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Refraction: Weekly Photo Challenge

Few days ago my Instagram-feed was filled with cool, fragmented photos. I wanted in on that action too but A. the app was only for iPhones and when I found a version for Android…B. my version of it is too old for the app.

Gee. Thanks.

My obsession got even further when I saw this week’s challenge theme and I thought, maybe someone has already made a tutorial for Photoshop for this effect. No, no such luck. What is girl to do? Well, I didn’t get as far as creating a tutorial or even making something  super wow but I think I got something semi-good looking going on here:

fragmented sky in Helsinki, Finland Fragment2 Fragment3

Töölönlahti in Helsinki, Finland. I think I have potential here for some great graphic designs, don’t you think?

The rest of the interpretations of this week’s theme Refraction are HERE. All of my past challenge entries are HERE. If you have any decent ideas how to progress with this technique, please let me know in the comments.

-Thrifty Finn, terribly pleased with herself-

Thrifty Finn’s Guide to Pinterest: Creating an Account

pinterest, start screen, visual board

As you know, Pinterest is a visual memo board, where people can pin and re-pin pictures which then link to the source where they found it. I used to have a huge bookmark list of craft tutorials but now they are all in Pinterest. Much handier as you get to have a visual reference what the tutorial is about. Of course, I don’t only pin crafty things, there are plenty of visual goodness in the world but before you get there, you have to start from the beginning:

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 4.13.41 PM

You have two ways to sign-up. Either using by Facebook or your e-mail. E-mail signing up will take you to a screen like this:

pinterest, signing up screen, social media

And if you sign-up via Facebook, the process looks something like this:

pinterest, signing up screen, facebook, social mediaAfter which you have to approve Pinterest:

pinterest, facebook, social mediaIn both signing up ways you have to confirm your e-mail address. Just a personal note: My ‘real’ Pinterest account is not connected to Facebook. I just did this to show how the signing up looks like. I originally created my account with e-mail. 

After you are done, Pinterest gives you a quick tour and helps you get started by doing a ‘test search':

pinterest pinterest

Interesting tidbit. When you start, you can only sign-up with Facebook or e-mail. But when you go to the account settings, you can give other apps and services permissions:


After which you have other log in options:

pinterest, logging in

So there! Now you have an account and next I’ll show you what to do with it!

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. The link to my other Pinterest-posts is HERE.

What’s Your Name Again?

visit, finland, name generator

The Official Travel Site of Finland- has created a name generator for you finnophiles out there. Just type in your name and you can get your very own Finnish name! Oddly, a lot of Finns have found this very entertaining as per witnessed by my Twitter-feed and being easily influenced, I played with it too. First I tried it with my name and got:

finnish, name generator, visit finland, travel

Marja Sammalkorpi. Berry Mossy Wilderness. The English version would be fantastic post-apocalyptic world name. With a name like that I’d be a specialist of berries and forest survival! Over-active imagination much?

Then I started wondering what would the generator offer with an English name? I tried with the only name I could remember at the spot; Margaret Thatcher. Don’t laugh.

name generator, visit finland, fun, twitter

I can see the resemblance. Go and have fun yourself and let me know what your Finnish name is. The generator can be found HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

I’m a Victim of a Crime


Hell hath no fury like a woman whose clothes got stolen. Yes. You read that right. On Friday evening I forgot my gym clothes in the laundry room.  I just went to pick them up and they were gone!

What kind of asshole steals gym clothes??? I reported it to police but I don’t have high hopes. Luckily the suspect list is limited as you have to go through two security locks to get to the laundry room, so it’s someone who lives here.

F*ckin f*ck of a f*ck.

On a side note.  In last three weeks I’ve lost 1 and half clothing sizes. I’ve been to the gym everyday since 1st of September and it shows. I’ve bought tons of new gym clothes, so I wouldn’t have to be doing laundry every day and now some spineless piece of shit ruined it.

Yeah, the stolen clothes were mostly brand new.

Thanks a lot.




Marimekko scandal is almost behind us. I’m still waiting for news about Isola but it seems like she’s allowed to continue to work at Marimekko. Grrrr. Very disappointing.

Anyhoo, pinning new things has been a welcome distraction from all this hardcore journalism stuff I’ve been doing and I have few good ones to share:

Erik Bruun, Jaffa, juliste, poster, Hartwall Vintage soda poster Jaffa by Erik Bruun. He did quite a few ads for Hartwall Jaffa back in the day and one of them was even made into fabric and other home decor products recently. They were/are a HUGE hit and even I wouldn’t say no to the shower curtain.

young Jack Nicholson From my board “Beautiful People”. I don’t have any information about this photo. All I know it’s young Jack Nicholson hot and ready to bother and that’s all I need to know. Which is a nice build up to:

someecards, inappropriate, heart skips a beat, funnyBut in my defense, I just think them.

maison de reefur ballerinasAh, these shoes!!! Maybe I could balance the little evil in my heart with some sweetness on my feet. These shoes are a Disney-princess musical scene waiting to happen. And no, no one is too old to have a Disney-princess moment. Just ask Penny, Amy and Bernadette.

floral keyboard, computer for a princess Talking about suitable for princess…Now this is what I call, call, call…Well let’s just call it PRETTY! I wouldn’t mind having patterned computer. I think it would bring certain je ne sais quoi to my life. Or at least make my mornings little bit less boring/mundane/soul sucking. And if I could have one of these:

spotted puppy sitting on a chair I’d never, ever be sad. I mean look at that belly! Gah! I’m bursting with inability to handle this cuteness. I want to squeeze him so hard! Sniff it’s head and then squeeze some more!

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and one more squeeze! Seriously this is just too much for one woman to bear.

Last but not least, some words of wisdom to live by:

hide your crazy and act like a lady, silkscreen print, tank top, quote

Hear, hear.

Thrifty Finn- Pinmeister and Blogger Extraordinaire