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My Friend Is a Foodie

I think I’ve mentioned my friend Niko one time or another over here. Our conversations usually involve fashion, men and food. That’s it. I try to be his political conscience but his eyes glaze over if I try to explain something more complex to him.

Yeah, I love you too ;D

Anyhoo, couple of weeks ago on my last thrifting trip I called him ex-tempore if I could drop over since I was quite close to him. Well, I called before I left and he said no but then a styling job thingy he was supposed to do got cancelled so I was again welcome.

After our usual banter of insulting each other in various ways, Niko brought forth the best of himself and FED ME! He really is the hostess with the mostest.

Food1 Food2 Food3 Food4

There’s a point to this story. Niko is getting a new grill this year and we are already planning an All-Day Grill Fest. One day of just eating, drinking and being merry!

I’m submitting this to this week’s photo challenge because I think this portion is work of art. Maybe I should start putting some effort in my cooking? Just a thought.

-Thrifty Finn-


Work of Art: Weekly Photo Challenge

french, chair, chateau fontainebleau WPCWorkofArt2

Art is not the only thing that can be art. These chair frames are an art by themselves. These ones can be found at the Chateau Fontainebleau near Paris. Neat tip: If you take the bus from the Fontainebleau-Avon train station, the Paris metro tickets are valid for the bus. 

If you are interested, more Works of Art can be found HERE. Personally I’m keen to seeing pictures from museums all over the world.

-Thrifty Finn-



Recently Thrifted…



Some frames I may or may not use for framing my favourite vintage fabrics, some more :D vintage fabric, and yet another silkscreen. The dark fabric is yardage, there’s about 6-7 meters of it. The mustard coloured fabric is a pair of curtains. I paid about 25€ for all of these.

-Thrifty Finn-

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

I feel that we should be already posting about summer themed photos. I can’t remember the last time Finland was this green THIS early in the May. Anyhoo, I went thrifting today and on my way home I spotted this pink tree. I don’t know its name so I’m just going to call it Thrifty Finnimus Amorus:

pink blossoms, tree, spring



Today’s weather was very freaky. There was sunshine, there were clouds and then there were hails and soon after sunshine again. Unfortunately the sun was gone by the time I got home, so I decided to run these images through some Instagram-filters to put some sun in the pics:

pink blossoms, trees, spring



Lovely. Me thinks. If you are interested, you can find more interpretations HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

Eurovision Song Contest 2nd Semi-Final Review

wallpaper, Eurovision

Freebie download from

Welcome to the part 2 of my Grand Eurovision Review! I hope you enjoyed the part 1 and found your favourite from the list. Let me tell you…This took hours! I thought this would be a fun project but listening to music when you HAVE to do so makes it less enjoyable. Not to mention the linking and other technical things you have to do to get a somewhat decent blog post. Never the less, let’s get cracking with some judging!

Malta, Firelight, Eurovision 2014

Malta | Firelight-Coming Home
The video starts with some World War 2 inspired drama which promises a slow song about peace but the song turns out to be eurodance. Not bad per se, I just got very confused about the video. (On my second listen grew to like it. Goes to show).

Mei Finegold, Israel, Eurovision 2014

Israel | Mei Finegold- Same Heart
These people have seen Beyoncé’s Single Ladies one too many times. The sassy dance and tight, tiny black clothing is then combined with some…Metal inspired dance music? Confusion started by Malta continues here. Also…Samurai swords? Really?

Carl Espen, Norway, Eurovision 2014

Norway | Carl Espen- Silent Storm
Viking hipster feeling things. I miss Alexander and his violin. Not a bad song even though I kept praying it to end.

Georgia, The Shin and Mariko, Eurovision 2014

Georgia | The Shin & Mariko- Three Minutes to Earth
Words can’t describe the disappointment I felt about this song. Hippy Irish music. I’ve loved Georgia’s entries on many years but this…I. Can’t. Even.

Donatan & Cleo, Poland, Eurovision 2014

Poland | Donatan & Cleo- My Słowianie/We Are Slavic
If Israel was inspired by Beyoncé, Poland was inspired by…everything really. The video is filled with gorgeous Polish women, in their national garbs, grinding like their lives depended on it. What about the song? It’s, uhm, urban folk song? See for yourself and then tell me how many times YOU had to watch it before it started to make ANY sense. Re: boobs.

Conchita Wurst, Austria, Eurovision 2014

Austria | Conchita Wurst- Rise Like a Phoenix
The bearded lady of Austria. Has a better figure than I do. Shame that the song is terrible. It’s so bad that it would have been rejected from the Sex & The City 2 soundtrack. There was an attempt for an emancipation anthem. Shame that this phoenix can’t fly and is just hanging stuffed on the wall at the hunter’s cabin. Shot outside the hunting season just to shut it up.

Lithuania, Vilija Matačiūnaitė, Eurovision 2014

Lithuania | Vilija Matačiūnaitė- Attention
“Saw me chatting with girls at the bar, we are all pretty” Yup. Actual lyrics. Once I got past them, the song got more interesting. After two listens I started to like the song but it won’t do well. Too eccentric. But what do I know.

Softengine, Finland, Eurovision 2014

Finland | Softengine- Something Better
I’m trying to be positive. I like the chorus. Basic hipster influenced pop rock. It was nicer than I remembered. Your thoughts?Kasey Smith, Ireland, Eurovision 2014

Ireland | Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith- Heartbeat
Very Irish sounding song. I don’t like it. Will get to the Finale and probably do well there. Still, I don’t like it.

Teo, Belarus, Eurovision 2014

Belarus | Teo- Cheesecake
Wishing so hard I hadn’t seen the video because there’s something very catchy in this song. I like it when I just listen to it but as soon as I look at the video, I hate it. A summery tune.

Tijana, FYR Macedonia, Eurovision 2014

F.Y.R. Macedonia | Tijana Dapčević- To The Sky
Gorgeous Balkan woman singing a pop song. The sound can be best described as melancholic Katy Perry. Not a bad per se. I hope the show will be better on the Eurovision stage. On the video (straight from the national final I presume), she just awkwardly sways on the stage alone.

Sebalter, Switzerland, Eurovision 2014

Switzerland | Sebalter- Hunter of Stars
The song gets ruined with the ‘goofball’ vibe in the video. If you just listen to it, it’s pretty good for an Eurovision song. Even when the German pushes through the English :D My favourite part is the violin, quite close to the end.

Freaky Fortune, Risky Kidd, Greece, Eurovision 2014

Greece | Freaky Fortune feat Risky Kidd- Rise Up
Now this is true homage to 90s music! There’s the rapper, dance music beat and vocals (albeit sung by a man) brought to 2014. This could be the compulsory Eurovision Gay Anthem. You know which part I’m talking about when you hear the song ;)

Tinkara Kovač, Slovenia, Eurovision 2014

Slovenia | Tinkara Kovač – Round And Round
Talking about homages…I suspected that Game of Thrones had inspired some songs on the 1st Semi-Final and this song (well at least the beginning) drew from LOTR and The Hobbit. A power ballad but fortunately not the tacky kind.

Paula Seling & OVI, Romania, Eurovision 2014

Romania | Paula Seling & Ovi- Miracle
Eurodance. The girl WILL sing off-key at the televised event. I guarantee it.

The second Semi-Final is on Thursday, the May 8th. The images in this post are from and if you click the image, you get to that artist’s profile. My favourites from this lot are Poland and Lithuania. Which pretty much guarantees that they won’t get in to the final. Niina and her famously good luck.

-Thrifty Finn-