I Truly Am a Winner!


Do you remember the competition organized by a Finnish company called Myyntipumppu I wrote about? The one where you had to write your worst story about your co-workers in sales? Well…I don’t know how many of you voted but I won! Won. Won. Winnety. Won!

Superb! Here is some photographic evidence about my excitement:


An entire box? Just for me??? I feel so special…


Should I start with this bottle or maybe…


…I should open all three of these (still leaving three for later)?

Thank you so much to Myyntipumppu for the competition and the prize! I’m going to have one happy and bubbly summer for sure! Oh and if you want to know what the story was, you can read mine in HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

My Friend Is a Foodie

I think I’ve mentioned my friend Niko one time or another over here. Our conversations usually involve fashion, men and food. That’s it. I try to be his political conscience but his eyes glaze over if I try to explain something more complex to him.

Yeah, I love you too ;D

Anyhoo, couple of weeks ago on my last thrifting trip I called him ex-tempore if I could drop over since I was quite close to him. Well, I called before I left and he said no but then a styling job thingy he was supposed to do got cancelled so I was again welcome.

After our usual banter of insulting each other in various ways, Niko brought forth the best of himself and FED ME! He really is the hostess with the mostest.

Food1 Food2 Food3 Food4

There’s a point to this story. Niko is getting a new grill this year and we are already planning an All-Day Grill Fest. One day of just eating, drinking and being merry!

I’m submitting this to this week’s photo challenge because I think this portion is work of art. Maybe I should start putting some effort in my cooking? Just a thought.

-Thrifty Finn-


Work of Art: Weekly Photo Challenge

french, chair, chateau fontainebleau WPCWorkofArt2

Art is not the only thing that can be art. These chair frames are an art by themselves. These ones can be found at the Chateau Fontainebleau near Paris. Neat tip: If you take the bus from the Fontainebleau-Avon train station, the Paris metro tickets are valid for the bus. 

If you are interested, more Works of Art can be found HERE. Personally I’m keen to seeing pictures from museums all over the world.

-Thrifty Finn-



Pinteresting vol. XXVI


Hello, hello, hello. Did you watch Eurovision Song Contest? I did of course. I drank wine and tweeted through the night. Even though none my favourites won, I’m super excited that Conchita won. She is fierce! But let’s get to Pinterest…

serge ibaka, basketball, hot, sexy, man

Image via asmsports.com

When I started my Pinteresting postings, I usually had a hot male as my first image. With this, I’d like to return to my original posting style. That gorgeous, gorgeous man is Serge Ibaka and he is a basketball player. I pinned to this my Man Fashion-board as so far I’ve resisted the urge to create a board called Men I’d Like To Hug.


Are you suggesting that I meant to use another word instead of hug? You sick perverts.

thinkin bout dat summer body

via kushandwizdom.tumblr.com

Speaking of hot bodies…How many of you convinced themselves that THIS year you would look in the bikini? Or in any kind of swimsuit? Please tell me, I wasn’t the only delusional one. Well, it WOULD have happened if there hadn’t been so many setbacks with my recovery, pushing my working out almost 3 months out of schedule. However, after only two weeks working out, I can see definition in/on my legs and shoulder line already. I guess it’s good that I’m so out of shape, results show up much faster.

See, I’m totally a positive personality. Speaking of nice personalities…And I’m not even embarrassed…Here’s another picture of Serge:

Serge Ibaka

Image via bossip.com

Am I having pre-pre-menopausal hot flashes or is it hot in here? Someone was the first in line when they gave out the beautiful genes. Don’t you just want to crab a jar of Nutella and then just…Wait, what? How dare you? I’m still sticking with Men I’d Like to Hug. Hug. Hug. Hug.

Marry me, Serge.

Wait, what?

I’m a hormone filled immature idiot. I know. Maybe a nice, refreshing drink will cool me down…

kiwi and blueberry mojito, drinks, summer

Image via laylita.com

When I saw this recipe, it was an instant drool fest (as was the image of Serge). Mojitos? Love. Blueberries? Love. Kiwis? Love. This looks so delicious (as does Serge). The recipe is a bit fussy and requires quite a bit of work (as Serge would, I’d imagine) but I think it could be worth the effort (like Serge). This drink would be perfect for summer barbecues but there’s a risk that after making all that effort to prepare the drink, I wouldn’t want to share. (Like Serge).

Oh, what the heck. Might as well admit…

it ain't gonna spank itself

Image via cd-rick.tumblr.com

Thrifty Finn-Definitely a hormone filled village idiot.


On The Move: Weekly Photo Challenge


On the move. Barely. My recovery from my second surgery in December has been really slow and I wasn’t able to start working out until now in May. I swear, my first exercise day was brutal. I walked out of the gym seeing things double. After yesterday’s leg day, I took the bus home so that I wouldn’t have had to walk the stairs to the train platform, even though I had to wait longer for the bus. (I also wore my short workingout pants and people kept staring at my hairy legs). Sexy lay-dee, I am.

Anyhoo, I’m on the move again, how about you? If you are interested, you can find more fascinating interpretations of this week’s theme HERE.

-Thrifty Finn-

P.S. Those crumbs on the left are croissant crumbs.