And Some Other Stuff

 Isn’t it cute? After hours of downloading free clipart and digi stamps, I decided to turn to a surprising source for images, my own hard drive! For the first time of the history of Thrifty Finn, I wanted to try out a photographic collage banner. And let me tell you, it was hard! The result is pretty good although I have some issues with the resolution. You can see that the image above is much sharper than the real banner. I will fix it, just not today. I’m too tired for that now.

What do you think? I tried to represent my different crafts and interests but I think it might have turned out bit girly with the pink circles and everything. The circles are a freebie from Pugly Pixel, so go check her out. The link is on my Crafty Resources- blog list.

Then something much more exciting…I have 100 WordPress- followers! I passed 25,000 views! I think now it’s the time to start thinking about a giveaway don’t you think? Just don’t hold your breath, there’s a chance I won’t get around it until, well, let’s just say I’m big on procrastination.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and find a picture for this week’s photo challenge.

Till next time!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

Yeah, yeah. I know I’m a week late with this. I had one idea but didn’t have the chance to execute so I decided to skip it. Today, when I began browsing through my Paris photos for the Urban theme, I actually got inspired to do Merge. No worries, I’m still doing this week’s challenge, I’m just going to get the previous one out-of-the-way first.

 Ooh, Notre Dame! To achieve this look I used layers, selective magic wand, pattern I got from Deviant Art and Pioneer Woman Action “Quick Edge Burn”. The photo itself is SOOC and was shot on some random setting accidentally, which gave the photo its bluish tone. Then to finish things off, I merged the layers together. Here’s the original:

Notre DameSigh. I miss Paris. If only I could be there! No wait. I will be! In couple of months! Yay!

Power Of Three

This week, Craft Your Passion, asked us to create something with triples of things. In my card I had multiple of things in threes. 3 black diamonds, 3 clear ones, 3 layers of paper, 3 shades of grey (heehee) and 3 ways to finish edges; faux stitching, real stitching and doodle framing.

I’m such a multi-faceted crafter with many, many layers of deepiness, deep inside me.

I know, I know. It’s very unattractive to laugh at one’s own joke. But I’m still doing it.

Anyhoo, I used this image by our sponsor, Crafty Sentiments Designs because it reminds me of one of my cousins, Siiri. She’s 8 and she is so sweet and adorable like you wouldn’t believe. Since I’m going to send this one to her, I tried to capture her personality in the card as many ways as possible.


First of all, I coloured the girl blond and gave her blue eyes just as Siiri. Last summer she was a flower girl at her aunt’s wedding and wore a dress just like that, so that colour came from there. The flowers are coloured to give an impression of Finnish summer, which means no exotic colours.


As for the background…I wanted to emphasize how Siiri and personality always brighten up everyone’s mood, she really is a ray of sunshine, so I decided to go with monochromatic papers. To give the stamped image even more of a pop, I lifted it with foam from the background. The stitching, faux and real, also gives another dimension to this card. Almost as if the image in the center is fabric badge of honour on someone’s grey, floral sleeve.

Oh, I’m such an artist. A poet.

The diamonds in the corners are there because A. they are girl’s best friend and B. Siiri wants to be a pop star when she grows up and naturally pop stars wear diamonds.

 Hope you enjoyed my rambling. Now go and craft and take part in Craft Your Passion Challenge. There are prizes for three this week!

Till next time!



TAST 31: Algerian Eye Stars

 Algerian Eye Stitch seemed very intimidating at first. How can I ever create such a neat lines?! Answer naturally is to use a ruler, which I did, and create a square pattern on your cloth.

Algerian Eye Stitch My squares weren’t entirely even but there’s still uniformity in the stitches. I used steel shade variegated thread in this.

 Wow! Even if I say so myself. There’s something very sexy in this geometric, rigid pattern. I think this would easily translate into fashion.

 Yes, I like this very much. After so many stitches that felt like a chore or too abstract or whatever, this pattern was very refreshing to stitch. I definitely recommend this one too, just make a use of your ruler and tracing pen. I don’t see this one working in a free form stitching too well.

Next in line is Cast On Stitch and it’s still in the works. So far I haven’t been able to make sense of the instructions but I’ll get there. Eventually. Hopefully.

Here is the list of my other samplers. Till next time!