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Thrifty Finn, The Social Medialist

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I think I’ve mentioned few times over here, that I’m very much into Twitter. Some might say addicted but I see it as a training to become a specialist in digital things. Or that’s what I tell myself when it’s 2AM and I press umpteenth time the ‘refresh tweets’ on my phone.

Originally my plan was to just establish my presence there as a crafty/thrifty blogger. Maybe share links and pictures and connect with other crafters. But that just wasn’t meant to be. Other twitterers know that when you join and you have no followers, you also kind of scramble who to follow. I started with some celebs and news sites. Then as I found some bloggers, I added them.  Of course, most of them were from US and different time zones meant that I missed out on the conversations.

Then I started adding some Finnish media people and newsrooms. At first I just re-tweeted but soon I began commenting and that quickly led to arguing and commenting about everything. People seemed to like what I said and I began gaining followers. When I had first 100 followers, I got ecstatic. Nearly threw a party because that was a huge amount to me!

So lame. I know.

My big (well big for me) breakthrough happened with my Marimekko-stories, which I shared (among other related links) there AND with my Guggenheim-commentary. Staying current is a very important factor BUT more important is to be genuine and funny. I have also managed to make people mad. The minister of European Affairs Alexander Stubb blocked me after I repeatedly pointed out that maybe he should be doing more working and tweet less about his workout regime. (He is a triathlonist who famously said Fuck This Shit at a Nordic Union Council meeting and brags how he works only 8 hours a day. How nice for a minister.)


Here’s a screencap of a picture Stubb deleted after being on a Finnish comedy show. He is a candidate at the next EU-election and is there to pull votes from the younger crowd for the Coalition Party.

I’ve also blocked people. Less than 10 in total and that’s not too bad when I follow 1439 and 1207 follows me back. I’ve have also deleted tweets. About 100 or so, which also isn’t bad considering there are over 27K of them. In general, I say whatever I think and everything I have said over there is something I’d say to the person in face too.

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So, what do I use Twitter for? I share links to my blog posts. I re-tweet news, important social issues and naturally, inappropriate humour. Especially during my 2,5 weeks in hospital. It was made bearable by my tweeps, who kept me entertained hours on end. Right now I’m keeping an eye on possible job openings too. Although the other week I realized that a LOT Of people I’d like to work with actually DO follow me on Twitter, so possible job interviews MIGHT get nerve-wracking. Heck, even the thought of said interviews make me cringe.

There are so many things I could say about Twitter but I think you should try it yourself. Who knows, maybe you will get ideas for blog posts in there.

-Thrifty Finn, slightly more succesfull micro-blogger than actual blogger

30-Day Portrait Challenge, Day 12

Portrait challenge continues. This is one of the shots I took of myself in Lapland. Yes, I’m getting ready to go out in it:


My cousin has a filthy mirror and I didn’t realize that blouse was that see-through. I had a kind of a slutty librarian thing going on that night. And I’m liking it.

Thrifty Finn- Feeling no shame


30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge, Day 11

I tried to continue the challenge in Lapland but I just couldn’t keep it up. Then I decided to abandon the whole project because I didn’t see the point as I had missed tons of days. But last night I thought, why not continue? Its point WAS to develop my own perception about myself and that’s always admirable goal, right?

Few days ago I managed to snag, via timebank, a gym card to a very nice gym for a month, so I decided to do a One Woman’s 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Last night I took my camera with me and snapped a picture of myself in the changing room:


Yup. That’s my butt.

Thrifty Finn- Being her usual self. Oh, and I have two Twitter-accounts, @thriftyfinn and @AdNiina. Feel free to follow me ;)

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30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge, Days 9 & 10

Just today I bragged on Twitter that I have pictures for every day even though I haven’t posted them. Erm, no I don’t. Well, I do but they are quite horrible and I don’t want to show them. Anyhoo, here are my days 9 and 10:

30Days9 Me on the beach. I took ton of pictures but this is the one I like the best. I don’t know if it’s any good, but I like it.

30Days10 This one I took just now on my balcony. I had to hurry as I could hear my neighbour getting ready for his nightly cigaret and I didn’t want to get caught taking selfies. Not at my age :D

Rest of my photos can be found at Related Articles. For other partipants, click HERE and check the comments. Most of the others are posting on Instagram and you can follow them via hashtag #ABeautifulMess.

Thrifty Finn- Seriously thinks about going to a hairdresser.

30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge, Day 5

Hello, hello. Today was a rather busy day. I had to pick up materials for some photoshoot props, send some sold items and then I met up with my sister. On my way home, the bus driver got lost and at one point we had to turn back towards Helsinki, because he actually missed some (a lot) stops. It took me forever to get home. Which was bad as I was supposed to meet someone that had bought shoes from me (I noticed when I was writing down her address that she actually lives really close to me) and hand them over but I got home too late.

Anyways, my today’s portrait was shot with my sister’s iPhone at her place. Notice how my other eyebrow is missing. It was a hot day, I was sweaty and may have accidentally wiped over my eye, removing the colour in progress. Once again, the weird looks from passers by are explained by the stupid things I do.


So here’s my Day 5 on 30-Day Self-Portrait Challenge. You can find the links to my other posts in the related articles.

Thrifty Finn- Too much to do in very little time.