You’ve Got Homo Mail!

EDITED TO ADD PT.2! This is NOT an April’s Fool. This really IS happening.

The Finnish post office get a lot of bad rep for their overpricing and generally dismal service but sometimes they DO get things right. Finnish postage stamps are very collectible and today they announced a new stamp set that goes where no postal service have never gone before…

tom of finland, stamp, finland, gay, rights, equality

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Tom of Finland! For those who don’t know, Tom of Finland, was an artist who specialized in homo erotic fetish art. He is regarded as one of the most well-known Finnish artists outside Finland. He created over 3500 drawings during his career and there is even a foundation to preserve his legacy.

tom of finland, gay, equality, stamp, art

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The stamp was designed by Timo Berry & Susanna Luoto and is released in September to coincide with the opening of an exhibition “Salaisuuksin suljettu- Kirjeiden Tom of Finland”/” Tom of Finland- in letters” at the postal museum in Tampere. The original announcement is HERE, in Finnish now in English. Anyone else see the propaganda possibilities in Postcrossing?

-Thrifty Finn- Thinking this set is all kinds of awesome-

P.S. There is even a movie in the works.

EDITED TO ADD: Finnish Posti has an English-language store where you can buy 1st Day covers and stamp sets. You can find it HERE.

Finnish blogger Hulivilipoika, who writes about LGBT-issues, wrote about Tom of Finland-book. In Finnish, though you might get lucky with Google Translator.

What is happening to this world? First anti-stamp blogpost HERE. In Finnish.

EDITED TO ADD pt.3: Here are some news about it in English: Huffington Post, Jezebel, Dazed Digital, Slate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monuments

Monuments! What a fantastic excuse to show off my pictures from Paris. The city that is a monument in itself. There will be many posts this week but I’m starting with ‘Monuments in front of monuments’:

I couldn’t help myself and I ended up using Pioneer Woman’s ‘Define and sharpen’ and Instagram’s ‘Amaro’ filters on these. The rhino and the muse images would have worked better if I had made use of DOF but as it is something I only do by ‘accident’ so we are a stuck with the snapshot style. Maybe someday I can figure out my camera enough to have depth of field as part of my intentional repertoire (meaning skill) but till then…Random snapping it is.

Thrifty Finn-Photographer extra-ordinaire

P.S. If you are interested there are more interpretations listed HERE.

Pinteresting vol. XXIII

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Today, I’m on an exceptionally good mood. Why? Because I had a date last night. And it went well. *insert a little butt wiggle dance here* Since I’m on such a happy mood, here are some of latest happy looking pins:

mood board, Bohème Circus, watercolour text

Mood board by Bohème Circus

This pin lead me to find an incredible paper eye candy blog, called Bohème Circus. I don’t know if the writer is French or from somewhere else but her work has been featured in Marie Claire Idée. She also writes in English and in French, so it’s possible she is French Canadian. I probably should have asked. Anyway, if you go there, you just end up drooling after every picture.

vintage trim, blessed serendipity

Image via Blessed Serendipity

Aah, vintage trim…My best vintage trim find is from few years ago, when I found tons of trim they use in Sámi people‘s traditional costumes. Naturally I made this find in Lapland, since that’s where Sámis live.  Anyway, hoarding ribbon is never a bad thing. The blog, where the image is from is called Blessed Serendipity and it’s a treasure trove of other vintage goods. Pyrex, anyone?

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat via Go Jo Lo

Charlotte Olympia Kitty Flat via Go Jo Lo

Now that we have safely established that I am a crazy cat lady (sans the cats), we might as well celebrate the fact with these shoes. Last fall I found a version of these at a Parisian flea market but alas, they were one size too small. But maybe it was a good thing. My compulsory gay bestie/stylist would never have let me hear the end of it if I had bought them.

He’s an ass ;) …But this next fellow isn’t:

cute, marsupial, bow

Image by GaS125 on deviantART

Eep! There’s so much cute sass in this picture that I just can’t handle it. I’m sensing a cute aggression fit is on it’s way. Eeeeeeeep! Can you handle this? I still can’t. If, however, you are a cold-hearted bastard, there’s always…

Mary Kate McDevitt, Miami Cocktail co, summer, drinks, cocktails

Designs by Mary Kate McDevitt

Alcohol! To warm your heart and/or to make you (albeit temporary) happy. I pinned these on my Branding & Packaging-board because I liked the style and the typeface. When I began reading what’s actually in them, I thought I wouldn’t mind if I could get these in Finland too. Not that I’m not talented mixologist/hostess anyway but this would take so much pressure of my summer picnics (read: drinking alone watching Netflix because I’m too lazy to put on pants and leave the house to see actual people).

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Fight For a Case of Champagne

ikea fabric, sale, triangle pattern, dots

Picture of a Ikea-fabric as I didn’t have that of a champagne.

Within the last year, I’ve come to realize that I have potential for sales. And I’m not talking about retail sales but BIG time sales. Apparently I have likable personality and I’m talkative, which are useful qualities in a sales person.  It always wasn’t so. I’ve always been sales and commercial minded, even when I was in art school because money, hello, you need it, but being social? No, hell, to, the, no.

I follow quite a few business people on Twitter because I like to learn from and about them. Some I even would LOVE to work for. Crazy, right? Today, one company named Myyntipumppu, which is a consulting company for sales, linked to a little competition they are having. The competition is called “Why The Sales Won’t Happen?” and you have to give a story about disastrous sales or strategies. The winner will get a case of champagne for Mayday-celebrations. Anyhoo, here’s my story (in English, at the site it’s in Finnish):

When small things create a massive negative cashflow…Once upon a time, when I was a young and a foolish thing, I worked at Ikea Recovery. Recovery is the Find-section where they sell displayed, returns, and other damaged goods. My job was to assemble the furniture and the “real” sales people then displayed them. Back then, the Find-section at this particular branch was very small, so the built furniture piled up in the back where I worked. In the previous Ikea where I worked abroad didn’t have that problem because over there the Find-corner was as it sounded like. Tables, mattresses, chairs, etc were piled on each other and merchandise moved, because customers actually could see the items. So where did this Finnish procedure came from? Let’s see…

One day, I received two same tables on the back. Other one had more scratches than the other and subsequently other had more discount than the other. Because the space was running out in the back, I asked the “real” sales clerk to take them out on the floor because there was space for multiple tables. No can do, was the answer.

- Why not?

- Well…when the customer sees the prices, they get confused and won’t buy either. 

-??? It doesn’t matter for anyone else but the first client. He can decide himself which deal is better and the rest won’t even know there has been another table.

- Yeah, well but still.

Week later I got fired for being “not suitable for the work in Finland”.

If you want to vote for me, you can find my story in the comments in HERE. Just click the thumbs up on my comment like this:

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You can click this image too get there.

You can recognize it by my logo and the name NiinaMaria. Thank you very much indeedy already in advance.

Thrifty Finn- Here’s looking at you kid.




Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


chateau fontainebleu, france

I had a story in my mind for this week’s challenge but I couldn’t make the dots to connect. Something about distances of time and social status etc. First a corridor at Chateau Fontainebleu in France and the second picture is the house where my grandfather was born in Lapland. I used Pioneer Woman’s ‘Vintage’ photo action for the images.

If you are interested, there’s more interpretations of the them “ThresholdHERE.

Thrifty Finn- Apparently out of ideas.