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When There’s Daylight…

Be quick and snap some photos. This masterpiece  was finished a week ago but somehow I managed to miss daylight, only realizing every day for week at 1900 hours that “Sh*t, the photos!”. I’m not seriously suggesting that the daylight makes my photos masterpieces but it does make them seem less crappy. There. Photography 101 a la Thrifty Finn: Taking photographs in daylight makes them less crappy. Not good! Less crappy.

Now back to my craft. Couple of weeks ago I found this miniature shelf slash shadowbox type of thing and I immediately thought to use it to make something Halloween. I wish I had the talent for altars in the style of Knickertwist but since I don’t, I chose to display my various Halloween scrapbook papers. The only additional decorations were a stamped tag and a glittery ghost sticker.

Supplies used:

  • 16 different patterned papers
  • Sanding paper to prep the frame for painting
  • Acrylic paint, black
  • Double-sided tape to attach the papers
  • Ribbon for hanging
Total money spent was around 5 euros but time wise this took ages. And yes, it was because I had difficulties to choose which paper to use in which box. Being crafty is so, so haaaaard.