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Art Idol: Tea Tauriainen

Tea Tauriainen, Finnish illustrator, comics, art

Art by Tea Tauriainen at

Today, a Finnish online economics and business related magazine,, published a story about the future prospects of academics and other educated people in Finland. Naturally, I tweeted the best parts of the comment section (which I do often) but I think the best offering of the story was this illustration by Tea Tauriainen. I commented on this too and then a journalist at Taloussanomat, @petrikorhonen let me know that she has a blog called Mad Tea Party. And let ME tell you, it’s GOOOD! How? She makes comics!

First a little background…Tea was born 1988 and has a degree in media and graphic design. She’s originally from up north, Kuusamo (it’s not in Lapland which would give her bonus points but she’s from close enough) and lives now in Helsinki, working as a freelance illustrator for Taloussanomat.  She started doing the comic blog already in 2007 and basically makes them about her own life. This is why I like her. She writes about what it’s like to be a woman, a weirdo and a geek. Here are some of my faves. The comics are in Finnish but she gives English translations at the end of each comic.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, comics,

This is a variation of the many conversations I’ve had with my stylist friend about my home style. I like cozy and cute, he likes cold minimalism. He keeps warning me that this will happen.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, comics, Finland

Few months ago I downloaded the app Duolingo to spruce up my French. Those who have it know, that you sometimes have to repeat sentences on your phone’s microphone and then the app let’s you know if you pronounced correctly. Let’s just say sometimes it takes some effort.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, singlehood, comics, Finland

“Don’t do that”. I just died.

Her comic blog is HERE and her portfolio can be found HERE. There’s a comic book festival in Helsinki in the beginning of September and she’s going to be there. I’m now seriously contemplating getting her books. I need more hilarious bathroom reading. Yes. I’m one of those people who read in the bathroom. Don’t judge. There’s good lighting and ergonomic seating and in there, no one bothers you.

-Thrifty Finn-

Thrifty Finn, The Social Medialist

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I think I’ve mentioned few times over here, that I’m very much into Twitter. Some might say addicted but I see it as a training to become a specialist in digital things. Or that’s what I tell myself when it’s 2AM and I press umpteenth time the ‘refresh tweets’ on my phone.

Originally my plan was to just establish my presence there as a crafty/thrifty blogger. Maybe share links and pictures and connect with other crafters. But that just wasn’t meant to be. Other twitterers know that when you join and you have no followers, you also kind of scramble who to follow. I started with some celebs and news sites. Then as I found some bloggers, I added them.  Of course, most of them were from US and different time zones meant that I missed out on the conversations.

Then I started adding some Finnish media people and newsrooms. At first I just re-tweeted but soon I began commenting and that quickly led to arguing and commenting about everything. People seemed to like what I said and I began gaining followers. When I had first 100 followers, I got ecstatic. Nearly threw a party because that was a huge amount to me!

So lame. I know.

My big (well big for me) breakthrough happened with my Marimekko-stories, which I shared (among other related links) there AND with my Guggenheim-commentary. Staying current is a very important factor BUT more important is to be genuine and funny. I have also managed to make people mad. The minister of European Affairs Alexander Stubb blocked me after I repeatedly pointed out that maybe he should be doing more working and tweet less about his workout regime. (He is a triathlonist who famously said Fuck This Shit at a Nordic Union Council meeting and brags how he works only 8 hours a day. How nice for a minister.)


Here’s a screencap of a picture Stubb deleted after being on a Finnish comedy show. He is a candidate at the next EU-election and is there to pull votes from the younger crowd for the Coalition Party.

I’ve also blocked people. Less than 10 in total and that’s not too bad when I follow 1439 and 1207 follows me back. I’ve have also deleted tweets. About 100 or so, which also isn’t bad considering there are over 27K of them. In general, I say whatever I think and everything I have said over there is something I’d say to the person in face too.

sumall, statistics, twitter

So, what do I use Twitter for? I share links to my blog posts. I re-tweet news, important social issues and naturally, inappropriate humour. Especially during my 2,5 weeks in hospital. It was made bearable by my tweeps, who kept me entertained hours on end. Right now I’m keeping an eye on possible job openings too. Although the other week I realized that a LOT Of people I’d like to work with actually DO follow me on Twitter, so possible job interviews MIGHT get nerve-wracking. Heck, even the thought of said interviews make me cringe.

There are so many things I could say about Twitter but I think you should try it yourself. Who knows, maybe you will get ideas for blog posts in there.

-Thrifty Finn, slightly more succesfull micro-blogger than actual blogger

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through My Eyes

It’s been a long time since I participated in a Weekly Photo Challenge. Mainly due to the fact that I lost all my photos in the Big Crash. *kicking myself for my breathtaking stupidity*

Yesterday was Midsummer, the biggest (forced) holiday in Finland and part of that tradition is bonfire. When I was a kid, we built our own (and fried/cooked sausages in it) but now in the city, I had to find one to share.

In the end I settled for Kulosaari and it turned out to be very nice place. There were lots of families but also young people having good time. I didn’t go alone. I actually had a date there ;)

Back to the photo challenge…This is my serie of Bonfire Through My Eyes:

bonfire, juhannuskokko, 2013, kulosaari

Kokko4 Kokko2 And yes, I ate sausage. They were sold there and my date kindly treated me to a one. And yes, I’m aware of the double entendre and I’m giggling like 12-year old boy as I’m writing this.

If you are interested, more interpretations can be found HERE. Feel free to comment and tell me what kind of bonfire traditions are there in your country.

Thrifty Finn- Feeling Finnish



Marimekko & Mika Ihamuotila

mika ihamuotila, marimekko, kristina isola, metsänväki, maria prymachenko And we’re back on the subject. TODAY, Marimekko’s CEO Mika Ihamuotila made comments regarding the plagiarism scandal. He said in his Twitter in Finnish that “Finns’ ability to distinguish between right and wrong is weak. Why is it so hard for so many to see that Marimekko was the one being betrayed?“.

Um. Thanks for the insult. We DID see that you were betrayed too. But it was your choice to:   A. First try to ignore audience then, B. organize Q&A on FB where you didn’t answer any questions, C. then completely clam up and icing on the cake… D. keep Isola on your payroll. Not only that, it’s quite clear that you wouldn’t have done anything if Helsingin Sanomat hadn’t broken out the news. There’s no point of hiding behind “we should be able to trust our designer”. Yes you should but you can’t. Your first responsibilities are the brand, the shareholders and the people who work directly under the brand.

He then continued on Twitter in English: “We were betrayed, the Ukranians were betrayed. I hope we can create something really beautiful together: exhibitions, products, friendship.

I’d say, quite the difference in the tone. FYI, Finland is still your main market so maybe insulting isn’t the best way to go. Plus, you still have quite a few answers to give. Isola’s destiny at the company (by reading comments on various news outlets suggests that I’m not the only one who suspects Isola is holding her mother’s work as leverage). Gingko, is it or isn’t it? And finally, how are you going to use all this to better your company?

Thrifty Finn- Reaching new levels of skepticism.

P.S. Yesterday it was announced that Mika Ihamuotila will join the board of Rovio game company. Maybe we’ll soon see Unikko Birds. Or rather not. Because Kristina Isola would earn royalties from it.

P.P.S. There is a rumour that Marimekko’s lawyers are trying to find a way to get rid of Isola but I’m not holding my breath for that to happen.

P.P.P.S. I found another problem. Most of the Marimekko-news has been classified either style or culture news. Another FYI, this is very much business news. Fashion and design IS business. Just ask Erling Persson and Ingvar Kamprad.



Fabric Friday: Kristina Isola Prints Through The Years

Here is a gallery of Kristina Isola’s prints through the years. The links to the original sources can be found at the end. I’ve excluded the prints Kristina did together with her mother, Maija Isola. In the list can also be found the controversial “Gingko”-print which originality is highly debatable (although I have formed my firm opinion based on the fact it isn’t her usual style). Anyhoo, if you know other prints or have Kristina Isola-fabric, please let me know in the comments and I can add it/them here. Enjoy!

Original sources in random order:

Kukkura 2007, Voikukka 1997, Siideri 1996, Viola 1999, Belvedere 1997, Hedelmäpuu 1996, Kaustinen 1992, Puutarha 1997, Kimalainen 1986, Krassi 1998, Aallokko 1995, Morelli 1990, Terassi 1992, Soliseva 1996, Linnea 199?, Sekä Että 1999, Tasan 2000, Onnellinen 2000, Colorraita 1998, Tiheys 2000, Malva 2011, Loitsu 1992, Kalliolla 1992, Pajunkissat 2008, Cembalo 1998, Poppeli 1992, Piano 1999, Omppu 1996, Talvimatka 2005, Mittari 1989,    Gingko 2008, Mulperi 1989, Muuttohaukka 1996, Veistos 1993, Naamiaiset 1994, Borealis 1992, Metsäpolku 1995, Balsami 1991