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Weekly Photo Challenge: On Top

notre dame, paris, gargoyles

notre dame, paris, gargoyles

notre dame, paris, gargoyles

This week’s theme is On Top. Here are some friendly gargoyles on top of Notre Dame. Yes, I have an never-ending supply of pictures of Paris. You’re welcome :D The pictures themselves were taken on a very gloomy day, so I ran the pics through some photo actions. Namely HEFE from an Instagram-action set. I recommend downloading it. There are many sets available, even for free! Anyhoo, if you are interested, you can find links to other interpretations of this week’s theme HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monuments

Monuments! What a fantastic excuse to show off my pictures from Paris. The city that is a monument in itself. There will be many posts this week but I’m starting with ‘Monuments in front of monuments’:

I couldn’t help myself and I ended up using Pioneer Woman’s ‘Define and sharpen’ and Instagram’s ‘Amaro’ filters on these. The rhino and the muse images would have worked better if I had made use of DOF but as it is something I only do by ‘accident’ so we are a stuck with the snapshot style. Maybe someday I can figure out my camera enough to have depth of field as part of my intentional repertoire (meaning skill) but till then…Random snapping it is.

Thrifty Finn-Photographer extra-ordinaire

P.S. If you are interested there are more interpretations listed HERE.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


chateau fontainebleu, france

I had a story in my mind for this week’s challenge but I couldn’t make the dots to connect. Something about distances of time and social status etc. First a corridor at Chateau Fontainebleu in France and the second picture is the house where my grandfather was born in Lapland. I used Pioneer Woman’s ‘Vintage’ photo action for the images.

If you are interested, there’s more interpretations of the them “ThresholdHERE.

Thrifty Finn- Apparently out of ideas.

Brunch at Yobot

Couple of weeks ago, I went to a street food fair in Helsinki, called Streat Helsinki. Clever, huh? I’m going to write about that in another post but while I was there, queueing for some meze, I got talking with a lady who turned out to be an owner of a frozen yogurt place in Helsinki. She made such a good sales pitch that I decided to go there the very next day!

As per usual…That day I had some hard time getting out of bed and I arrived there just as their kitchen was about to close for brunch. Luckily, they still allowed me to order as I was starving (I hadn’t eaten anything for over 12 hours in anticipation). They offer two kinds of brunches, a sweet waffle buffet or a bagel brunch. I ordered the bagel but as soon as I sat down and saw everyone else’s delicious waffles, I regretted my choice. Instaregret! The next cool app at the market! Hah.

yobot, helsinki, töölö, restaurant, frozen yogurt

While I settled to wait for the food, I got a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a cup of coffee and had some time to enjoy my surroundings. The place is very small. 3 small tables and one larger one in the middle but I didn’t get a claustrophobic feel about it. Later I found out that the smaller tables are there just for the brunch. Anyhoo, I didn’t have to wait long before I got this in front of me:

Salmon! Cream cheese! Melon! Greens! Natural yogurt! Muesli! I didn’t eat this, I inhaled everything. It was good! The delusional health conscious me decided to have ‘just’ the yogurt as dessert but it took total of five minutes to decide that I needed some of that frozen yogurt too…

yobot, frozen yogurt

Looks disgusting, doesn’t it? Just some Dominoes (cookie similar to Oreos), sprinkles and crushed nuts on the deliciousness that is frozen yogurt. Seriously, I could eat this by bucketfuls. TIP: Yobot is not too far (in fact just few minutes walk) from Töölön sairaala, Töölö hospital. If you have a friend there as a patient, a takeaway from Yobot would be a perfect present for the poor thing. I know I would have LOVED it while I was staying there for my op. Not that hospital food isn’t full of nutrients but somehow it just doesn’t hit the right spots…

yobot, frozen yogurt

The topping table and the price list. The way it works is that you get some fro-yo (see, I totally know the biz lingo) from the machine on the right and then you pile on the toppings. You pay according the weight. I know that foreigners balk at the price but Finnish taxation is insane and that’s actually pretty reasonable. But you don’t go there everyday so it’s okay to treat oneself every now and then, right?

Final verdict: I loves the place. When I was done eating and enjoying myself, I had a final chat with the owner (actually mother of the owners). The business was started by her American husband few years ago but who sadly passed away some time ago, leaving the business to the kids. When I got there, I thought that this doesn’t look like it was designed by a Finnish person and I was right. There’s something very upbeat about the place and the branding. I asked Jaana about the business side and how is it to run small business in Finland and she said that sometimes it can be very paperwork heavy and some things came as a surprise for them, such as having to apply for special permit to put some chairs outside during summer! We also managed to share some laughs about the culture shock you get when you return as a Finn back to Finland. Apparently we both were shocked that people are so white in here. And we all look the same!

Yobot has a Facebook and Twitter and they are located in Töölö, Runeberginkatu 54 A, 00260 Helsinki.

Thrifty Finn- The foodie

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

grand palais, amaro filter, instagram, paris, museum

My love for Paris knows no limits…For this week’s photo challenge I decided to share a photo I snapped of Grand Palais on my way to Petit Palais. The sun flare on my lense qualifies as a Reflection, no? I think this is the first time I share only one image but I couldn’t come up with a story line to link this one with the other images I had in mind for this challenge. But I think this is rather nice. I used the filter ‘Amaro’ from the free Instagram-filter set for Photoshop. I don’t have the link but I think you can find it by googleing it.

The other interpretations of theme ‘Reflections‘ can be found HERE.

P.S. I regret not going to see the Vallotton-exhibition.