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Last night I was browsing one sewing related group on Facebook and happened upon a post, where someone was asking to vote their blog at Elle Finland Style Awards. Even though my stylist friend have been going on and on and on about what he is going to wear this year, somehow I managed to miss that yes, there are actual awards given.

Anyhoo, the blogger said that she is a nominee to be the Style Guru 2014 and made her case saying that she has made most of the clothes on her blog herself. Wow! Really? I had to go and have a look.

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By stadinstyle.

Amaia is originally from Spain and is a fashion designer by profession. And I can see it. The clothes are very cool and current. LIKE HEIDI WOULD SAY ON PROJECT RUNWAY! I love Amaia’s taste and style, which is individual and commercial at the same time.



Girl can rock the crop top. I bought one this spring to wear with a pleated skirt but I chickened out from wearing either of them. Amaia’s outfit’s pink colour is bang on trend with the matching top and skirt. But this is not my über favourite, it’s this one:

stadin style, fashion, sewing


The dress! The styling! This look means business. I have always loved Hermès’ orange and plaster colour combo because the luxury it implies. Both colours are such that average person couldn’t wear them everyday and hence telling others that you live a life of luxury. Amaia’s dress is all about this kind of confidence. Confidence helps you to pull things off.

You can find Amaia’s blog Stadin Style, which she writes in Finnish and in Spanish, HERE. Then if you want to vote her at the Elle Finland Style Awards, Amaia has written multilingual instructions to how-to-vote HERE. If you click the images you will get to the original blog posts. This blog is worth to follow, even if you don’t read Finnish or Spanish. The pictures provide plenty of inspiration. She also posts about her travels and includes a lot of beautiful pictures for you Finnophiles out there.

-Thrifty Finn-


Pinteresting vol.XXVII

Pinteresting by Thrifty Finn

So how’s the autumn coming up in your neck of woods? Over here it’s raining, raining, raining, and one more time, raining. Mixed with thunder and bouts of sunshine. Just the right mix of all the possible weathers to make sure you are always inappropriately dressed when you leave the house.

Of course, I don’t ever leave the house but that’s not the point here. If I did, I would be and that’s what aggravates me. But I digress.

Did I use the phrase ‘I digress’ correctly?

I digressed again.

Anyhoo, this past week I’ve been pinning like a Crazy Pin Lady and here are some of my favourites. As per usual, you can get to the original source by clicking the image.

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Image by

A doe in danger. From the board Moods & Atmospheres.

Christina Ricci, makeup, Thrifty Finn


Christina Ricci. I’ve been fan of her since Addams Family and was gutted that Pan Am was cancelled. Her character in it was great. She’s a quirky, doe-eyed beauty with a lovely dark edge. From the board Beautiful People.

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Image by

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. Don’t stop. A wonderful series of motivational posters. From the board Graphics & Illustrations.

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Image via

There used to be a time I hoarded every font that I liked even a little on my hard drive. These days I’ve gotten much better at controlling myself but I’ve lately felt a little bored with my current collection of fonts. I think it’s time to add some more. From the board Font Book.

Harrison Ford, Blade Runner, Stephen Vaughan

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Harrison Ford. Just because sometimes you need to feel all hot and bothered. This photo was taken at the filming of Blade Runner by Steven Vaughan in 1981. Oh how beautiful he was. From my board Beautiful People.

Have you been pinning lately? Do you have any good boards to follow? Leave a link in the comment section and I’ll come and have a look :)

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. How could I not post one doggy picture? They be derping so hard! From the board I Want a Doggy & Other Cute Animals. A mouthful, eh?

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Some Selfies

thrifty finn

thrifty finn

thrifty finn

thrifty finn

thrifty finn

I sent an application to one thing for a one thing for which I had to take a new photo of myself. It got out of hand. I’ve been taking selfies for an hour now. Even adding more makeup and changing my clothes in the process. Oh, the vanity. O tempora, o mores.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. I think I should print one of these. For Christmas gifts to various family members. To replace my high school graduation photo. I mean, I DO look better now.

P.P.S. Now I just feel bad for the 18-year old me.


Art Idol: Tea Tauriainen

Tea Tauriainen, Finnish illustrator, comics, art

Art by Tea Tauriainen at

Today, a Finnish online economics and business related magazine,, published a story about the future prospects of academics and other educated people in Finland. Naturally, I tweeted the best parts of the comment section (which I do often) but I think the best offering of the story was this illustration by Tea Tauriainen. I commented on this too and then a journalist at Taloussanomat, @petrikorhonen let me know that she has a blog called Mad Tea Party. And let ME tell you, it’s GOOOD! How? She makes comics!

First a little background…Tea was born 1988 and has a degree in media and graphic design. She’s originally from up north, Kuusamo (it’s not in Lapland which would give her bonus points but she’s from close enough) and lives now in Helsinki, working as a freelance illustrator for Taloussanomat.  She started doing the comic blog already in 2007 and basically makes them about her own life. This is why I like her. She writes about what it’s like to be a woman, a weirdo and a geek. Here are some of my faves. The comics are in Finnish but she gives English translations at the end of each comic.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, comics,

This is a variation of the many conversations I’ve had with my stylist friend about my home style. I like cozy and cute, he likes cold minimalism. He keeps warning me that this will happen.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, comics, Finland

Few months ago I downloaded the app Duolingo to spruce up my French. Those who have it know, that you sometimes have to repeat sentences on your phone’s microphone and then the app let’s you know if you pronounced correctly. Let’s just say sometimes it takes some effort.

Tea Tauriainen, Mad Tea Party, singlehood, comics, Finland

“Don’t do that”. I just died.

Her comic blog is HERE and her portfolio can be found HERE. There’s a comic book festival in Helsinki in the beginning of September and she’s going to be there. I’m now seriously contemplating getting her books. I need more hilarious bathroom reading. Yes. I’m one of those people who read in the bathroom. Don’t judge. There’s good lighting and ergonomic seating and in there, no one bothers you.

-Thrifty Finn-

Fray: Weekly Photo Challenge

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These are my lovely sneakers. I bought them from a friend who had bought them from New York. They have a nice, thick sole. The fabric is strong canvas and they have the right balance between the masculine and the feminine. I really do love these shoes.

Then one day I decided to leave them in the basement when I got home because I didn’t want to drag dirt through the building. The same day that my neighbour/landlord left their dog there because the dog needed a cool space to recover from a heat stroke.

Oh how he recovered. Very well indeed:

chewed shoes, sneakers, style, Levi's

This is my entry to this week’s photo challengeFray‘. You can find the other interpretations HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. I fixed my shoe! The tutorial to do it yourself is HERE.